Monroe PD Report: Domestic and juvenile disputes dominate; person found unresponsive in bathtub

The Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period May 17 – 24, 2018. Due to the length this report is split into five parts. This is second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • EMS Assist, Sporty Lane, Subject found unresponsive in bathtub. EMS arrived on scene and transported to Piedmont Walton. Subject pronounced deceased at hospital.
  • Domestic, South Madison Ave., 3rd Party Complainant said he witnessed a male and female arguing in Conestoga.  Said he saw the male push a stroller so hard, during a verbal dispute, that the child could have been hurt or injured and was concerned for its safety.  He gave direction to the trailer they were leaving from.  After speaking with the resident, he said that’s his child’s mother, and her boyfriend, were arguing but did not witness any harmful act toward the child.  Report taken.
  • Dispute, Bridgeport Lane, complainant stated that his wife had three males enter their residence and make him leave. The three males were identified. After speaking to all parties, no crime was in fact committed. Husband agreed to find somewhere else to stay to keep the peace. Both parties were advised of remedies.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Landers St., reference to a yellow motorcycle reckless up and down street. Made contact on Landers Street at East Church Street. Bike was already secured in the rear of a truck. Persons were advised not to ride the dirt bike on the street.
  • Disturbing the Peace, Dorothy Dr., complainant advised subjects are riding 4 wheelers and mini bikes and disturbing his grandbaby. Negative contact.
  • Fight, West Spring St., Richard Posey cited with DOC and Expired Tag.  Rhondrica Thomas arrested for driving while license suspended and Possession less than an ounce.
  • Scam, South Broad St., Subject had questions about an email she received stating she won $80,000. She was advised that it was a scam and not to reply to the email.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Mill St., complainant stated the neighbor across the street informed him there was a blue truck on location. Officers made contact with a blue Chevrolet Silverado vehicle had expired registration and no insurance and was found unsecured. Dispatch advised the registered owner, was confined. Complainant spoke to homeowner whom was elderly and decided to have the vehicle towed per private request. While on scene, a female from next door came forward and advised the truck belonged to her husband. The female was identified and whom smelled like marijuana and didn’t have a valid license. A conceptual search was conducted with negative findings. Vehicle was privately towed by Taylors.
  • Warrant Attempt, South Broad St., Frog’s Pawn, reference to a person on location with an active warrant. Business was closed upon arrival.
  • Noise Complaint, Green St., reference to loud music in the area. Extra patrol requested due to loud music from vehicles.
  • Domestic, West Spring St., subject’s verbally disputing.  One subject said he wanted advice on what to do.  The other was gone when officers arrived.
  • Counterfeit, South Broad St./Atha St., complainant advised that she was given change at McDonalds and the ten-dollar bill was counterfeit.  She was not aware until she tried to buy items at Chevron.  She requested a report be made in order for McDonalds to give her the correct change in real bills.  Report Taken
  • Meet With caller, Dollar General, East Spring St., reference to a customer getting upset because their debit card got declined. The customer was gone when officer arrived – all ok.
  • Dispute, Mill Stone Bluff., Caller advised of a possible dispute or fight at this location. Made contact will people standing outside, who stated all was ok and no one was fighting.
  • EMS Assist, North Broad St./Highland Ave., reference to being flagged down in reference to a female falling in the roadway and hitting her head. Officers applied a dressing to female’s head and EMS transported her to Piedmont Walton.
  • Dispute, New Lacy St., Reference to two juveniles fighting over a basketball and parents disputing over their children’s involvement. Situation mediated.
  • Loud Music, Green St., Complainant called in reference to loud music again, Conducted area check with negative contact with loud music again.
  • Suspicious Person, Eat Spring St., Subject on location stated he was off his medication and mental health. Subject transported to Piedmont for a voluntary mental evaluation.
  • Suspicious Person, Tyler St., Officer observed a group of people sitting behind the store drinking. The people were issued warnings for loitering and sent on their way.
  • Suspicious Person/Loitering, West Spring St., Complainant stated numerous juveniles on location loitering near their trucks, revving engines, and disturbing the area. All subjects were warned of loitering.
  • Mental health subject, North Midland Ave., reference to complainant calling and stating her door keeps unlocking itself. Complainant was offered a report and she declined she requested extra patrol. 
  • Dispute, Plaza Trace, Complainant stated her child’s father Benny Harris kicked in her back door during a dispute and fled on foot as Officers arrived. Harris located in the Woodline near the residence and arrested. Harris is charged with Criminal Trespass (FV).
  • Suspicious Vehicle, South Madison/Washington St., Made contact with subject’s who were sleeping in the vehicle.  After speaking to the subjects they advised they were free lancing photographers and attempting to get a picture of the fire truck coming out of the bay with its lights on.  Subjects left the area. All ok.
  • Welfare Check, East Marable St., /North Madison Ave., reference to speaking with a female about her financial issues.  All Ok.
  • Area Check Highway 78 East/West Spring Street exit in reference to an electric wheel chair on the road.  Electric wheel chair from Walmart.  Advised Walmart LPO and they advised they were going to send someone to retrieve it.
  • Mental Health Patient West Spring Street: Subject acting aggressive by hitting the door and saying profane language. Subject was medicated and restrained. All ok.
  • Demented Person East Marable Street. Spoke with subject about taking her medication. All okay
  • Loud Noise Walker Drive. Subject’s wanting to speak with officers in regard to loud music and suspicious activity coming from Walker Drive all hours of the night.
  • Lost Item, Maple Lane, Complainant lost her card that had her tax money on it at Dollar General last date on East Spring Street. Spoke to manager on site at Dollar General and would have to wait until the Store Manager is on site to review video. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Person, North Broad St., Subject was in the parking lot asking for money in a dark in color Jetta.  Conducted traffic stop and driver checked ok.  Driver said he was asking for help with gas.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, East Church St., Fair Grounds, reference to an off-duty officer seeing what appeared to be suspicious activity. Attempted to locate with no contact All Ok
  • Property Damage, James Monroe Homes, E.Washington St., reference to complainant’s vehicle being damaged by a female that he was seeing and has previously broken up with.  Report Taken.
  • Domestic, North Broad St., Verbal dispute between girlfriend and her boyfriend.  BF would not get out of her car. BF advised to leave. GF given written warning on driving on a learner’s permit.
  • Suspicious Person, G.W. Carver Dr., reference to complainant stating a female looking lost on the side on the roadway. Contact made with female who was walking home from church. All was okay.
  • Juvenile Complaint, Hannah Lane, Complainant wanting Officer to speak with his 16-year-old daughter, in regard to her sneaking out last date and using paraphernalia. All was okay.

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