Monroe PD Reports: $4,000 drawn against $98,000 fraudulent check

The Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period March 23 – 29, 2018. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the final part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Dispute, East Marable St., mother disputing with her daughter over the school bus and medication.  Ongoing issue and the 14th call to this residence this year.  She was advised of court remedies.
  • Dispute, West Marable St., male and female arguing over children and who takes them to school. No complaint of family violence. Called in third party.
  • Domestic, Walker Dr., reference to complainant claiming named subject hit her in the face. No evidence of family violence.
  • Dispute, Rose Ison Terrace, complainant stated named subject was banging on her door.  He was gone when officers arrived, but left a vehicle belonging to someone else.  Vehicle owner was contacted to pick up her vehicle and was issued a citation for allowing an unlicensed driver drive the vehicle.
  • Prowler Report, White Oak Dr., reference to homeowner hearing a noise on the back porch.  Porch was checked and only located animals running on it.
  • Juvenile Complaint, East Marable St., mother stated her daughter wouldn’t get on the bus.  Her daughter told me she wants to kill herself because of her mother. Mother was advised to take her daughter to Clearview to be evaluated for the threats and refusal to take her medication.
  • Counterfeit, East Spring St., A black male subject tried to pass a counterfeit $20 bill before fleeing the scene from the previous day. The bill has printed on it “replica”. Bill placed into evidence.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Unisia Dr./East Church St., Complainant advised black SUV with partial tag almost ran them off roadway. Observed driving on tag number given and all checked ok.
  • Damage to Property, West Marable St., reference to complainant having a flat tire. Spoke with complainant, who stated she came out this morning and noticed her driver side front tire low on air. Stated she believes kids in the area damaged it. Officer observed a nail in the tire that has been driven on and wore down. Explained that’s probably why the tire is low on air. All ok.
  • Fraud, West Spring St (SunTrust) On 11/08/17 an unknown subject deposited an $98,000.00 check at the Monroe SunTrust. At a later date a female suspected to be a named female made a withdrawal of $4,000.00 from an Atlanta Branch. After the deposit was taken and after being investigated the check returned as a fraudulent check. Report Taken
  • Wanted Subject, received information that Mario Vinson would be taken to Walmart to sell METH. Michelle Lee was said to pick him up and take him there in a 2001 Maroon Oldsmobile. Information was updated and advised that the subject was at Moe’s behind the building. CID observed a female passenger get out at Walmart and go inside. She was caught shoplifting and Walmart requested prosecution. Mr. Vinson was located coming out of Moe’s and was placed under arrest. A search was conducted with negative findings of Meth. Vinson was said to have had on a red Jacket and it was not located. An extensive search was done of multiple businesses in the area. An Officer went to pick up Michelle’s sister at Walmart and caught her shoplifting in the amount of $79.22. She was taken into custody, fingerprinted and released to the WC jail.
  • Dispute, Overlook Trail, complainant stated she and her Aunt had a dispute over complainant wanting to go to work even though she was sick. Complainant had questions about if she would get in trouble if she went to work after her Aunt told her to stay home sick. Report taken.
  • Dispute, Plaza Dr., Individuals attempted to fight. No actual fight occurred. Parties separated. All ok.
  • Juvenile Problem, Reed Place, reference to the Complainant complaining about her 6-year-old niece being dropped off at her house from the school bus. She stated the child’s mother was supposed to have the bus drop off address changed. The Grandmother is on the way to pick up the child. All ok.
  • Suspicious Person, North Broad. Contact was made with the clerk and he advised a subject from a shoplifting call in August of last year was across the street getting gas at the Monroe Food Mart. Upon Officer arrival the subject was gone. Officer checked the area with negative contact.
  •  Suspicious Vehicle, Hwy 78 West/Unisia Drive in reference to silver BMW speeding.  Negative contact with vehicle.
  • Warrant Service, West Marable St., Lionel Wade on location, arrested for probation violation warrant. Consent search of the residence granted. a quantity of methamphetamine, cocaine, and scales were located.
  • Meet with Officer, Pine view, reference to complainant wanting to let officers know that one of his neighbors placed 5-6 tires by the road for trash to pick up. Complainant just wanted to let police to know because he works for a tire business and did not want to be blamed for it.
  • Suspicious vehicle, Carwood Dr., reference to dirt bikes speeding up and down roadway.  Made contact with male subject who was observed driving the dirt bike.  He was warned about riding the dirt bike on public roadways as well as the bike being towed. 
  • Suspicious Person, West Spring St., Clearview, reference to a white male cursing and causing a disturbance inside of the hospital. The male was gone when officers arrived
  • Suspicious Person, S Hammond Dr., caller advised 6 people were walking in the road way. Conducted an area check and was unable to locate.
  • Suspicious Person, Athens Tech, Officers conducting an area check observed a male subject on the roof of Athens tech. Multiple ladders on location. Rodney Griffieth was observed leaving the area on a bike. Subject fled on foot and was arrested on Turner Street. Probation violation and disorderly conduct.
  • Civil matter, Davis St, spoke with resident, who thought her land lord was breaking into her home. She noticed they left a note on her door advising her that she has not paid rent. Resident has medical problems and was not sure what the note was for.
  • Firearms, 6th St., reference to a black male shooting a gun in the dead end.  Spoke with a resident that lives at dead end and he advised there has not been anyone shooting guns.  All ok.
  • Suspicious Person, Hwy 138, Chic-Fil-A, reference to a black male on location acting suspicious.  Spoke to manager who advised the male was gone.  All ok.
  • Meet with Officer, South Broad St., A female subject stated she was contacted by an officer in reference to a hit and run she was involved in. The number she was contacted from returned to Walton County Sheriff’s Office, they had no knowledge of a hit and run. There have been no incidents of hit and run this date.
  • Unknown Law, Lacy St. Unknown caller advised he needed police. Caller called from a 911 only phone and did not provided an information. Conducted an a rear check and was unable to locate.

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