Monroe PD Report: Domestic disputes keep officers busy

The Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period April 6 – 12, 2018. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third level. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Meet with Officer, Chevron at Baron Dr./East Church St., complainant advised he had information in reference to a report he made with officer. The information was taken and a supplemental will be added to the original report. Complainant did not have the case number at the time of the call.
  • Welfare Check, Monroe First Baptist Church. While driving by the Church, officer observed an elderly gentleman fall out of his wheelchair. Assisted with getting back in the wheelchair. Denied any EMS assistance.  Ok.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Carver Circle. Curing 10-66 officer made contact with a 2007 Honda illegally parked in front of this location. Contact made with driver at the resident, she advised she parked there because she had to use the restroom. Verbal warning given.
  • Juvenile Problem, South Madison Ave.,  Juvenile disputing with his Mother about wanting to go skating in Gainesville Ga. Son lectured and situation mediated.  Report taken.
  • Dispute, W Spring St., 17-year-old juvenile brought to hospital for evaluation by grandma. Assisted hospital staff with the collection of clothes. After speaking to the juvenile all was ok.
  • Traffic Stop, East Church St./Colquit St., Officer ran tag through GCIC and it returned with no valid insurance. Driver was cited for no insurance and the vehicle was impounded by towing company.
  • Traffic Stop, Edwards St./Ford St., Vehicle was stopped due to Officer witnessing the driver using headphones and tail light violation. After making contact with the driver Officer detected the odor of marijuana coming from within the vehicle. After a search of the vehicle a small amount of marijuana was located. Subject was cited for Marijuana less than 1 oz and for wearing a device that impaired hearing.
  • Traffic Stop, Sorrells St., Edward Dukes arrested for driving under the influence, felony Habitual Violator and seatbelt.
  • Dispute, Country Club Dr., male and female subjects disputing over living arrangements and money transactions. Both were advised of civil and eviction process.
  • Follow Up, Towler St., Complainant of original case number given stated she believed she saw the vehicle that struck her vehicle on 04/01/2018.  Negative contact with anyone at the residence.  Observed an older model Cutlass in the backyard.  The vehicle was on jack stands and appeared to have not ran in a good while. A neighbor advised the vehicle has been sitting for months. Supplemental added. 
  • Dispute, Country Club Dr., Same subjects as before disputing. Advised again of the civil and eviction process.
  • Assault, G.W. Carver Dr., anonymous female called stating she and her baby were assaulted by a male subject and then disconnected the line. Address was obtained by phase 2. Conducted extensive area check with negative contact. Dispatch also attempted to contact the complainant back with negative contact.
  • Theft, Chevron East Church St./Baron Dr., complainant advised her phone was stolen at New Beginning Bible Church on this date. The phone showed a ping on Sporty Lane. Spoke to occupants at the address who advised the entire family was at the movies on this date and they do not go to church. The ping was from approximately 1530 hours. A report was taken, and complainant was advised if a newer ping comes to let us know.
  • Dispute, Plaza Dr., dispute between two different apt. residents, reference to the odor of marijuana in the area. Situation mediated, negative contact with any odor of marijuana.
  • Welfare Check, Pine Park St., reference to a juvenile being pushed down on Lacy Street by another juvenile. Caller would not give her name. The caller did not give an apartment number and dispatch was unable to call back due to the caller having a 911 only phone.
  • Dispute, Felker St., complainant advised a male subject was walking up and down Felker Street and was arguing with her. She did not know his name. The male subject was gone when officers arrived.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Holly Hill Rd., complainant stated a black SUV was in the woods stuck with one occupant. Contact made with driver who is the boyfriend of female located on Holly Hill Rd. He stated he was attempting to turn around and got stuck. All okay.
  • Dispute, New Lacy St., reference to complainant wanting named subject out of her vehicle, the situation was mediated, subject was transported to her home in Loganville. Everything on location ok.
  • Dispute, Pine Park St., Neighbors disputing over children playing. No other issues.
  • 9-1-1 Hang-up, Baron Dr., Verbal dispute between complainant and his 16-year-old niece. Dispute mediated.
  • Dispute, East Spring St., Popeyes Chicken, reference to argument between two subjects over one subject telling her husband he had to do the dishes at work.
  • Dispute, West Marable St., reference to male and female in verbal dispute over infidelity. Situation mediated
  • Traffic Stop, Highway 78 near Unisia Dr., reference to driver traveling 75mph. Vehicle stopped and had no valid insurance coverage. Driver cited for speeding and no insurance. Vehicle towed by towing company.
  • Suspicious Persons, Mountain View Dr., reference to male subject and two of his friends being on location, Subject stated his grandmother lives there and is currently in the hospital. Subject stated he was in the area and was on location charging his phone. Everything on location ok.

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