Missing puppy: Family desperate to bring her home

By Emily Goldstein

A puppy went missing off Broadnax Mill Road in the Loganville area of Walton County last Thursday and the family is desperate to bring her home. They have made a plea for anyone who may have seen her or picked her up to please get in touch with them. The puppy was last seen on Broadnax Mill Road wearing a pink and white fuzzy top.

“Our precious puppy lost her mother very suddenly the day before her disappearance. She is so very special to our family. Our children are just devastated and really miss her beyond words. She may have been thought to be stray outside while going potty or abandoned, but she has a very loving family that is desperate to get to get her home. She requires a special diet and she has allergies and we are concerned she’s not getting the care that she needs. We are begging for her return – no questions asked. Please call us if you’ve seen our baby.”

You can contact them by calling 678-823-5732 or 609-902-9282.

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