Monroe PD Reports: Dispute when boyfriend is doused with syrup in jealous rage

The following are the incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department between April 7 – 13, 2017. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Follow Up, South Madison Avenue – Howard Bunn escorted to MPD for Criminal Investigation Division.  Bunn arrested Criminal Trespass, served with Prohibited Entry and released on copy.
  • Dispute, West Spring Street (Burger King) – two subjects in verbal dispute. Male subject took female’s vehicle with permission to drive in the past. Report taken.
  • Domestic problem, Tanglewood Drive – Charles Morgan disputing with male subject.  Morgan arrested for Criminal Trespass.
  • Domestic problem, Felker Street – complainant advised it sounded like someone was trying to break into her residence.  Checked the area, negative with anyone trying to break in.  Oglethorpe Co SO captain called complainant to do a welfare check due to her and her husband divorcing.  Oglethorpe advised they have a history with complainant and she has medical issues.
  • Welfare Check South Broad Street/5th Street – male subject possibly on 38D (Meth). Transported to Clearview Regional Medical Center by EMS.
  • Follow Up, East Spring Street (Monroe Motor Inn) – complainant reported her vehicle was stolen out of Athens.  Located at this location by male subject. Vehicle never placed on GCIC as stolen.  Athens advised to turn vehicle over to complainant.  Property located in the vehicle for two different subjects, it was logged into evidence.
  • Dispute, West Spring Street – female subject and male subject involved in a verbal dispute over a cell phone. Female subject asked male subject to leave the store and he refused.  Male subject finally left and will handle complaint via corporate.
  • Suspicious vehicle, Church Street – Older model Camaro going approximately 113 mph. Negative contact.
  • Suspicious person, Wellington Drive – Advised someone from Trugreen was going door to door. Area checked with negative contact.
  • Fraud, West Spring Street (Wal-Mart) – LPO needed to report a fraud on one of the employees. Requested no police action pending internal investigation.
  • Suspicious person, South Broad Street/East Washington Street (Pocket Park) – White male with black backpack talking aggressively to himself.
  • Child Custody complainant taken at MPD Lobby – mother wanted to get her kids back from their father. They were in DFACS custody while she was locked up.  Mother has been advised that she can get the kids back but there is no paperwork to support that.  After speaking to the kid’s father on the phone, they agreed for mother to get the kids. All ok.
  • Dispute, South Madison Avenue – complainant said her boyfriend had a verbal argument that became physical.  Complainant had physical marks.  Warrant to be taken on boyfriend for Family Violence-Battery. Boyfriend is driving car with Tag # given.
  • Shoplifting, West Spring Street – employee stated a customer, white female with blonde hair, was seen placing merchandise into a black bag in her possession.  After confronting the female she exited the store and got into a vehicle bearing tag #.
  • Suspicious vehicle, West Spring St., Pep-Boys, two male subjects in grey Chevrolet Impala loitering in the area. Subjects using wifi, advised to leave, all ok.
  • Agency assist, South Side MHP. Employee with DFACS advised 6-year-old female juvenile advised another juvenile and her biological father performed oral sex on her over a year ago. Contact made with mother and victim. Mother advised she and daughter has not had any contact with the father for over two years. Officer notified.
  • Welfare check, Ridge Rd., Family on location had not heard from elderly male in a few days. Officer saw elderly male through back window on floor. Forced entry made, elderly male had been on floor for a few days and was severely dehydrated, transported to Clearview, all ok.
  • Juvenile complaint, Store House Ct., complainant advised neighborhood juveniles keep coming to her door and bothering her daughter. Juveniles GOA, requested extra patrol, all ok.
  • Burglary in progress, Turner St., Two male subjects on location disputing over car keys, keys returned, all ok.
  • Welfare check, West Spring St., Clearview Medical. Female subject who is wheelchair bound and paralyzed was dropped off from nursing home in the county and they refused to come pick her up. Family also refused to come and pick her up. Turned over to Walton County Sheriff’s Office, who filed abandoned patient report. Clearview social services staff member to assist in the morning.
  • Animal complaint, Magnolia St. Mr. Davis wanted PD to notify Animal Control of a vicious K9 in the area of Wall St. Apts. 10-66 area with negative contact. Note left with dispatch to notify AC.
  • Dispute, West Spring St., Waffle House. Officer called and advised of a domestic problem with the cook who stated he was punched in the face. Contact made with both parties, victim advised it was verbal only. Parties separated, all ok.
  • Dispute, Nowell St., complainant advised his 14 year-old girlfriend poured syrup on him because he wore another girl’s hoodie. Parties separated report taken
  • Stopping suspicious vehicle on  Highway 138/Tractor Supply – Clifford Sears arrested for Driving without a license and Failure to Appear (City of Monroe)
  • Domestic problem, Overlook Crest – male and female subjects verbally disputing. Parties separated.
  • Unknown Problem, Old Mill Point – complainant advised her baby’s father punched her on the right side of her face in front of her child. Complainant had swelling on her face. WTBT for FV Battery and Cruelty to children.
  • Welfare Check, Felker Street – Neighbors saw what appeared to be flash lights in the residence last night.  Neighbor said he came to check on the female due to her mother advising she may harm herself, and when she wouldn’t answer the door he became concerned.  Resident advised she was asleep. All ok.
  • Agency Assist, South Madison Avenue – Parents concerned that their adult kids are smoking meth in Conestoga. The adult kids named left and were stopped by WCSO.  Conestoga area checked in reference this call. Negative contact with anyone.
  • Animal call, West Vine St., – Two dogs fighting.  Both dogs belong to resident and were broke up prior to officer arrival.  Resident advised of remedies.

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