Meteorologist flirts with the ‘S’ word early in the New Year for some parts of Georgia

Walton and Gwinnett counties don’t look to be in the forecast area – at least not for now

Channel 2 meteorologist Glenn Burns is reporting that new European weather models are predicting the possibility of a rain/snow mix for some parts of Georgia coming in the night of Sunday, Jan. 2, 2022. However, if – and that’s always a big if – it were to happen it looks like the local area would likely be just outside the leading edge of it.

“Here is the brand new European Model Run that is showing a widespread wintry mix of rain and snow Sunday night, as the cold air rushes in behind the front. I will be fine tuning this all week so PLEASE…STAY TUNED,” Burns said in his Facebook post sharing the information.

The National Weather Service, however, has Walton County and East Gwinnett with storms or rain overnight Sunday into Monday morning with a high Monday 48 to 50 degrees and the possibility of temperatures dropping to between 29 and 30 degrees overnight Sunday.

Outside chance? Well… maybe, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Burns said to stay tuned – so we will and will keep you updated. Don’t rush out and buy the bread and milk yet!

In the meantime, here’s a look back at our beautiful historic courthouse during a snow storm a decade or so ago. Snow is not something we see a lot of in this part of the country so the prospect of it is always something we tend to get excited about.

Historic Walton County Courthouse, Monroe, Ga. in the Snow. File photo

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