Maxine McClanahan announces a bid for Walnut Grove City Council

By Chris Bridges - the walton tribune

Maxine McClanahan considers herself a “watchdog” for the City of Walnut Grove.

With that in mind, it is no surprise she has declared her candidacy for a seat on the city council this year.

“In a nutshell. I am an older, outspoken citizen who cares what happens around me and to those around me,” she said. “I will never give up on trying to help my community be better and do better. I don’t always say it the right way, but I say it just the same.”

Maxine McClanahan

McClanahan is running for one of two open spots on the council this year. The seats that are up this year for council members Stephanie Moncrief and Jon Dial, who has announced he will not be seeking another term. The second one opened up when Councilwoman and Mayor Pro Tem Stephanie Moncrief announced a challenge to Incumbent Mayor Mark Moore instead of running for re-election for her city council post. Moore has announced that he will be seeking re-election.

At close of qualifying on Wednesday, Rachel Davis, Ty Arnold and Dominic Degrado had also qualified to run for one of the two spots that will be open on Walnut Grove’s City Council. Degrado was unsuccessful in his bid in 2022 and is taking another shot at it this time.

McClanahan ran for council previously in 2019 and said little has changed about her campaign beliefs.

“ I find that my beliefs, while even stronger now, are the same but with additional merits as to why and how I do things,” she said. “I have become even more outspoken and dedicated to the citizens. That is why I chose to use the same website as in 2019 and just make some updates. As I predicted in 2019, unfortunately, the lack of knowledge has played a role in some things going a bit awry around here. That is not placing blame on anyone as it is impossible to absorb everything needed so quickly. I would be willing to bet that if you ask our newer council people now they would agree that they were surprised at what they would have to try and learn in short term.”

“Experience and knowledge from other sources can be very valuable,” McClanahan said. “Being denied the opportunity to participate in the city meant my knowledge went to waste until a few someones learned and recognized that my knowledge had merit. I knew we had some good people in place and that as they learned more of their roles they would be an asset to our citizens. I believe though, that there is much to be gained with the knowledge that only years of experience can teach, can still play a valuable role in our city.”

McClanahan has a bachelors of arts degree and a degree in computer science from Limestone University in South Carolina. Her work background includes public accounting and corporate accounting.

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