Monroe community members meet to voice concerns over plans of new subdivisions

guest post by Heather Boyce

Petition started against the large subdivisions at Double Springs Church and Cedar Ridge roads in Monroe

Monroe, Ga. (October 27, 2021) – A group of approximately 75 concerned community members gathered together on Monday, October 25, at Grace Monroe Church to voice concerns over two new subdivisions that are being planned for the corner of Double Springs Church Road and Cedar Ridge Road in Monroe. River Pointe subdivision is in the plat approval phase and is set to have 310 homes on 200 acres. Springfield subdivision is slated to have 141 homes on 83 acres and is in the rezoning phase from R1 to R1A. A few of those in attendance stood up to speak about their concerns, mentioning the impact to quality of life, safety of the neighborhood, traffic concerns with the number of additional cars this would add to the roads, the watershed protection district, the dangerous curves in both of roads, as well as many other concerns.

Mayor John Howard and City Council Member Ross Bradley were both in attendance to hear the concerns and answer any questions the community members had at that time. Laurie Hawks, one of the meeting organizers, said, “We understand that growth can be positive, but only if it is managed wisely, doesn’t harm existing residents and brings benefits to the community. We encourage the city to take the time to let all members of the community be heard and closely evaluate if infrastructure can support new developments. Unfortunately, the developments as proposed now would harm existing residents.”

As a result of the last city council and planning zoning meetings, both developments have been tabled until the December meeting. Hawks said, “The mayor and city council members agree with our concerns and are doing what they can to address infrastructure, fire protection, traffic, schools and congestion issues.”

“We want to keep this issue alive and in front of the public and ask that others concerned over this development join us in attending the December City Council and Planning and Zoning meetings,” said Hawks.

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