Man who posts police encounters to YouTube found guilty by Walton County jury

Walton County District Attorney’s office reports that on Tuesday this week, Achim Salathiel Newton was convicted of obstruction of an officer, no tag, no proof of insurance, and failure to display license.

This is the result of a traffic stop in Walton County on July 4 last year in which Newton reportedly tried to get a response out of the Walton County Sheriff’s Office deputy in order to generate a post that he could share on Youtube.

It didn’t go quite the way he expected.

According to the DA’s office, the deputy stopped the vehicle driven by Newton on Nicholsville Road for not having a license plate. When he approached the vehicle, the defendant would only slightly crack his window and refused to answer questions or identify himself. He then proceeded to claim legal theories that are generally referred to as “sovereign citizen” beliefs.

“None of his beliefs or legal theories had any basis or support in the law. He continued to refuse to follow the deputies lawful commands. After another deputy arrived on scene, the Defendant was told that he was being arrested. Deputies had to break his window to make the arrest,” the DA’s office wrote in a Facebook post.

At trial this week, the defendant represented himself.

The State introduced evidence that Newton made a habit of posting videos on Youtube of himself being stopped by law enforcement including the one from Walton County. A video from a different stop was introduced that showed that the Defendant purposefully trying to get pulled over so that he could record his interactions to post on YouTube.

According to the DA’s office, the jury deliberated for less than 20 minutes before finding Newton guilty of all charges against him. He was subsequently sentenced to 24 months in jail followed by 12 months on probation.

The Youtube video the incident in Walton County is posted below.

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