Meet Kristy Daniel: Events and Marketing Coordinator for the City of Loganville

In the latest issue of Walton Living Magazine, we featured a cross-section section of Walton’s Women of Influence who may not always be seen out there in the limelight, but whose contributions are invaluable to the lives of Walton County’s citizens. We have expanded on this a little to feature them individually on Your Local News and in this story we feature Kristy Daniel, events and marketing coordinator for the City of Loganville.

To read about all of the women featured, pick up a copy of the latest issue of Walton Living Magazine at one of the Walton County city halls, libraries or the Chamber of Commerce or click or tap on this link to read the digital version. Kristy Daniel, Events and Marketing Coordinator for the City of Loganville

Much as Leigh Ann Walker has been the worker bee in making Monroe a fun and happening destination, Kristy Daniel is tasked with doing something similar in Loganville. With a background in marketing, Daniel says it is her main job to let everyone else know why the City of Loganville is such a great place.
“That is done mainly by being out there and involved throughout the Walton and Gwinnett communities and as the main organizer of the number of great events that we have. I have always said, and I truly believe this, the City of Loganville becomes a stronger community through our events because our main goal is to bring people together, let them get to know their neighbors or provide a venue to get together with friends.”
Daniel also helps provide networking opportunities for small businesses that make their home in Loganville. Well-known Loganville resident and an unashamed advocate for the city, Janice Tribble, can’t say enough about the difference Daniel has made in the five years she’s been with the city, branding her a “gift from God.”
“You know how I love Loganville! Kristy has done so many great things since she came here. She keeps Loganville alive! We have so many new events since she came! It is like she brought Loganville out of the dark and into the light,” Tribble said, noting Daniel puts her whole heart into what she does. “She has something going all the time – concerts, festivals, mingles, art shows, car shows, wing fling and so much more! She keeps Loganville rocking! She is one of the best things that has happened to our town!”
Tribble, who herself is a tireless volunteer for the city of Loganville, attributes Daniels’s success to her “wonderful personality, energy and determination.”
“I love working with Kristy! She has a wonderful personality, a beautiful smile and is kind to everyone! She never stops! She has so much energy!”
That sentiment is echoed by Curry.

“Kristy is hard-working, smart, has a great personality, and does not need a handbook – she makes her own way. She knows the value of economic development working hand in hand with the community. She books concerts, parades, fireworks, car shows and other events. She had the wonderful idea of “morning mingle” bringing business people together on the third Friday of each month,” Curry said. “Give Kristy a goal and she will make you proud of her accomplishment.”

Kristy Daniel with former Loganville Fire Chief Karl Morrow. Contributed photo

And it’s not just with the city business. When the holiday season comes around, you will find Daniel hard at work making sure everybody has a good season. For many years she has been a driving force behind the Empty Stocking Fund.
Daniel said she plans to keep doing what she can to help make Loganville the destination they all want it to be.
“Like everyone else here at the City of Loganville, I want to do whatever my part is to help with the redevelopment of our downtown. There is a great vision for our Main Street that I think, once it takes shape, people will say it was worth the wait,” Daniel said.

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