Monroe PD Reports: Driver hits pole after falling asleep; Dog bites utility worker

The Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Feb. 2 – 8, 2018. Due to the length, this report has been split into four parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Animal Complaint, Tanglewood Lane, Pitbull mix, brown, belongs to the residence at Tanglewood Drive. Animal Control contacted
  • Theft, Tanglewood Drive. Contact made with complainant stating after searching for two weeks he has not been able to find his Glock 40 handgun and believes it to be stolen. Report taken and handgun to be listed on GCIC.
  • Dispute, Tall Oaks East, Contact made with property manage stating female subject from Sporty Lane was disputing with her concerning her broken refrigerator. Subject gone when officers arrived, report taken.
  • Harassment, Felker St., complainant advised that her ex-boyfriend from 8 years ago, has been sending her messages and harassing her through Facebook. She advised she has blocked him multiple times over the years, and he continues to create new profiles to get in touch with her.
  • Mental Subject entered MPD Lobby. Contact made with advantage worker stating she went to subject’s residence regarding incident earlier this date and subject answered the door with a steel baseball bat acting irate but did not threaten her. Added to report.
  • Warrant Service, North Broad St., City Hall in reference to Willie Vinson on location with an active warrant. Willie was arrested for probation violation warrant out of Walton County Sheriff’s Office. He was transported to the Walton County Jail.
  • Harassment, Sporty Lane, subject stating a Jackson Hewitt representative she met at Walmart has been sending her threats over text message and calling her various names. Report taken.
  • Follow Up, East Tall Oaks Dr., Contact made with two female subject requesting information on transporting a resident (female subject) to be mentally evaluated. Subject denied voluntary eval and both parties informed of the evaluation procedure.
  • Harassment complaint taken at South Broad Street – Monroe Police Department Lobby. Complainant advised her ex-husband is harassing her by showing neighbors a picture of her with another man, wanting them to call him if they see them together.
  • Trespassing, Double Springs Church Road – Christian Learning Center. Complainant advised someone is driving through their property to gain access to a land tract behind the school.
  • Dog Bite, Tanglewood Dr. City employee was bit on the left leg by a dog while installing internet inside residence. TOT Walton County Animal Control.
  • Difficulty Breathing, Mayfield Drive near Green Street. The driver advised his passenger he was having difficulty breathing and passed out at the wheel. CPR was preformed, and subject transported to Clearview Regional Medical Center.
  • Illegal Dumping, Tanglewood Drive in reference to garbage in rear of property. Complainant advised an unknown subject(s) dumped trash in the rear of his property. Complainant advised he currently lives in New Jersey and is in the process of moving back to Georgia. Complainant was advised of remedies.
  • Fight, Ash Street. Male subject intoxicated and urinated on the side of complainant’s house. Swung at complainant when confronted and then left. Residents on Ash Street just wanted male subject to stay away. Unable to locate him at this time.
  • Damage to Property, Lawrence St., complainant reported the camera he put on his grandmother’s property was damaged by his grandmother who didn’t want it there anymore.
  • Missing Dog, report taken at MPD South Broad Street in reference to complainant’s dog going missing while he was in the library, he advised the dog is small and has on a sweater and a leash. 
  • Suspicious Vehicle, North Broad, Vehicle collided with utility pole Hwy 11/6th Street. Driver stated he fell asleep. No injuries.
  • Dispute, West Spring Street – Walmart in reference to a black female hitting a silver vehicle and not letting them leave.  Called in 3rd party.  Checked the area and could not find anyone in the area and no one flagged me down or asked for assistance.
  • Domestic, Barron Dr., reference to male and female subjects in a verbal argument, female stated she wanted male to move out, she was advised of the civil process.
  • EMS assist, Atha St., complainant was seen crawling through bushes.  Contact was made inside the residence and he was okay, just intoxicated.  His cousin owned the residence and said he was okay to stay there.
  • Suspicious Activity, North Broad, male subject on scene doing roof inspection. Confirmed he was supposed to be there.
  • Dispute, Clearview, male subject brought in by EMS for 10-13. Was noncooperative with staff but then agreed to their terms. Police did not have to speak with him.
  • Dispute, Maple St., reference to male and female subject arguing over a woman by name given being on location, male subject advised the woman is his friend and he was making a sandwich and she left the residence. everything ok on location.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, South Madison Avenue – Felker Park Three teenagers hanging out.  They were advised to hang out elsewhere due to the park being closed after dark.
  • Suspicious Person, S. Madison Ave and East Spring St., to two male subject riding skateboards, made contact with to male subjects. they advised they had gotten off for work at Dairy Queen and decided to skateboard around town. Everything ok on location.
  • Disturbing the Peace, male and female intoxicated and arguing over a Domino game. Told to keep noise down. 
  • Suspicious Vehicle, reference to a semi-truck failure to maintain lane in the area of Hwy 11 heading south bound towards the city, area check conducted with negative contact.
  • Traffic stop, McDaniel Street at St. Ives – female subject stopped for traffic violation. Female subject husband who was a passenger in the vehicle was found to be in possession of an open container.  Mr. Lee was cited and released for open container violation.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Highway 138 passing H D Atha Road, reference to an older model Oldsmobile passenger car, handicap tag, passing vehicles in no passing zone. Area checked with negative contact.
  • Civil Dispute, Walker Dr., Brothers disputing over living arrangements. Their mother recently passed away and one brother is the power of attorney over her will.  The brother is selling the home and today was the dead line for everyone to be out of the house including the brother. The brother did not like this and verbal argument ensued. The brother left the residence prior to officer’s arrival.  All ok on location.
  • Shoplifting, West Spring St., Walmart, reference to a female in custody. Mary Maciukiewicz was detained by Walmart for shoplifting $78 worth of merchandise. Walmart declined prosecution due to her age. Mary was served with a criminal trespass notice for ten years.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, MLK Jr Blvd at Valero in reference to a purple van occupied by a white female speeding in parking lot. Made contact with Whitney Dodge whom stated her brakes went out on her vehicle, a purple 1998 Dodge Caravan and she was trying to get her vehicle stopped. Clerk at Valera gave permission for the vehicle to remain on location for one day. Driver was given an escort to her residence at Hwy 138.

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