Monroe PD Reports: Entering auto, DUI and sexual assault

The Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Feb. 22 – March 1, 2018. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • 911 Hang-Up, Magnolia Terrace, made contact with complainant who stated she was in a verbal argument with a friend. Named subject was inside the residence. Both parties stated nothing happened.
  • Entering Auto, Carver Place, complainant advised she came outside to her car doors opened. After further investigation it was found that nothing was taken from her vehicle. Complainant requested extra patrol for the residence. Complainant denied a report.
  • Suspicious Person, Alcovy St., complainant advised he was arguing with his girlfriend and walked away to cool off. All was ok.
  • Entering Auto, S Broad St., Contact was made with complainant who advised that at some point throughout the night, an unknown subject entered his vehicle and stole his Boss radio. Serial numbers were provided. Report Taken
  • Suspicious Person, Highway 138, Chick Fil a, white male wearing tan pants seen running toward Chick Fil a.  Checked the area with negative contact.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Highway 78 onto Highway 11, Elderly male driving a champagne in color car failing to maintain lane. Checked the area with negative contact.
  • Phone Scam, Forest St., complainant had an unknown male call him and tell him that he struck his vehicle and wanted money. Officer attempted to call the number and it had been disconnected. All was ok.
  • Sexual assault, Old Mill Point, made contact with mother who stated that her daughter was touched by her cousin. Spoke with the cousin who stated that the daughter was intoxicated and that he never had contact with her. Report taken.  DFACS referral completed via the 800 number.  CID also notified.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Red Toyota Tacoma driving reckless.  Conducted traffic stop on Tacoma, spoke to about manner of driving.  All Ok.
  • Domestic Dispute, Towler St. Roommates standing in the road yelling. The augment was over a mirror that one subject wanted from the house. Retrieved the mirror and no further action.
  • Suspicious Person 6th street. Complainant advised when she got to her rental house to start some painting she was approached by a B/M subject wearing a blue shirt and black bookbag stating he was homeless and had been staying in the house. Officers checked the area with no contact with the subject.
  • Harassment Lacy St. Complainant advised two females have been texting her threats. She advised it all started from an altercation last year with her aunt. The good behavior warrants and Temporary Protection Order process was explained to her. Report Requested
  • Suspicious Person, West Spring Street Subject said he was just released from Clearview due to being involved in a car wreck earlier.  Said he was waiting on his fiancee to pick him up.
  • Dispute North Broad Street in reference to complainant stating he and a male had a dispute over money owed for doing a job.  Complainant claimed he was hit in the face. Did not observe any visible marks on complainant. Incident occurred at approximately 1400 hours.  Negative contact with male at store Unable to view store camera footage at this time.  Report taken.
  • Agency Assist at Mill Stone Blf. Met with DFCS in reference to a follow up on a sexual assault.
  • Domestic North Broad Street: Subjects verbally disputing with granddaughter, Makayla Clair.  Makayla was arrested for possession of meth and drug related objects
  • Suspicious Activity on Lacy Street in reference to a large crowd in the roadway looking like a fight was going to start.  Crowd was dispersed advised to stay out of road way or be cited.
  • Suspicious Person, East Spring Street – Valero Gas Station In reference to a Women in a black passenger vehicle walking around with a firearm in her pockets. The Vehicle was gone when officers arrived.
  • Area Check in the area of Carver Place in reference to a caller stating she could hear a dispute. Negative contact with anyone
  • Suspicious Person at Plaza Drive in reference to a black male knocking on the door and they did not know the person. Negative Contact.
  • Suspicious Vehicle Hwy 138 / West Spring Street.  Purple Jeep failing to maintain lane.  No contact was made with the Jeep on the roadway.
  • Dispute at Davis Street in reference to male being on location refusing to leave, subject was gone when officers arrived.
  • Dispute at Kings Street. In reference to wife and her husband verbally arguing and leaving the residence. Wife just wanted her book bag that was in her husband’s possession. While following her husband, wife bumped into the back of her husband’s vehicle. Both of the party denied an accident report. The book bag was returned to wife.
  • Traffic stop Mr. Gary Flint was stopped for Failing to maintain lane on Washington Street He was arrested for DUI , Driving with a suspended license, and Failure to maintain lane.
  • Theft Report, South Broad Street – Chevron Gas Station in reference to complainant’s cell phone being stolen while he was working at the service station. The clerk was unable to access the cameras, he advised the dayshift clerk would have access to the surveillance system. Due to complainant being unable to provide the serial number of the phone, it has not been entered on GCIC. Report taken.
  • Agency Assist on Hwy 78 in reference to a bolo out of Social Circle in regards to a Tractor Trailer that backed into another vehicle.  Officer spotted the vehicle and confirmed the damage to it.  Contact Social Circle who responded to arrest the driver.
  • Traffic Stop East Spring Street / Felker Street – vehicle was stopped for having a brake light out.  Kalefff Gainor was arrested for warrant out of Walton County.  Alvin Brown was arrested for possession of Marijuana greater than on ounce, cocaine, ecstasy, drug related objects and possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony.
  • Meet with Officer Nowell St. Complainant had questions about custody due to not liking her stepmom.  Spoke to mother and father and advised remedies.
  • Check the area Hwy 78 West and E. Spring St. in reference to debris in the roadway.  Negative contact with anything in the lanes of travel.  Trash was found in the gore at Cherry Hill.
  • Damage to Property Old Mill Pt . Reference broken window. Contact made with tenant who is in the process of moving out and from the date of 02/20/18 to today a window on the side of the duplex was broke. Officers cleared the residence and saw no signs of anyone inside the residence. Report Taken
  • Check Area, Russell Dr Hammond Park. Reference complainant hearing a woman scream for help at 0530 HRS. Officers checked the park and all appeared ok.
  • Shoplifting 2050 West Spring Street: Makyrah Kennedy arrested for shoplifting.
  • Shoplifting 2050 West Spring St. Vanessa Lee stole $54.63 of merchandise. Incident caught on video. Transported to MPD for fingerprints and released on copy of citation.
  • Meet with Officer at Sporty Lane in reference to a subject leaving his “Vape” at the residence last date and wanting to retrieve it.  Unable to get anyone to answer the door.

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