Monroe PD Reports: Domestic disputes and suicide attempt by 12-year-old,

Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Nov. 25 – 30, 2017. Due to the  length of the report, it has been broken into four parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Welfare check East Marable Street – Checked the welfare of female who was ok on location.
  • Unknown Law Tanglewood Drive. Met with complainant whom stated he discovered that a male subject had been using his phone to speak to a 14-year-old girl on Snapchat. He advised inappropriate pictures were sent back and forth, and male tried to entice the 14-year-old for sex.
  • Shoplifting,  West Spring Street – Dollar Tree the manager stated that a white male and a white female came into the store today and attempted to take items when they were spotted they put the items back and left the store. Manager stated her employees had seen the subjects in here the past four days. Advised manager to contact us back when they see the subjects to criminal trespass them from the property.
  • Suspicious Person East Spring Street – in reference to male sitting behind the building.  Was sent on his way.
  • East Marable Street in reference to meeting complainant whom advised he was homeless for the night. Complainant was advised there was not much we could do for him since there was not a homeless shelter in the city. He had already used his one stay with FISH.
  • Dispute Mill Stone Bluff in reference to complainant’s 6 year-old son playing with kids on the trampoline, while playing he and another kid started hitting each other resulting in one child choking complainant’s son. situation mediated, report taken. 
  •  Atha Street and South Madison Ave -Chandra Vaughn arrested for disorderly conduct after her son was pulled over for failure to maintain lane. A probable cause search was conducted of vehicle and no contraband was found. The son was under the influence of drugs and not safe to drive.  While turning the vehicle over to family, Mrs. Vaughn became irate, pointing her finger in an officer’s face.
  • Dispute West Spring Street – Employee and Management in verbal dispute on location.  Management sent employee home for the day and she was refusing to leave the business. Upon officer arrival, employee left the location.
  • Suspicious person, Woodland Road in regards to white male walking around residence at Woodland Drive with rifle shooting at trees. Contact made with male at Woodland Drive who advised he was shooting squirrels with pellet gun. Subject was  advised of city ordinance for firearms, all ok.
  •  Found property, Walton County Sheriff’s Office lobby in regards to found wallet. Wallet returned to owner.
  • Dispute, Mary Street. Complainant upset about placement of mattresses to be picked up. Female put mattresses out to start moving from residence. Mattresses were placed in better location to appease complainant. Situation mediated 
  • Theft, Walmart in regards to female at Walmart previous date shopping and left wallet in shopping cart. Wallet returned but missing $133.00 cash. Report taken
  • Harassment, Papa John’s. Complainant stated his ex-wife’s sister keeps calling his place of employment and telling his boss he’s a sex offender. Report taken
  • Welfare check, Springer Lane in regards to father not being able to get hold of his son. All was ok and son was sleeping due to school tomorrow.
  • Reckless vehicle on Highway 78 EB headed towards Monroe. Caller advised white Ford F-150 driving reckless. Area checked with negative contact.
  • Agency assist, Walton Street in regards to WCSO out with abandoned vehicle and owner residing on Walton St. Contact made and WCSO was advised they could tow the vehicle due to owner not being able to get vehicle until tomorrow.
  • Gunfire heard, Green Street. Complainant advised hearing four gunshots outside her residence and suspects a neighbor to trying to scare her. Area was checked on foot with negative contact. No additional calls were received about gunshots.
  • Armed robbery, Kendall Court. Complainant advised he was walking on Ash Lane and four black males tried to attack him and one pulled a gun. He ran to his grandmother’s house for safety. Complainant stated he has $2000.00 on him in cash and maybe the black males were trying to get the cash but he resides in Conyers and was just visiting his grandmother. Complainant wanted us to take him to jail for safety and then he decided to stay at residence with grandmother. Incident documented and nothing was stolen from complainant. All surrounding areas were checked and nobody was out on foot.
  • Welfare check requested by a 13-year-old male that his friend from school messaged him on Snapchat about suicide. Officers were dispatched to Baron Drive for welfare check on 12-year-old female and was located at  Baron Drive. 12-year-old female consumed 15-17 Tizanidine pills (muscle relaxers). Female was transported to Clearview. CID was notified and will do a follow-up.
  • Burglary, W. Tall Oaks Dr. Complainant advised she left residence around midnight to drop a friend off and left her residence unlocked. When complainant returned, her house was vandalized inside. Stein declined report due to no items missing.
  • Loud noise, Green St. Complainant stated vehicle in area revving engine, area checked and all was quiet.
  • Suspicious persons, Felker St. Complainant stated hearing people talking in his back yard. Area was checked on foot with negative contact. 
  • Shoplifting, Walmart, employee stated black male stole hoverboard and ran out of store and got into maroon Ford Taurus and fled scene. No additional info could be provided and a report was declined.
  • Suspicious person, Tall Oaks. Caller advised slender B/M looking into vehicles. Area was checked with negative contact. Neighborhood checked on foot and no vehicles found entered.
  • Prowler, Arby’s. Manager advised while closing, unknown suspect banged on front door and then tried to come though drive-thru window. Area was checked with negative contact. Personal escort given to employees from business to vehicles. Ladder to roof was open, roof checked and all appeared ok.
  • Suspicious person, WCSO lobby. Subject in lobby stating he had a warrant and needed to be locked up. Subject also advised WCSO staff that people were after him and he had a gun but placed it in trash can in lobby. WCSO took the call due to all units busy on other calls. WCSO was advised of subject being victim from assault call earlier but no evidence found and conflicting stories but report was taken.
  • Entering auto,  E. Washington St. Complainant stated her unlocked vehicle was entered and a silver bracelet was stolen. Report taken.
  • Shoplifting at Lollipop Boutique. Employee stated an unknown white female concealed two shirts and left the store without purchasing them. Report Taken.
  • Request for officer to meet with at Reed Way.  Complainant requested to speak to officers concerning a comment someone made about him.  All ok.
  • Civil Matter at Home Depot. Manager stated he wanted a report for a customer  who did not return a leased vehicle. Report Taken.
  • Dispute at Windsor Drive. Wife verbally disputing with husband. Situation mediated. 
  • Dispute at Anytime Fitness. Complainant reported her friend was keeping belongings away from her. I spoke with friend via cell phone and she advised that she would turn the belongings over at her home in the county. Turned over to county.
  • Officer meet with subject  at Walgreens, South Broad Street. Complainant advised of possible dispute at her residence. Complainant given a ride to Colley Street, All was ok.
  • Unknown, New Lacy Street. Complainant believed subjects were hiding under his bed. All beds were checked with no findings of anyone hiding.
  • Wanted Subject at New Lacy Street. Officer was on scene for the above listed call and noticed a subject that was believed to have warrants. Officer made contact with the subject, Quintarius Mathis. Officer then arrested the subject on multiple warrants. Mathis was transported to the Walton County Jail and released to jail staff without incident.
  • Welfare Check at  Creekview Drive. Officer met with complainant at the Walton County Sheriff’s Office and he advised that he believes his girlfriend  was kidnapped. He has not seen her since Friday 11/24/17 and advised she was found before at Creekview Drive. Complainant resides in Morgan County and girlfriend resides in Conyers. Complainant was advised of the proper steps to file a missing person report. Negative contact with girlfriend at Creekview Drive.

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