Monroe PD: Distraught man consoled by officers, pedestrian hit by vehicle

Monroe PD responded to the following calls between  Dec. 23 – 29, 2016. This report is split into five parts due to the length. This is the fourth post for this period. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Dispute, Plaza Dr., male and female dispute over female’s son. The son was gone when officers arrived and stopped on W. Spring St. Situation mediated, parties advised remedies and separated. Report taken. Disputing over breakup and living arrangements.
  • Missing Person, Juvenile, Walton Road, and mother advised daughter left residence. Daughter returned home while officers were on scene. Mother advised she would handle the matter. Ok.
  • Damage to Property, Magnolia Terrace, and complainant advised someone damage her yard décor and lights. Report taken. Complainant suspects juveniles that live in the area.
  • Damage to property report, Dorothy Dr., complainant reporting a front door window was broken by a person whose name was given, on Christmas Eve. Complainant advised he was making the report for named subject who was not on location.
  • Dispute, E. Marable St., the complainant advised a Dalton Hutton was at her residence and has warrants out of Winder. Complainant was at the Valero. Contact made with Hutton who was arrested on Winder warrant and additional charge of possession of the marijuana less than an ounce. Turned over to Walton County Jail.
  • Juvenile complaint, Walton Road, juveniles riding dirt bike in the road without helmets. Contact made with complainant, negative contact with juvenile.
  • Suspicious Person, Launius Ave., the complainant advised she witnessed her aunt’s ex-husband walking around her aunt’s residence. Complainant confronted male subject who then left the area in a Gold Nissan. No signs of burglary all appeared to be ok.
  • Welfare Check, Mayfield Dr., dispute between son and his mother who is obese and need caring for. Subjects disputing over the care son is providing to his mother. All ok.
  • Prowler, Michael Cir., complainant went to this address to confront a juvenile who told his mommy that named subject sold him weed. Named subject now in trouble with his own mother. Report completed due to conflicting stories about terroristic threats.
  • Suspicious vehicle, Michael Etchison Rd. Silver Mazda FTML. Stopped at Michael Etchison and McDaniel St. Ms. Smith arrested by GSP for driving under the influence, failure to maintain lane and deadlight requirements.
  • Dispute, Glenwood Ave., complainant and his fiancé disputing over her sister staying with them. Rent was obtained from the sister. Civil matter over living arrangements. Advised of remedies situation mediated
  • Theft Report, E. Spring St. “Short Stop Valero”, theft of lottery tickets reported. The manager advised employee let her son and two of his friend help her clean on Dec. 22nd, between 2200 hours and the video shows one of the subjects only known at this time by nickname taking the lottery tickets out of the dispenser. A copy of the video was not available at this time due to computer issues. CID notified and responded.
  • Threat Report, WCSO Lobby, Harassing communications, complainant advised her husband in Illinois is calling and threatening that he’s going come hunt her and her kids. Report taken.
  • Hit and Run on Pine Park St. Damage to property, an unknown vehicle struck a trash can pushing it into the complainant’s vehicle. Sometime this date between 0030 and 0800 hours. Report taken.
  • Welfare Check, Maple St., complainant wanted to have named subject checked on due to her son in the house using 38-D. All appeared to be ok and son was contacted by phone and advised of remedies regarding her concerns of her cousin.
  • Domestic Problem, S. Madison Ave., Ongoing issues between Billy Ray Hicks and the complainant – his sister. Testimonial and physical evidence of Mr. Hicks grabbing complainant by the face.  Hicks arrested for Battery Family violence.
  • Juvenile complaint, Walton Road, complainant again advised juveniles riding dirt bike with no helmets. Contact was made in Lakeview area advised to keep motorcycle out of the road and wear safety equipment.
  • Other law, suspicious Vehicle, complainant advised white Chevy Lumina driving and texting and a juvenile was unrestrained in the backseat while the passenger was attempting to hit the juvenile. Contact was made with the vehicle but it was unoccupied at the time.
  • 911 hang up- Harris St. dispute over property. Both parties advised of remedies, situation mediated. Smith left scene voluntarily.
  • Suspicious person/vehicle, Jim Daws Road. Contact made with the driver identified as male subject out of Loganville. Male subject was very upset at his personal life situation. Field sobriety conducted all ok. No signs of drug or alcohol use. Male subject counseled and consoled on the side of the road and sent on his way. Male subject later called to advise he was home safe and appreciated they treatment he received from the Monroe Police.
  • Suspicious person, E. Spring St. “Sunshine Cleaners”, male subject on location and served a notice of prohibited entry. Subject sent on his way.
  • Pedestrian hit, 2050 West Spring St., Wal-Mart, female was struck by silver or black Chrysler. Driver checked on her and she was fine, denied ambulance. Requested report
  • Domestic problem, Baker St., complainant advised Melvin Minish came into her house uninvited and got into a fight with her husband while he was escorting him off the property. Minish was arrested for criminal trespass
  • Dispute, South Broad St., complainant stated male subject approached her outside the church and grabbed her by the arm. Male subject has harassed her in the past, Male subject GOA, and no visible injuries.
  • Fight in the area of South Hammond Dr. and Cherokee Ave., checked in the area with negative contact. Dispatch advised number returned to Davis St. Contact made with female subject who advised the fight was in the parking lot of the Atp. Complex, all subjects GOA.
  • During area check of Felker Park located two unsecured doors at concession stand near boys and girls club. Burglar bars intact, no entry made, not known if damage is new or old.

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