Monroe PD Report: Domestic disputes over living arrangements; phone and keys

The Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Feb. 2 – 8, 2018. Due to the length of this report, it was split into 4 parts. This is the final part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Shoplifting, West Spring St., Walmart. Raigan Ferguson was placed under arrest for shoplifting. She was taken to MPD to be fingerprinted and released on copy of citation. Female was also criminally trespassed for 10 years.
  • Dispute, Ridge Rd., reference to mother and daughter disputing. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Person, Knight St., Residents stating a 18-year-old has been making threats to shoot them and has been walking around with a Chrome handgun trying to sell it. 18-year-old gone when officers arrived, Report taken.
  • Unknown Law, East Spring St. (Monroe Motor Inn – Possible dispute on location.  Female was having seizures and male was trying to help her.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Gatewood Way, reference to being flagged down by a couple and they advised they observed a maroon in color Ford Explorer and a white in color Nissan pickup truck with a freezer on the back sitting on the street in front of their residence. A black male exited the white vehicle and approached the house and advised he was selling meat. The complainants were advised the police will do extra patrol.
  • Dispute, West Spring St., Clearview, reference to mother wanting to leave the hospital while her daughter a 1013 patient is on location, the Clearview staff stated the daughter was ready to be transported back to Ridgeview to be discharged but was waiting on a transport. Daughter was transported to Ridgeview and turned over to the staff without incident.
  • Dispute, North Wayne St., reference to a vehicle that the boyfriend let the girlfriend borrow and he wanted back.  Able to mediate the situation.
  • Dispute, East Fambrough St., reference to complainant seeing male subject in the apartment complex. Complainant has an temporary protection order out against subject at this time.  At the time of arrival subject was not found.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Walton Rd., reference to a white in colored SUV parked across the street from the residence and then proceeded to drive by slowly, the complainant stated she found a package in the mailbox with her name on it, inside was multi colored hoodie, complainant thought it could be her ex-boyfriend but was unsure. The complainant ask for extra patrol. Report declined 
  • Dispute, Bryant St., reference to Colandria Byrd and male subject disputing, Colandria Byrd struck male subject on the side of the face causing cuts and a large knot. Subject was checked by EMS on scene, Colandria Byrd was placed under arrest for aggravated assault family violence, she was transpoted to the Walton County Jail and turned over to the jail staff without incident. Report taken Warrant to be taken.
  • Suspicious Activity, West Vine St., Universal Rundle, reference to an open bay door. Officers cleared the building, and all appeared okay.
  • Dispute, Mill Creek Way. Contact made with Property Manager stating a female subject was disputing with them over missing property after given notice of eviction. Both parties informed of Civil Remedies.
  • Harassment report taken at MPD Lobby, complainant advised that two female subjects have been talking bad about her children and threatening to fight her. Complainant was advised of remedies. Report taken.
  • Traffic stop, Highway 78 and East Marable St., Fabin Taylor stopped for multiple traffic offenses.  Mr. Fabin denied consent to search his vehicle and WCSO K-9 was called.  K-9 indicated on the vehicle for the odor of narcotics.  Probable cause search was conducted, and Mr. Fabin was found to be in possession of small amount of marijuana along with a digital scale.  All contraband turned into evidence for destruction.
  • Dispute, Mill Stone Bluff, reference to argument between roommates that got physical. complainant stated she got into an argument with her named male roommate in reference to build up tension inside the residence. She advised male roommate intentionally pushed her into the wall causing a hole. Male roommate advised he did not intentionally push complainant and that it was an accident due to him losing his balance. Male roommate’s girlfriend was present inside the residence during the dispute but advised she did not witness what happened. No third-party witness was present to support either story. Situation was mediated and documented.
  • Dispute, East Church St., Marable Manor, reference to female throwing items inside the residence. Officers were advised that a 72-year-old resident had been throwing items inside the residence and terrorizing the other residents. 72-year-old resident was diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease. MED 1 responded to transport female to Clearview. All okay.
  • Harassment, Wheelhouse Lane, complainant wanted to inform officers that female subject from above call started and instigated the conversation between them on Facebook Messenger. She stated she has ceased the conversation with subject and blocked her. Supplement added to original case.
  • Escort, Breedlove Drive at Ridgeview. Juvenile was given an escort from Ridgeview to Juvenile Court in reference to charges from the State of Virginia. Juvenile was released to the custody of Juvenile Justice.
  • Harassment, Milledge Ave., Action, Inc. Walton County Community Service, reference to someone calling their landline and not saying anything. Subject(s) called while officer was on scene, who answered the phone as the police and they have since called back. Employee on location at the time of the call.
  • Abuse, South Midland Ave., reference to a female on location with bruises. Turned over to CID.
  • Wanted Person, Alcovy St., reference to Sequrtta Anderson having a warrant for probation violation.  She was taken into custody and transported to Walton County Jail
  • Suspicious Subject, South Madison Ave., reference to an unknown male knocking on the complainant’s door. Officer searched the area with negative contact. 
  • Damage to Property, Bryant Rd., reference to damage to a vehicle. Made contact with complainant who advised someone attempted to pry open her hood. All ok.
  • Agency Assist, McDaniel St., reference to assisting DFACS. DFACS received a report from Atha Road Elementary that 9-year-old had multiple bruises on his body that were caused by his mother’s boyfriend, whom was named. Made contact with the child’s mother at the residence whom was unaware of her child’s condition. Mother’s boyfriend was not on location at the time, but currently has an active warrant through Athens for contempt of court. He refused to meet with officers and was advised to stay away from the children during the investigation. CID responded.
  • Wanted Person, Alcovy St., reference to Kristen Brooks being on location with an active probation warrant.  Ms. Brooks was taken into custody and transported to the Walton County Jail.
  • Stolen Vehicle, Douglas St., reference to a white male that took a white Ford Expedition. While en route to the residence, Officer was advised that the vehicle was repossessed by Black Hawk Recovery. Made contact with complainant at the residence. She stated they were in chapter 13 bankruptcy and the vehicle should not have been taken. She stated she would speak to her lawyer.
  • Burglary, West Vine St., homeowner came home to see a curtain move.  K9 loose in residence and everything ok on location.
  • EMS Assist, North Broad Street (Valero) male subject asleep after working long shift. Wife picked him up. Did not appear to be intoxicated.
  • Suicide Threats, West Spring St., Clearview, reference to a family wanting to drop off male subject to get help.  Talked in into staying at Clearview after he ran away.
  • Dispute, Nowell St., reference to a dispute over a phone and car keys between two subjects.
  • Traffic Stop at Hwy 78 West Bound and East Spring Street, in reference to a vehicle traveling west bound with only one working headlight. Due to the odor of marijuana the driver was asked if there was any in the vehicle, she stated yes and handed a foil wrapper containing marijuana over to the officer. Both the driver Alyssa Dasher and the passenger Tyler McCrary admitted there were more drugs in the vehicle and were found to be in possession of marijuana, cocaine, Xanax pills and drug paraphernalia. Both Alyssa Dasher and Tyler McCrary were arrested on drug charges and transported to the Walton County Jail and turned over to Jail staff without incident. The vehicle a silver in color Volkswagen Passat was impounded and picked up by Jays. Report taken.
  • Dispute, Nowell St., reference to a large crowd in the area arguing.  Negative contact with anyone outside
  • Dispute, Perry St., reference to two subject disputing over one subject moving out. Subject volunteer left to go to her mothers.

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