Monroe City Council to consider Referendum calling for a package store in the city

The City of Monroe’s December 2022 Council meeting will take place at 6 p.m. on Dec. 13, 2022 in Council Chambers located at 215 N. Broad Street. On the agenda is a resolution calling for a calling for a Referendum to be put on the ballot that, if approved by voters, would allow for licenses to be issued for the package sale of distilled spirits in the city.

According to the Resolution, the action would authorize the election superintendent of Walton County to present the Referendum question on the ballot for a city-wide election that will take place on Tuesday, March 21, 2023 or alternatively in a special election on June 20, 2023.

A petition drive for an unknown applicant was in the process of being undertaken in 2020 by Ty Vance but it was effectively shut down by the pandemic. Under Georgia law at that time, a petition of 35 % of a municipality’s registered voters had to be generated in order to put such a referendum on the ballot. However, subsequent amendments to that particular state law allows for a municipality to approve a resolution calling for a voter referendum authorizing issuance of licenses for package sales of distilled spirits to be conducted without the written voter petition previously required under state law. To view the full resolution click or tap Item V 2K at this link.

The public is invited to attend. The full agenda follows. To view each individually, click or tap on this link.

1. Invocation
2. Roll Call
3. Approval of Agenda

4. Approval of Consent Agenda
a. November 8, 2022 Council Minutes
b. November 18, 2022 Council Minutes
c. November 8, 2022 Executive Session Minutes
d. October 18, 2022 Planning Commission Minutes
e. October 25, 2022 Historic Preservation Commission Minutes
f. October 17, 2022 Downtown Development Authority Minutes
g. November 10, 2022 Downtown Development Authority Minutes
h. October 17, 2022 Conventions and Visitors Bureau Minutes
i. November 10, 2022 Conventions and Visitors Bureau MinutesII.

1. Public Presentation(s)
a. Retirement Presentation
2. Public Comment(s)

1. City Administrator Update
2. Assistant City Administrator Update
3. Department Requests
a. Public Works: Approval – 2023 LMIG Allocation
b. Utilities: Approval – First Amendment to Power Purchase Contract

1. Preliminary Plat Review – River Pointe

1. Public Hearing(s)
a. Zoning Ordinance Code Text Amendment #14
b. Development Regulations Text Amendment #6
2. New Business
a. Application – Beer & Wine Package Sales – Jack Peters Grocery
b. Appointments (2) – Downtown Development Authority & Convention & Visitors
Bureau Authority & Urban Redevelopment Agency
c. 1st Reading – Zoning Ordinance Code Text Amendment #14
d. 1st Reading – Development Regulations Text Amendment #6
e. 2nd Reading – Mayor and Council Annual Salary Increase Ordinance Amendment
f. 2nd Reading – Speed Zone Ordinance Amendment
g. Resolution – Preliminary Plat Moratorium Extension to June 30, 2023
h. Approval – District Attorney Agreement for Gang / Violent Crime Prosecutor
i. Approval – 2023 Budget Resolution
j. Adopt – 2023 Council Meeting Schedule
k. Resolution – Referendum – License for Package Sale of Distilled Spirits

1. District Items
2. Mayoral Update

1. Personnel Issue (s)


1. Monthly Airport Report
2. Monthly Central Services Report
3. Monthly Code Report
4. Monthly Economic Development Report
5. Monthly Electric & Telecom Report
6. Monthly Finance Report
7. Monthly Fire Report
8. Monthly Parks Report
9. Monthly Police Report
10. Monthly Solid Waste Report
11. Monthly Streets & Transportation Report
12. Monthly Water, Sewer, & Gas Report

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