Monroe looks to make some staff changes and bring on more people in key roles

Following an executive session at the end of Monroe’s City Council meeting Tuesday, officials voted to create four more positions in the staff make up of the city, split some of them up, rearrange others and do away with the position of Economic Development Director. Former Economic Director Sadie Krawczyk is no longer with the city after taking up employment with the Georgia Municipal Association.

Monroe Mayor John Howard said the motion taken would result in the appointment of two new hires now and another later in the year.

“We are looking to hire a new electric director and new community development director. Brian Thompson will retain director of telecommunications,” Howard said, adding “and a new marshal later in the year and some smaller organizational chart issues.”

The vote also gives the City Administrator and the Human Resources Director the go ahead to study and implement pay adjustments where necessary “to ensure stability and continuity for the organization” and to un-fund others as responsibilities are re-positioned.

According to the motion that was passed:

  • The city will create a full-time Electric Department Director that will report to the City Council. The Director of Elect and Telecommunications, currently held by Brian Thompson, will be split off to a position of Director of Telecommunications with Thompson retaining that position. Both these positions will report directly to the City Council.
  • Dissolve the position of Economic Development Development and Create the position of Community Development Director. This position would report to the City Administrator.
  • Move City Planner from under the Economic Development Director to City Administrator purview on the organizational chart.
  • Create the position of GIS Analyst under the direction of the City Planner.
  • Create an additional City Marshal with funding for the position and equipment to come in the 3rd quarter.
  • Move one of the part-time positions in the visitors center to a full-time position.

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