Monroe high school students to represent the city in Thursday’s downtown parade

This year is a special year in Walton County – the 200 Year Anniversary. And what better way to celebrate the 65th annual Christmas Parade through downtown Thursday than with a Walton Proud Christmas Parade celebrating Walton County’s Bicentennial. This annual parade tradition brings thousands downtown to enjoy the tree lit streets, Chrismas music and themed floats as the community celebrates this special season.

This year, Monroe Mayor John Howard is adding a little personal Monroe pride to the celebrations by asking representatives from Monroe Area High School, Walnut Grove High School, and George Walton Academy to represent the City of Monroe and the Mayor’s Office in the parade. Three seniors, Kylee Thurmond of MAHS, Rebecca Scroggs of WGHS and Sarah Sykes of GWA were appointed by the schools to represent their schools. They will be riding in the parade in the Avenger car, driven by Kevin Dewey of R & R Lock and Key.

Howard said he will be busy helping direct the event, “And I couldn’t think of anyone better to represent the City of Monroe and the Mayor’s Office,” he said.

Dewey said the 71 Cutlass convertible that the students will be riding in is the one that is driven by the late Stan Lee in his final Avenger movie cameo. Dewey said he just got lucky that his vehicle was the one chosen to be driven by Lee in the last cameo filmed before his death. The movie is said to be released in about 18 months.

“They had a few cars to choose from, but they chose mine,” he said. It now will carry the students representing the City of Monroe and its mayor in Thursday Christmas parade.

The parade begins at 6 p.m., Dec. 6, on Broad Street in Monroe. Dress warmly, but you shouldn’t need an umbrella this year.

From left, Mayor John Howard, Sarah Sykes of Georgia Walton Academy, Rebecca Scroggs of Walnut Grove High School, Kylee Thurmond of Monroe Area High School and Kevin Dewey of R & R Lock and Key. Photo credit: Sharon Swanepoel

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