Monroe PD Reports: Entering autos, school bus bullying and animal complaints

The Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period April 20 – 26, 2018. This report was split into five parts due to the length. This is the final part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute the conviction.

  • Traffic Stop, Officer stopped vehicle for not having a tag.  It was found that the vehicle did not have insurance.  Driver was cited for no insurance.
  • Domestic, Armstead Circle, reference to two subjects being involved in a domestic dispute. One subject struck the other subject in the head multiple times. First subject was gone when officers arrived. Warrant to be taken for simple battery. 
  • Domestic, South Madison, reference to female subject high on Xanax and grabbing a knife and running out of the house.Her boyfriend called because he was concerned for his and her safety. She was gone when officers arrived report taken.
  • Meet with officer’s, Milledge Ave., reference to above call with female subject wanting to give her side of the argument for case. Female subject was given a ride to her aunts on Alcovy St.,
  • Meet with Officer at South Broad St., male subject had questions about civil paperwork, he was given instructions to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Plaza Dr./Ashton Pointe Apts., reference to a passenger car parked in the area of the playground.  Vehicle was occupied by female subject who lives in the complex.  She advised she was using the phone. 
  • Extra Patrol, Captain D’s, reference to a vehicle parked at location for an extended period of time.  Employees request Officer standby as they leave location.  All ok.
  • Loud Music, Green St., officer patrolled the area and had negative contact with any music. Caller did not wish to meet.
  • Animal Complaint, Indian Creek Dr., reference to an anonymous complainant complaining of a dog barking.  Officer patrolled the area with negative contact of any dog barking.  
  • Traffic Stop, Sorrell St./Cook St., noticed a blue passenger car with a head light out. Made contact with the driver Janell Lohnes who had a suspended license. Janell was placed under arrest and citied.
  • Traffic Stop, Towler St./Camptown Apartments, officer observed equipment violation on vehicle.  Officer conducted a traffic stop.  The vehicle was occupied by three subjects.  The back-seat passenger gave a false name and date of birth.  Upon Officers return to the vehicle the officer observed a plastic baggy containing a white powder in the subject’s lap.  He was detained and upon further search of the rear seat of the vehicle a baggy containing three pills believed to be molly as well as a baggy containing methamphetamine was located. The male was identified as James Norman.  Mr. Norman was charged with multiple drug charges as well as false name and date of birth.  
  • Dispute, Breedlove Dr., mother said her 21-year-old daughter was treated here. Holt said her daughter was mistreated and wanted the police here for a report.
  • Damage to Property, Davis St., complainant his vehicle was hit in the parking lot between last night and this afternoon.
  • Child Custody, Elm Dr., complainant over concerns for mother having their son due to her having meth in the house that she stays at. Mother supposedly lives off woodland road. Advise of civil process and to contact DFACS
  • Welfare Check, Shamrock Drive. Made contact advised to call female at hospital.
  • Agency Assist, Plaza Dr.  Reference to Antwon Johnson being on location with active warrants. Winder PD requested assistance with checking residence.  Negative contact.
  • Dispute, Wheelhouse Lane, complainant said named female subject came to her residence and threatened to bring her cousin and a gun back. Complainant never stated what the dispute was over. Made contact with named female subject at Magnolia Terrace she said that the complainant tried to run her daughter over after she got off the school bus. Named female subject denies the gun statement and complainant denied trying to run the daughter over. Complainant served with criminal trespass for Magnolia Terrace and named female subject for Wheelhouse Lane. Both advised of the good behavior warrant process.
  • Suicide Threats, Tall Oaks, reference to an Urgent Care facility stating that named female, was having suicidal thoughts on the phone with them.  They wished for her welfare to be checked.  Named female stated she was not having suicidal thoughts and was simply trying to get the correct medication filled.  She stated she told them she had thoughts in the years past, but nothing now.  Named female stated she did not wish to harm herself or anyone else.  A escort to the hospital was offered and denied. 
  • Juvenile Complaint, West Marable St., mother is concerned about her 9-year-old being picked on while on the school bus.  Made contact with the other child’s brother and advised him that his mother needs to correct the issue or there could be police involvement.  I also referred the mother to the school staff due to the incident occurring on the school bus. 
  • Civil Matter, Glen Iris Dr., caller stated the landlord has yet to fix their plumbing issue and requested a report to document the incident for civil court.
  • Weapon Possession, Tall Oaks, caller advised of juveniles in the area with a pistol. Made contact no pistol was located all ok.
  • Drugs, Plaza Dr., Upon Officer arrival caller stated the subjects already left.
  • Animal complaint, S broad St., Caller advised of a sick cat in her back yard. Located said cat and notified animal control.
  • Dispute, Plaza Dr., reference to two subjects being in a verbal altercation.  After speaking to all parties involved it was determined that a crime did not take place.  Both parties were advised of remedies.  Report Taken
  • Suspicious Person) Hwy 78/Hwy 138, caller advised of a male walking a bike in the area. The male was located laying on the side of Hwy 78. Upon first contact he provided a false name. He was placed under arrest and his ID was located. Michael Hancock was placed under arrest and had an outstanding warrant. Report taken.
  • Loitering, West Spring St., while on location with male patient nursing staff advised of another patient in the ER refusing all treatment and refusing to leave. Contact made with Darrell James. James became agitated and was arrested for loitering after refusing to leave.
  • Dispute, White Oak Dr., reference to married couple being in a verbal dispute over phones in the house.  Both parties were intoxicated.  The situation was mediated.  Report taken.
  • Runaway Juvenile, Radford St., reference to mother calling because her 14-year-old walked out of the front door tonight when she took his phone away from him. Mother declined a report at the time of the call she just wanted police to locate her son and bring him home.
  • Entering Auto, W Tall Oaks, spoke with complainant who stated someone broke into his car. Nothing was taken at this time and no damage was done to his vehicle. Report taken.
  • Entering Auto, Baron Dr., complainant stated someone broke into her car and stole her wallet. No damage to vehicle report taken.

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