Reunited !!! Missing dog after car accident in Lawrenceville

Update : Diane Hoffman a member of Lost and found pets of Gwinnett and Walton counties had commented with a tip of where Bolt was ! They were able to get him !!!! Thank you !

My friend was involved in a hit and run tonight in LAWRENCEVILLE ON 316 HWY. and her dog was in the car. He ran off and we haven’t been able to find him. Please call (470) 396-8234 and ask for Jamie if found. His name is Bolt and he has a right eye with blue and hazel. Accident was off 316 And Cedar Rd . There are a lot of offices in the area so he may be hanging around.He has a leash on that has no Information on it as he was a recent rescue. He has a blue tie-dye collar and red braves leash.

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