MFD shows support for Covington PD Fuzz Run

The annual Fuzz Run in Covington has always been a popular event, raising funds in a fun way for the Police Who Care, Inc. Fund, but this year it held a much deeper meaning. In the light of the Labor Day shooting of Officer Matt Cooper while running down a shoplifter from Walmart, public safety from all around lent their support to the event.
The City of Monroe Fire Department was proud to send a crew with a truck and flag to help out and to convey support for Cooper.
Monroe Firefighter Jacob Garner and Sgt. David Novak contributed to a display in support of Covington Police Department at its 35th Annual Fuzz Run. Photo credit: Monroe Fire Department
“The City of Monroe provided support to The City of Covington today by the way of our 102’ Ladder Tower Truck with displaying the American Flag. Monroe Fire Sgt. David Novak and Firefighter Jacob Garner contributed to a successful display,” said Capt. Jack Armstrong with MFD. “They requested our truck and the flag, and yes we wanted to provide the extra support due to the higher than usual crowd turnout.”
“It was humbling seeing all the support #backingtheblue,” Garner said.
According to updates from Covington PD, Cooper still has a long way to go but is making progress. Surgery to release some of the swelling on his brain was deemed successful. However, at this time the bullet is still lodged in his Carotid artery.
Photo gallery courtesy of Monroe Fire Department

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