Monroe PD Reports: Chickens on the loose and juvenile and domestic assaults

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period June 22 – 28, 2018. Due to the length, this report was split into five parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Mental health subject, Pierce St., reference to juvenile acting disorderly. Juvenile through her dresser out of her bedroom and used her bed frame to damage her mother’s bedroom door. Report taken, and juvenile complaint filed.
  • Illegal Parking, Heritage Ridge Dr., reference to Green in color 2000 Buick Regal parked in front of a fire hydrant. Contact with resident who advised it was her son’s vehicle and he was sent en route to move the vehicle.
  • Drug Activity, Highway 138, Chick-Fil-A, reference to a male and female inside a black Honda Accord, appeared to be using drugs. Mathew Nix and Virginia Gray arrested for possession of controlled substance. Vehicle towed from the property
  • Juvenile Complaint, Wheel House Lane, reference to juvenile assaulting his mother. Juvenile struck his mother twice in the head with a drawing book. The incident was witnessed by his little brother. Report taken, and juvenile complaint filed.
  • Damage to Property, Unisia Dr., Hitachi, complainant stated she was informed by a supervisor that a male sideswiped her father’s vehicle in the parking lot. She said the male left his phone number. The male would not give her any information and stated he would speak to her father about the incident. I spoke to the male on the phone and obtained the information for the report. Report taken. 
  • Suicide Threats, Ridgeview, reference to female subject having suicidal thoughts earlier this date, but not anymore. Female is an adult, denied having those thoughts to medical staff and law enforcement. Parents took subject back home to Snellville.
  • Theft, West Spring St., Advanced Auto Parts. Employee stated a black male in a red shirt and khaki pants took $129.60 worth of merchandise while she was pulling items from the rear of the store for him. She stated the male gave a name but has no verification that the name given is of his own. Manager stated the store only wanted a report on file at this time. Report taken.
  • Animal Complaint, Maple St., reference to 12 chickens being lose, owner issued warning citation.
  • Noise Complaint, Lakeview Dr., Parties advised to keep music at reasonable level.
  • Dispute, Rosewood Lane, reference to complainant reporting ex-girlfriend was calling her and her stating she was going to come to the residence. Complainant was advised to contact the police if she shows up. Everything on location ok.
  • Dispute, Rosewood Lane, reference to Latosha Adams being on location disputing with couple. Latosha Adams and male subject were previously boyfriend and girlfriend and lived together. Latosha Adams was upset due to male subject going back to his wife and was on location arguing with him. During the Argument Latosha Adams struck male subject on the left side of his face, wife stated she witnessed Latosha Adams strike male subject. Latosha Adams was placed under arrest for simple battery family violence, she was transported to the City of Monroe Police Department to be fingerprinted and was then transported to the Walton County and turned over to the jail staff without indecent. Report taken
  • Domestic Dispute, East Marable St., reference to dispute between Leona Williamson and subject. Williamson arrested for Aggravated Assault for cutting subject with a kitchen knife.
  • Dispute, Custom Way, reference to complainant calling about a domestic dispute between her brother and his girlfriend.  Both parties were gone when officers arrived.
  • Wanted Person, Room # given, East Spring St., Monroe Motor Inn, reference to female subject on location with warrants out of Walton County.  She was gone on foot prior to arrival.  Negative contact during a check of the area.
  • Suspicious Person, Radford St., reference to an unknown person running through back yards.  Negative contact with anyone.
  • Large Party, Claywill Cir., Open line 911 call with a dispute in the background.  Upon arrival, a very large number of juveniles fled the area from a party.  The remaining juveniles were told to have parents pick them up.  Ongoing issues with large juvenile parties at this residence.
  • Alarm, East Church St., Chestnut Cupboard, reference to the clerk pressing the silent alarm button due to the large crowd of people on location. The Crowd was gone prior to the officer’s arrival. Everything on location ok. 
  • Assault, Mill St., reference to complainant and his brother arguing over money. complainant went to his brother’s residence wanting to get paid for a job they worked together and was trying to enter into the residence. The brother pushed complainant which caused him to fall off the porch. complainant has a small cut on his head and one on his elbow, he was checked by EMS and denied transport to the hospital. Complainant advised he did not want to press charges. Report taken.
  • Disturbing the Peace, Gliding Lane, reference to kids running from the police on earlier calls.  Advised to call back if they see them.
  • Sexual Assault, East Washington St., reference to complainant reporting an incident between her and named male subject.  Conflicting stories at this time to what occurred.  CID notified.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Hwy 78 WB near Hwy 138 Exit – Vehicle occupied by male and female subjects. Female subject was bleeding from the face from a fall in Athens.  She was checked out by EMS before continuing to her residence.  
  • Noise Complaint, Ash Ln./Harris St., reference to small group of people outside talking. All left area with no issues.
  • Dispute, Custom Way, reference to Tiffany Daniels punching male subject in the back of the head. Daniels arrested for Family Violence Simple Battery.
  • Dispute, Plaza Dr., reference to complainant and Albert Kelley in a verbal and physical altercation. Kelley was arrested for Aggravated Assault, fingerprinted, and transported to Jail. Warrants to be taken on Kelley.
  • Suspicious Activity, Felker Park Recreation Center, reference to a community service worker possibly being on drugs. Made contact with Crew Leader who wanted me to talk to male subject about using drugs. Male subject stated he only had two hours of sleep and haven’t been using drugs. He did state that he has been prescribed Suboxone and took his dose today before arriving to community service. Crew leader then asked male subject to call a ride home because he didn’t feel comfortable allowing him to work in his current condition. Nothing further
  • Theft, McDaniel St., reference to someone opening complainant’s mailbox and stealing an envelope containing a check in the amount of $100.00. Complainant has also advised her bank of the theft.
  • Missing Patient, Ridgeview, reference to male subject HGT:509 WGT:130 EYE: BLU, leaving the facility out of the back-left side entrance after pulling the fire alarm. Male subject was admitted on 6/20/2018 for suicidal tendencies. He left wearing a gray t-shirt and paper blue scrubs. Male subject was later found.
  • Theft, West Spring St., Walmart, reference to an unknown light skinned male snatching $20.00 out of complainant’s lap at the hair salon and running out of the store leaving in a Silver Chevrolet Cruise with extensive body damage to the passenger’s side front end and rear end on the trunk. Report taken, and BOLO broadcasted to surrounding agencies.
  • Welfare Check, East Spring St., Dollar General, reference to child asleep alone in a tan Toyota Avalon. Negative contact with the vehicle in the parking lot.

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