Monroe PD Reports: Disputes over gummy bear throw and loud singing and praying

The Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Feb. 9 – 15, 2018. Due to the length of this report, it has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Dispute, Mill Creek Way, complainant wanted to know how to come off of subject’s bond.  Units were unable to locate subject, who was violating conditions of bond by visiting the residence.
  • Dispute, Oak St., reference to complainant stating named female subject threw a gummy bear at her vehicle, because she like her boyfriend, both parties spoken to and the situation was mediated. Report taken.
  • Dispute, Perry St., Complainant called to say her two sons wouldn’t leave her residence.  They had left upon officer’s arrival.
  • Burglary, Towler St., Neighbor heard a noise in the apartment and advised the owner was not at home.  There was no entry made into the reference.  The homeowner arrived on scene and stated everything was ok.
  • Theft report taken at MPD Lobby, complainant stated that her wallet was stolen from her purse yesterday between 1030 and 1200 hours at the Senior Center on South Madison Avenue. Her wallet is a brown leather bifold. No leads at this time. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Person, Sorrells St., reference to female subject walking in the area.  Subject has an active warrant.  Complainant advised she went into the residence on Sorrells Street. Units could not get anyone to the door. Negative contact.
  • Damage to Vehicle on Hwy 78 at Unisia Drive.  The complainant was traveling west on Hwy 78 and something flew from the back of a Republic Services trash truck and struck the complainants windshield.  Report taken.
  • Vehicle Lockout, East Washington St., reference to a red Honda Accord registered to Xvaier Lee. Upon officer arrival, Officer ran the tag on the vehicle which showed that Xvaier had an active warrant through Gwinnett County for theft by taking. Warrant was confirmed and Xvaier was taken to Walton County Jail. Xvaier advised she no longer wanted her vehicle opened.
  • Suspicious Person in the area of Sorrells Street in reference to female subject walking the area with active warrants for her arrest. Officers had negative contact.
  • Suspicious Vehicles, Highway 78 East in Between. The complainant advised two vehicles were speeding and racing in the area of Highway 78 East in Between headed toward Monroe. Negative contact.
  • Suspicious Activity, West Vine St., Universal Rundle. While conducting an area check on location, Officer noticed an item on location that was not present the day prior. Building was cleared with negative results.
  • 911 Hang-up, West Creek Circle, mother was verbally disputing with her son. Son gone when officers arrived, all was okay.
  • Unknown Law, West Spring St. in front of Little Caesars, reference to female having trouble breathing. Fire and EMS were already on scene prior to officer arrival. They advised female changed her medication and was having an anxiety attack. Fire moved her vehicle off the roadway – a blue Honda Civic. Female was transported to the hospital by EMS.
  • Juvenile Complaint, North Madison Ave., Contact made with a County Deputy who observed three juveniles playing with a BB Gun then walking away suspiciously into the residence. Contact made with 14 years of age and his mother. BB gun given to the mother.
  • Dispute, East Marable St., reference to female subject causing a disturbance.  Officers stood by while parties separated.  Report taken. 
  • Civil Issue, Wheel House Lane, complainant had questions about a TPO taken out on her boyfriend.  All okay on location.
  • Meet With DFACS, North Broad St., Bojangles. DFACS wanting an escort to Highland Creek Dr., reference to investigating a child abuse case. Family no longer lives on location.
  • Traffic Stop, Highway 78 at Marable Street – Andrew Clay was stopped for a traffic violation.  Mr. Clay was found to be in possession of 31 schedule IV Lorazepam pills along with an unlabeled bottle.  Mr. Clay was arrested and charged with possession of a schedule IV narcotic and pills to be kept in original container.
  • Traffic Stop, North Broad St. and Mayfield Dr., Amber Nicole Conley was stopped for driving with no valid insurance, no registration, and no valid driver’s license. Conley was arrested and transported to the Monroe Police Department where she was released on citations.
  • Agency Assist, Wheelhouse Lane, reference to employee from Benchmark Human Services needing to make contact with male subject.  Employee did an evaluation and found that male subject did not need a 10-13 order at this time. All ok.
  • Civil Issue, Reed Way, reference to male driver running into owner’s retaining wall. Male driver said he would pay for it to be fixed.
  • Welfare Check, Magnolia Terrace, reference to checking on male subject. Made contact with subject who was doing fine. No issues.
  • Accident/Hit & Run, East Church St., Jack Peters Groceries – complainant’s vehicle was struck by a dark color Honda Accord leaving this location.  The vehicle left the area towards Monroe at a high rate of speed.  Vehicle will have front bumper damage.
  • Drug Complaint, Woodland Road in reference to caller saying multiple people at residence with warrants. Walked through home and checked names of people on scene. no drugs or warrants.
  • Civil Issue, South Madison Ave., complainant stated named female subject won’t return a vehicle he lent her 5 or 6 months ago.  He was advised of civil remedies.
  • Dispute, East Fambrough St., complainant requested officers stand by while his brother moved out following a verbal dispute.
  • Officer’s to Meet in Person, Walton Rd., reference to a Valentine’s letter left on the door. Complainant advised her ex-boyfriend has left a package and now a letter at her residence. Subject declined a report and advised she would attempt to get a restraining order.
  • Warrant, Wheelhouse Lane in reference to Cathy Clements-Barnett having multiple warrants from Monroe. arrested and transported to WCSO
  • Dispute, East Marable St., reference to 15-year-old and her mother arguing, 15-year-old was worried her mother would call the police if the argument continued so she went ahead and called the police to mediate the argument. The situation was mediated, everything on location ok. 
  • Suspicious Person, East Fambrough St., reference to complainant saying she heard noises outside her house and thought it might be named male subject who she has a TPO on. No one located, and neighbors did not see anyone in neighborhood in last few hours.
  • Dispute, G.W. Carver Dr., reference to female subject singing and praying and complainant asking her to keep noise down. Female subject said she got a word from God and had to tell the world. She agreed to wait until daytime.
  • 911 Hang Up, Roosevelt St., reference to a call from a 911 only phone pin mapped to this location, dispatch advised the caller would not provide any information but could here verbal disputing in the background. Attempted to make contact with the residents with negative results, everything appeared ok on location.

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