Monroe PD Reports: Dispute over girlfriend spending too much time on phone gaming

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period May 17 – 24, 2018. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note, and arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Suspicious Person, Union St., reference to a black male wearing a black hoodie and back pack going through vehicles. Officers searched the area with negative contact with subject or open car doors. All ok.
  • DFACS Assist, Georgia Ave., reference to speaking with a mother about child safety seats. All Ok
  • Damage to Property, South Broad St., MPD lobby, complainant requesting a report due to damage done to his vehicle at the 3-dollar car wash last Saturday.
  • Misc., South Broad St, MPD lobby, subject was claiming to being mistreated by her staff worker at her group home.  Once asked how she was being mistreated and abused, subject rolled her eyes called the officer obtuse and walked out.
  • Misc., South Broad St., MPD lobby, resident of Walker Dr. requested an extra patrol in the area of Walker Dr. due to their neighbors constantly being loud, getting into disputes and revving engines.
  • Suspicious Person, South Broad St., subject asleep in her car near the front door. Subject appeared ok. Said she came to get food from Hardy’s and meds from WalGreens. She was advised to get her meds and head home
  • Suicide Threats, W. Vine St., Subject was transported by boyfriend.  All ok.
  • Escort, South Broad St., female wanted an escort to North Midland Avenue to retrieve property.  Dispute over whose property was whose. Advised of civil process.  Officer already documented this incident.
  • Suspicious Phone Call, S. Broad St., complainant advised he received a call from what sounded like an elderly lady saying she needed help.  Phone number returned to a female.  Female was located at Forrest St.  Female advised she did not feel well but had already been to the doctor.  All ok.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Olympian Way, Blue transfer truck parked at the end of the street.  Driver advised his brother lives at there and they just lost their mother.
  • Juvenile Complaint, Blaine St., Juvenile calmed down and situation mediated.
  • Loud Music, Green St., Only music audible was from the caller’s own home. All Okay
  • Damage to Property, West Tall Oaks. complainant advised that sometime during the night she believes her son damaged the two bedroom windows and made entry through the back window.  No items reported missing only the damage.
  • Welfare Check, East Fambrough, reference to checking on subject who has not been seen by neighbors or family in several days with vehicle parked out front. Originally the family advised that the subject was not home after they walked through the home. MPD got a return call from the maintenance man advising as he was securing the home he found the subject deceased. Scene was turned over to investigators. Report Taken. 
  • Residential Alarm, West Tall Oaks Dr., upon arrival contact was made with complainant who stated her boyfriend needed to leave the residence, contact made with boyfriend who stated they were disputing because she spends more time on her phone playing games than with him. Situation mediated, report taken.
  • Area Check, Green St., caller advised of loud music from passing car. Conducted an area check negative contact.
  • Road Rage, HWY 78E, caller advised of a black SUV and a green passengers car trying to run each other off the road. Negative contact
  • Juvenile Complaint, Magnolia Terrace, mother advised that her son was being bullied at the playground.  Spoke with juveniles at the playground resolved the issue.
  • EMS Assist, Walton Rd., Mother called in reference to her daughter being under the influence of unknown alcohol and narcotics. Daughter on location in between coherency and violent outbursts. Daughter restrained and sedated on scene before being transported to Piedmont Walton.
  • Noise Complaint, Perry St., spoke with the complainant who appeared to suffer from mental health issues.  She advised music is being played loudly all night.  No music was observed while in the area.  Extra patrol during the night time hours.
  • Dispute, Walton County Sheriff’s Office, reference to complainant wanting her husband to be removed from her residence.  She advised a domestic took place earlier this date in Athens and wanted him removed.  She stated the two parties had not been involved in a dispute in Monroe.  TPO and eviction process was explained.  Situation mediated.
  • Harassment, East Tall Oaks, complainant advised that an ex-boyfriend that lives in the neighborhood keeps driving around slowly trying to talk to her.  She was calling in reference to information about a TPO.  Complainant was given the information.  All ok.
  • Theft, Walton Truck Stop, complainant advised that her sons cell phone was taken from Sorrells Street on 5/16/18.  Using the find my iPhone app the phone was showing to be in the area of Nowell Street.  She could not provide the serial number to the phone.  Report Taken.
  • Escort, Piedmont Walton, complainant on location requesting a ride home after being discharged from the hospital, provided a courtesy ride to Harris Street.
  • Assault Report, Piedmont Walton, Nurse from Piedmont Newton called in reference to a male subject who was assaulted at Walmart in Monroe. Male did not wish to file a report.
  • Prowler, Hubbard St., complainant advised that her daughter heard two male voices outside the bathroom window.  The daughter did not look outside.  Complainant walked outside and heard something in the woods across the street.  They were unable to provide any clothing descriptions.  Officers patrolled the area and had negative contact. 
  • Dispute, Gliding Lane, reference to subject’s disputing over a civil issue.  The eviction process was explained, and the dispute was mediated. 
  • Suspicious Person in the area of Harris St., while conducting an area check an officer observed a male hanging out behind a vacant residence. The Officer attempted to make contact with the subject. After a brief foot chase Javier Mitchell was taken into custody and charged with Loitering.
  • Vehicle Pullover, Plaza Dr., Officer conducted a traffic stop for no insurance, the driver was cited and allowed to leave. A vape pen with suspected THC oil was located in the vehicle later. The substance will be submitted for testing and if positive for the presence of THC oil warrants will be secured. Vehicle impounded by Taylors.
  • Meet with Officer, West Creek Circle, reference to a male juvenile needing a ride home.  Male juvenile taken to West Tall Oaks.
  • Discharging Firearms, Davis St., reference to an anonymous caller hearing two-gun shot in the area.  Caller advised a group of juveniles walking down roadway.  Officers patrolled the area and had negative contact with gun shots or group of juveniles. 

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