Monroe PD Reports: Alcohol related issues and domestic disputes dominate

Monroe PD responded to the following calls between  Dec. 23 – 29, 2016. This report is split into five parts due to the length. This is the third post for this period. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Assault, Magnolia Terr – Tisha Jones cut her boyfriend on his hand with a knife. Jones story changed three different times. Tisha Jones was arrested for Aggravated Assault.
  • Fight on Nowell St – male subject was extremely intoxicated and was jumped in the parking lot. Had a gash on his head and was transported to the hospital by his neighbor. Refused report.
  • Domestic on Overlook Crest – Son and his mother involved in a verbal and physical altercation. Unable to determine primary aggressor and couldn’t establish probable cause due to conflicting stories from parties and witnesses. Parties were separated. Advised of the Temporary Protection Order and warrant process.
  • Dispute on Davis St – Ref to a broken window. Male subject advised that he did not want police on his property and would not cooperate.
  • Dispute on Bridgeport Pl – male and female subjects disputing over a female walking into male’s room. Situation was mediated.
  • Fight at Huddle House – Verbal dispute between waitress and customers. Customers were sent on their way at the request of the employees.
  • Domestic on Pine Park Street, complainant requested male subject leave her apartment. Male subject gathered his belongings and left without incident.
  • Business Alarm on East Spring Street – The F.I.S.H. Located an open loading dock door. The building was searched and a female Warbler (Bird) was located flying around. Esslinger captured the Warbler and released it outside. Key-Holder rescued the building.
  • Warrant Service on South Broad Street – Southside Mobile Home Park. Unknown caller advised male subject was on location with active warrant. Location checked with negative contact.
  • Traffic Stop on South Broad Street in reference to a vehicle failing to maintain its lane. Virginia Jones arrested and charged with driving under the influence and failing to maintain lane.
  • Suspicious Vehicle on Alcovy Street. Caller advised a blue truck was pulling in and out of this location. Contact made with the truck, unoccupied.
  • Disturbance in the area of Green Street. Resident complaining about the amount of traffic coming up and down the roadway.
  • Loud music at Golden Pantry – Subject was given a stern warning on cursing in public and loud music.
  • Firearms discharged on W. Marable St – No firearms discharged, subjects shooting fireworks on W. Marable.
  • Miscellaneous law at Marathon (W. Spring St) – Citizen assist in reference to a possible theft. Complainant advised that she will call with further information. Theft happened three months ago.
  • Harassing phone calls on Victory Dr – complainant wanted a named male subject to stop calling her. She said that she had been raped at an unknown address in Loganville. Advised her that she would need to contact the proper jurisdiction and that the officer would give her a courtesy ride to make the report. Complainant said that she was going to her friend’s house.
  • Juvenile complaint on Sporty Ln – mother wanted an officer to talk to her 12-year-old son about the importance of being a good child.
  • Suspicious person on 6th St – Female subject on 6th St was screaming. Female subject said that she opened the car door and hit her nose on accident. She did not want to be checked out by EMS. She said that she had been drinking and was upset about Christmas.
  • Suspicious vehicle on Plaza Dr – Ref to two black males sitting in a white Jeep for about 30 minutes. Jeep was gone when officers arrived.
  • Domestic on S. Broad St. – complainant advised that she came home from work and she and her girlfriend got in an argument over who the girlfriend was talking with on FaceBook. It then became physical. Conflicting stories of account. No primary aggressor and no visible injuries. Complainant left the residence for the night.
  • Fight on Felker St – complainant advised that he was assaulted by named male subject after going to a club (Dudley’s) in DeKalb County. Subjects pulled over on Felker St and began to tussle. Complainant declined prosecution.
  • Prowler on Bridgeport Pl – Complainant advised that he thinks he heard a named male subject in the bushes at his residence. Male subject is having an affair with complainant’s wife. (Previous call) Searched the woods due to hearing someone walking and running in the woods. No contact.
  • Suspicious person, Trinity EMS (W. Vine St) – Ref to a female subject near the ambulance and employee. Made contact with female subject who advised that she left her husband and needed to charge her cell phone to call for a ride. Employee on location advised that female could charge her phone for a few minutes.
  • Dispute, Hwy. 138 “Chick-Fil-A” complainant advised she caught her daughter having sexual relations with named male subject in a vehicle at Chick- Fil-A. Both were age of consent. Advised of TPO process. Report taken

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