Monroe City Council to consider temporary moratorium on rezones, annexations, more.. at Tuesday’s meeting

Monroe July City Council meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Tuesday, July 9, 2024 at Monroe City Hall. The community is invited to attend.

Items on the agenda include the first reading of a Resolution calling for a temporary moratorium on all rezone, annexation, conditional use, variance, and certificate of appropriate applications in the city limits in order for the city to review and approve an updated zoning ordinance that is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan for the City.

The full agenda follows.

1.      Invocation

2.      Roll Call

3.      Approval of Agenda

4.      Approval of Consent Agenda

a.      June 11, 2024 Council Minutes 

b.      May 21, 2024 Planning Commission Minutes

c.       May 28, 2024 Historic Preservation Commission Minutes

d.      May 9, 2024 Downtown Development Authority Minutes

e.       May 9, 2024 Conventions and Visitors Bureau Minutes


1.      Public Comments 


1.      City Administrator Update

2.      Assistant City Administrator Update

3.      Department Reports

a.      Monthly Central Services Report

b.      Monthly Code Report

c.       Monthly Economic Development Report

d.      Monthly Finance Report

e.       Monthly Fire Report

f.        Monthly Police Report

g.      Monthly Solid Waste Report

h.      Monthly Streets & Transportation Report

i.        Monthly Telecom Report

j.        Monthly Water, Sewer, Gas & Electric Report

4.      Department Requests

a.      Various:  Sale of Surplus Items

b.      Airport:  Consulting and Engineering Services  

c.       Police:  Walton County School SRO Program Agreement 

d.      Police:  Walton County School SRO Program Agreement for Foothills Regional High School 

e.       Police:  George Walton Academy SRO Program Agreement 

f.        Utilities:  Bid Award for Bypass Sewer Relocation 


1.      Public Hearings

a.      Conditional Use – 700 Breedlove Drive

2.      New Business

a.      Conditional Use – 700 Breedlove Drive

b.      Application – Beer & Wine Package Sales – Family Dollar #20209

c.       2025 CDBG – Grant Writing and Administration Services Selection

d.      Resolution – ECG Voting Delegate

e.       Resolution – MEAG Voting Delegate

f.        1st Reading – Temporary Moratorium on All Rezone, Annexation, Conditional Use, Variance, and Certificate of Appropriate Applications in the City Limits 

g.      1st Reading – Alcohol Ordinance Amendment


1.      District Items

2.      Mayoral Update


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