Monroe PD Reports: Complaint that former tenant stole knife, scales and $1000

The following are the incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department between April 28 – May 4, 2017. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an  arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Domestic problem, Chestnut Lane, Male and female involved in a verbal dispute.  Male left the residence without incident.  All ok.
  • Domestic problem, GW Carver Drive, Dispute between male and female over infidelity. Male left without incident.
  • Damage to property, W. Fambrough Street, Report taken reference a damaged window.
  • Found property/Entering Auto, W. Tall Oaks Drive, Ref: purse found in trash can.  Subject called about found property and female called about missing property.  Recovered all but a green jacket and a Georgia Driver’s license.
  • Suspicious vehicle, Highway 78 / E. Spring Street exit, Ref: white SUV failing to maintain lane.  Area checked with negative contact.
  • Area check, Plantation Drive, Ref: cream colored truck videotaping houses. Area checked with negative contact.
  • Assault, Breedlove Drive / Ridgeview, Male and female involved in a physical altercation.  Male grabbed female by her neck and scratched her arm.
  • Damage to property, Hammond Park, Ref: damage to concession stand.  Subjects kicked in the door and damaged the sheetrock and window
  • Dispute, Wheelhouse Lane, Neighbors disputing over incident that occurred last date (handled by night shift).  Mediated.  All ok.
  • Fraud, Plaza Drive, complainant advised that he attempted to send $500 via Western Union to subject in March.  Western Union immediately cancelled the transaction after it was submitted and now refused to give him a refund.  Civil issue; advised of remedies.
  • Theft, S. Broad Street, complainant advised that a customer stole a lottery ticket from behind the counter.  Registration returned to male subject on Ford Street.  Negative contact on Ford Street.  Complainant stated that male subject’s uncle came in and paid for the ticket.
  • Found Property, Bell Street and Church Street, Complainant saw a bicycle in the bushes and was worried that someone was around her residence.  All ok.
  • Warrant/Arrest, John’s Supermarket, Employee, Crystal Glass on location with a valid warrants.  Arrested and turned over to Walton County Sheriff’s Office without incident.
  • Warrant, Nowell Street, Milton Jeff arrested for Monroe FTA
  • Dispute, Lacy Street, Officers arrived and heard talking inside residence but after several attempts to get the occupants to open the door, they refused.
  • Loud Music, Green Street.  Ongoing complaint loud music in the area.  Will patrol throughout the night.
  • Suspicious Vehicle at Davis Street / Harris Street reference a red dodge charger possible driving drunk with a child in the vehicle.  Checked the area negative contact.
  • Dispute, Reed Place in reference to a group of males and females outside male subject’s residence arguing with him.  Subjects were leaning against his vehicle and when he told them to stop they become disrespectful to person who called 911.  Subjects left prior to police arrival.
  • Suspicious Person on Belle Meade, male subject walking in the area from a dispute with his girlfriend.  They do not live together and no signs of violence.  Given a ride to Felker Park.
  • Domestic, A North Broad Street in reference to male and female subjects that where in a verbal altercation over property that was in male subject’s vehicle and splitting up from the relationship they have a child together
  • Traffic Stop, Rose Ison Terrance / Sorrells Street Reference a Elijah Millard stopped for failure to maintain lane.  After investigating further.  Both the driver and the passenger (Martalian Hannah) had active warrants.  Millard (probation violation for a traffic offense/ Hannah Probation violation for dangerous drugs) both subjects had weapons on them.  Hannah is a convicted felon and was charged with possession of firearm by convicted felon, Hannah had a valid carry permit and was charged with his warrant and failure to maintain lane.  Both were arrested.  Vehicle removed from scene by Jaws wrecker Service.
  • Welfare Check, Mill Stone Bluff,   Deputy with Walton County Sheriff department conducted a welfare check on female subject, negative contact was made at the address.
  • Theft, Victory Drive, complainant said two months ago he allowed named male subject to stay at his residence.  While he was there, he believes he took a knife, scales, $1000.  Spoke to male subject who was at Victory Drive and he said he does not have the items.  Complainant appeared under the influence due to constricted pupils but denied taking anything.
  • Juvenile Complaint at Launius Street and Perry Street, Mother complaining her son is being bullied at school and at home.  Complaint was able to make contact with bully’s mother and they were in the process of talking things out.
  • Damage to property, North Broad Street, complainant stated that subject ripped up his cards.  Did not want to press charges just wanted it documented.
  • Welfare Check, West Spring Street (Wal-Mart) complainant stated an elderly woman and her daughter got into an argument and daughter left the premise.  Made contact with the elderly female who stated her daughter was waiting out front with the car.  Elderly female was escorted to the daughter’s vehicle where she left the premise.
  • Welfare Check, Mill Stone Bluff.  Made contact with both juveniles who were watching the small children.  Both juveniles stated the kids snuck out of the house and they did not know it.  They now have the children inside and laying down for bed.
  • Assist Citizen, South Broad Street (Walton Security Storage) citizen was locked inside the lot and could not leave due to pad lock on the gate.  Contacted the owner to come out and let them back out.
  • Fight call, North Broad Street (Fusions) Shaylah Sullivan was denied entry to the concert and would not leave.  Police started to escort her and she became combative and was arrest for Disorderly Conduct.
  • Assist Citizen, Davis Street.  Reference a daughter not taking her meds.  Advised her father on mental evaluation options.

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