Monroe PD Report: Gun stolen, vehicle damaged and ‘shoplifting’ while armed

The Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Nov. 17 – 24, 2017. Due to the length of this report, it has been broken into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note and arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Suspicious Person, Ammons Bridge Rd and Alcovy St. reference to two female subject’s walking from Alcovy to Masters Drive, one female subject was observed picking up a piece of cement while walking, made contact with subjects, both checked out ok.
  • Juvenile Complaint, Perry St., reference to teenagers throwing trash in the park at night. Complainant on Perry St. requested extra patrol. While on location complainant was concerned about the small juveniles pulling leaves from the wood line, pilling them up and jumping into the pile, complainant stated it makes the park bad.
  • Damage to Property, Douglas St., complainant advised that sometime between 1630 hours yesterday and 1630 hours today an unknown person(s) splashed/wiped an unknown substance on her white Ford Escape. Report taken upon request.
  • Shoplifting, Walmart, regards to black male wearing all black stealing electric razors. After investigation, suspect identified. A follow-up will have to be done @ Walmart to confirm items and amount.
  • Dispute, GW Carver Dr. Jack Walker intoxicated on location and refusing to leave (Andy Jackson) complainant’s house. Walker asked to leave multiple times and then tried to fight police. Walker subdued and arrested for Disorderly Conduct. Jackson also had an active warrant through Atlanta PD and was arrested. Both transported to Walton County Jail.
  • Unknown, Clearview, Walton County dispatch advised a white female at Clearview with laceration to her hand and kept saying “he’s dead.” Female identified.  Officer performed follow-up at Clearview while other officer’s checked residence on E. Church St. A broken window and large amounts of blood were found at residence was entered via forced entry. Pictures of scene were taken. Contact made with female at hospital and she was intoxicated and emotional. After speaking, it was discovered she went to residence to set up memorial for “soul-mate” that resided there and punched out a window. Female subject stated the residence was hers, but records did not match. Report taken.
  • Agency Assist, East Marable St., Met with Benchmark in reference to speaking with and conducting a welfare check on female subject.  Female subject was upset about not having transportation to her doctor’s appointment in Loganville.  Assistance information was given to female subject.  All Ok
  • Dispute, South Madison Ave., Complainant said approximately a month and a half ago, a named subject and another guy robbed his son. His son was going to shoot the subjects when the father intervened.  The son is incarcerated on trafficking charges.  Complainant said the named subject and another guy are threatening to hurt him.  No recordings or independent witness. Report taken.
  • Accident at East Church St. and Baron Dr., Single Vehicle left the roadway, no injuries. Alvin Kilgore arrested for Athens Clarke Warrant. Turned over to Georgia State Patrol.
  • Theft Report, Clearview Dr., complainant ordered an item off of an ad with her credit card. When she checked her mail, she had a small package that was supposed to contain the item that was purchased. She advised the package was empty and appeared to have been tampered with. No report requested at this time. She advised that she was going to get in touch with the company and get her money back. She advised she would call back if she needed a report.
  • Check the area of Nowell St in reference to a deceased animal. Officer made contact with the animal in the back yard on West Marable Street. The neighbor advised the canine owner was incarcerated. The canine was bleeding from its neck. At this time, it’s unknown who injured the canine. Report taken. Monroe Public Works responded and removed the canine.
  • Damage to Property, West Spring St., employee advised customers in room were smoking in a nonsmoking room.  He advised the customers paid the $150.00 cleaning fee, but were verbally disputing with staff. Report taken. 
  • Follow Up with employee at Al’s Discount Tire. Employee advised that the subject that jumped him last week a name was given. Officer attempted to make contact with subject at his residence of Turner St. Subject was gone to work but made contact with female and she advised she would relay the message that the Officer wants to speak to him. Supplemental added to original case number.
  • Dispute, Ash Lane, two subjects were verbally disputing. One subject was gone when officers arrived. 
  • Transport from South Broad Street. Michaela Smith transported to Walton County Jail for CID.
  • Complainant said sometime between 0800 hours yesterday and noon today, her vehicle was entered and her SCCY 9MM (BLK/PNK) handgun went missing from her glove box. Complainant said she does not lock her car doors.  Entered on GCIC. Report taken.
  • Shoplifting, Chestnut Cupboard. Employee stated a group of four black males entered his store and one concealed candy and presented a black handgun when confronted. Suspect was gone when officer arrived and left on foot towards Chestnut Lane. Area Check done with Negative results. Report Taken.
  • Theft, Tanglewood Dr., complainant reporting several juveniles hanging around the mailbox’s.  Conducted an area check with negative results.  All ok.
  • Traffic Stop, South Madison and Washington St., Tonio Durham stopped for a tag light and window tint. He was arrested for driving with a suspended license and transported to the Walton County jail.
  • Traffic Stop, East Spring St.  Dustin Clay was stopped for a tag light violation. Probable Cause vehicle search for Marijuana odor was conducted and Dustin was arrested for possession less than an ounce. He was released on citations.
  • Traffic Stop, East Spring St., driver stopped for tag light and a probable cause search was conducted a black SCCY CPX-2 9mm was found in the glove box. Driver advised it was his uncle’s and it did not return stolen. The pistol was placed into evidence for safe keeping. 
  • Officer’s Met with complainant on North Midland Ave. who asked police to stand by while he retrieved some belongings from his residence. Resident was advised of the eviction process.
  • Welfare Check, Lawrence St., Contact made with complainant who was concerned about her husband who stated he wanted to kill himself. The husband was gone when police arrived. Complainant was worried about her and her kid’s safety, complainant advised of the Temporary Protection Order process.
  • Suspicious Person, South Madison Ave., Complainant advised an unknown person knocked on the door at their residence. Complainant declined to meet with officers, requested extra patrol in the area.
  • Demented Person, East Marable St., complainant reported suspicious people were around her house. The area was checked with negative contact. There was no evidence to support her claims.
  • Missing Juvenile, Meadow View Dr., On arrival parent advised his juvenile son had been located. All ok.
  • Suspicious Vehicle at Balmar Outdoors. Officer noticed the trespass gate was down and a vehicle parked in the lot. It appeared that the front door was open. Officers made entry and contact with male subject who was on location doing repairs. All was ok.
  • Harassment, Claywill Circle, complainant has permanent guardianship to child.  His birth mother has been contacting complainant non-stop about picking her child up.  Complainant advised of remedies. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Skyline Trace. Officer observed a white Ford Taurus parked away from an apartment building with all of the windows rolled down. Officer checked the vehicle by VIN and all appeared ok.
  • Follow-up, Claywill Circle, birth mother from above call on location wanting to see her son.  Guardian allowed her to see her son. All ok.
  • Meet with Officer, South Madison Avenue. Reference to complainant wanting to retrieve property. All ok.
  • Courtesy Transport, West Spring St., complainant given a ride home to Vine Street. 
  • Welfare Check, G W Carver Apt., Reference to male subject. Male subject was ok.
  • EMS Assist, East Church St., Reference to male subject falling and cutting his head. Subject was checked by EMS and sent on his way.  
  • Child Custody Dispute at the CVS. father on location with court ordered paperwork that mother was to be on location at 1400 hours. Mother has their 8-year-old daughter and has turned off her cell phone and has knowingly and willingly kept custody of the child. At 1600 hours we met back up with both parents at CVS. Mother attempted to leave the scene with the child. After the situation was deescalated the child was turned back over to the father and she was warned that she needed to abide to all court ordered agreements.
  • Harassment, Walton Rd., complainant advised named male subject showed up at his residence a couple of days ago with a gun and threatened his ex-girlfriend. ex-girlfriend was not on scene at the time of the report. Complainant was advised to have ex-girlfriend file a report and apply for a TPO. Incident documented.

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