Molasses spill closed part of Main Street in Jersey Tuesday night

Contributed photo: Crews from Walton County public safety closed off parts of Main Street in Jersey to clean up a molasses spill on Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019

A part of Main Street in Jersey, Ga. was closed temporarily Tuesday night for crews to clean up a large molasses spill, according to Walton County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Capt. Scott Whisnant.

“We were just helping control the traffic. It was a (Walton County) Fire Department scene,” Whisnant said.

Whisnant said that the spill happened when a quantity of molasses was being transferred from one container to another and a large amount somehow got dumped on the gravel parking of an adjacent property to the Texaco Gas Station on Main Street.

“Some of it leaked onto the road, which required the cleanup,” Whisnant said. “The road is now open, but it is likely that crews will still be there for a while making sure that it doesn’t seep back onto the road.”

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