Monroe PD Reports: Domestic disputes, disorderly conduct and hit and run

Monroe PD responded to the following calls between  Dec. 30, 2016 – Jan. 5, 2017. This report is split into five parts due to the length. This is the second post for this period. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Return call to Tanglewood Dr., In reference to the grandmother of female on location requesting police to return. Contact made with the original complainant and another female. The other female stated she was on the lease and didn’t want anyone staying with her. Also on the lease is complainant’s granddaughter who was not on location and invited the other female and her son to stay at the residence which they have been doing since September Complainant advised she would speak to her granddaughter about the situation and was advised of the eviction process. The other female stated she needed 30 days to find another place to live. Situation mediated at this time. Civil over living arrangements.
  • Found Property, West Creek Circle, grandmother advised she found a BB gun in her grandson’s room that did not belong to him. Also he is bring home stray dogs. K-9 on location was injured and needed care. Animal control responded to pick up animal. The BB gun was taken to be disposed of at grandmother’s request.
  • Damage to Property, W. Spring St. Possible burglary. The front door to Title Max was smashed by a rock. Video was reviewed and actual occurrence was at 0535 this morning. The alarm company notified the Key holder and was advised NOT to send police and to put the alarm in hold mode. Three subjects involved in entering the store two subjects entered and rambled through the desks and file cabinet while third subject stood watch outside the door. Video shows subjects were in and out in a minute to a minute and 30sec. It does not appear at this time anything of value was taken. Deposit was locked and not taken. CID advised of the above and will follow up. Scene was photographed but subjects were wearing gloves. No prints available.
  • Damage to Property, Wheelhouse Lane, and complainant advised her 2001 Chrysler Van was damaged sometime last night.
  • Other Law, Oakland Ridge, complainant advised there is an animal carcass in her trash and she didn’t know what it was or where it came from. Carcass disposed of.
  • Other Law, 38-D (drugs) related, Douglas St., the complainant advised she witnessed her step daughter weighing what she believed to be cocaine. Step daughter left the area in a blue Nissan. A look out was given on the vehicle and step daughter.
  • EMS Assist, Turner St., complainant requested to be transported to Clearview Regional Medical Center due to hearing voices. EMS transported without incident.
  • Damage to Property, S. Broad St. John’s Supermarket Parking Lot. The complainant advised her vehicle was struck by another subject when they opened their car door. Second party inside Milo’s restaurant. Parties agreed to settle the incident amongst themselves.
  • Officer’s called to MPD lobby, reference to a civil issue. Complainant advised he’s been paying child support through Florida and has not seen or has not been able to contact the mother of his child in over a month. Mother has custody. Advised to contact child support recovery in Florida.
  • Civil Matter, Bold Springs Ave., complainant requested we return for report purposes. Complainant advised he made contact with Deland Florida and they advised he needed to file a report here in order for them to conduct a welfare check. Complainant also advised he sent his daughter a prepaid phone and her mother text him and said she wasn’t giving to her. Report and follow up to be conducted with Deland Florida for a welfare check.
  • Suspicious Person, E. Spring St. “Valero” white male subject identified and was from Alabama. Contact made with his sister from Ohio who wired male subject $100.00 so he could return home.
  • Domestic problem/fight in the area of Gatewood Way. Complainant advised that she was disputing with male subject’s family. Officers spoke with both parties and received conflicting stories as to what actually happened. Parties were separated and advised to call if any further problems arise.
  • Dispute, Booth Dr., complainant advised she and named male subject were in a verbally dispute. Situation mediated and parties were separated.
  • Hit and Run, East Spring Street & Bryant Road, Older model Tan Ford possibly a F-150 struck a Gray Saturn Acua and fled the scene. Truck has damage to the front drivers side headlight left on scene. Truck had left heading east on Spring Street when officers arrived. It had then turned to Blaine or N. Hammond Dr. checked the area with negative contact. Officer was in the area when the call came out and did not see the vehicle.
  • Shoplifting, West Spring St., Wal-Mart. Aprox $500.00 worth of clothing taken. Dispatch provided the wrong vehicle to description to officers while vehicle fled scene.
  • Intoxicated subject, Masters Dr. Ashley Lee intoxicated and attempting to fight two subjects at a new year’s party. Arrested for disorderly conduct.

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