Monroe PD Reports: Estate arguments, funeral fight and mother accidentally hits son with car

The following are the incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department between May 26 – June 1, 2017. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note and arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Agency Assist at South Broad Street Female fell down and alerted EMS that she fell.  She advised EMS that she was being abused physically and monetary.  On scene she advised me that she is a diabetic and has not received medication in over 6 months.  Family arrived on scene and spoke with them they advised she suffers from dementia.  Called Social worker and report was taken.  CID notified
  • Dispatched advised Walton County Sheriff’s Office was out at Bolton St requesting another unit, upon arrival was met by Chief Deputy who advised he was going to take the report and was calling for another deputy to respond and that Monroe Police was not needed.
  • Suspicious Vehicle at Highway 78 Westbound at the East Spring Street exit male on location advised the traffic was making him nervous so he stopped.  He was sent on his way.
  • Fire Assist at Wheelhouse Lane.  Electrical outlet caught fire.  Homeowner put it out with water, scene turned over to Monroe Fire.
  • Dispute at Southview Drive, Made contact with all parties on Baker Street.  Brother’s arguing over their mother estate.  Neither of the parties had a power of attorney or any documents stating  they owned the estate, Both Parties were advised to go get the proper documents before taking any belongings from the residence.  Parties separated for the night none of the parties lived together.
  • Suspicious Person at South Madison Avenue.  Spoke to Complainant who advised a young black male was hanging around his house and was asking for cigarettes.  He advised he went across the street into a house when he walked away.  Made contact with female who advised it was her son.  Spoke to son and advised him not to be hanging around people’s houses.
  • Dispute at Old Mill Point.  Complainant advised that her ex boyfriend’s family is harassing her via social media and the brother of the ex was walking down the road outside her residence shouting her name.
  • Disturbing the Peace.  Old Mill Run Complainant advised people outside talking loudly.  Checked the area did not see anyone talking or being loud.
  • Juvenile Complaint.  Landers Street.  Caller advised juvenile riding dirt bikes on the road.  Checked the area with negative contact.
  • Domestic at Garden Court.  Female on location stating she was telling her sister and her friend to leave because they were smoking weed in her house and they left.  Then returned to get car.
  • Domestic at West Fifth Street.  Mother stated her son and his fiancée were in the bathroom too long and watching TV too loud.  Son stated his parents are coming off drugs and are hostile.  Parties’ separated for the night; the FISH secured a room at the Haven Inn for couple.
  • Fight Call / Person hit by car on Cook Street at Cook Place. Accident located in Cook Place. Mother accidentally hit her son with her vehicle. Mother advised she received a call from her niece advising that her son was in a fight. Second subject from fight was located by officer on North Broad Street. Both subjects were transported to Clearview by med units. Accident was turned over to GSP. Met with both subjects at Clearview in regards to the fight. Male advised that he was in a verbal dispute with his girlfriend. He advised male showed up and got in the middle of the dispute and punched him in the mouth. He said a mother and her daughter attacked him too. He said daughter hit him multiple times with a wooden stick. He did they tussled some but no punches were thrown. He said no one else was involved. Female advised she was on her room the whole time. Other female could not be located for questioning. No one else would advise what happened. Both subjects were extremely intoxicated.
  • Enter Auto at Plaza Trace.  Complainant stated she saw four black males attempting to go into cars.  Both parties advised they did not want a report but request extra patrol.
  • Report of drugs at George Walton Carver Homes.  A James subject said to be on location using drugs around children and possibly had warrants, tried to make contact at that address and no one would come to the door.
  • Agency assist Maple St. Subject from DFACS needing assistance with abuse investigation that was initiated last night case. All ok.
  • Dispute East Spring St., Taylors Wreaker. Someone other than owner/driver attempting to retrieve property from a vehicle involved in a chase with WCSO. Situation mediated.
  • Damage to property Pine Park St. Brick thrown through car window last night, possibly by “cowboy.”
  • Found property East Spring St., Spring Street Laundry. Ref to “Man-Man’s” wallet. Wallet was given to his mother with his permission.
  • East Spring St., Taylors Wreaker. Employees believe drugs to be in a vehicle involved in a chase from the SO due to subjects requesting access to the vehicle, all ok.
  • Dispute Green St. Subjects disputing over property, situation mediated, all ok.
  • Welfare check Tanglewood Dr. Requested welfare check of female after she was in a fight with another female. Female does not live at this address. Made contact with other female who denied any involvement in a fight.
  • Dispute Cook Pl. Subjects wanted to retrieve property from the house, after the dispute last night, all ok.
  • Dispute South Hammond Dr. and Baker St. Subject with a warrant in the area arguing with Monroe Garbage Truck. Checked area with negative contact.
  • Trespassing Baker St., Walton Village. Gold passenger car with someone inside that had been barred from the Village. Checked area with negative contact.
  • Shoplifting, West Spring St., Quality Foods. Two juveniles stealing “fidget spinners”. Manager did not want to prosecute but gave juveniles a stern warning. All ok warning given.
  • EMS assist Carwood Dr. Male DOA from apparent natural causes.
  • Theft report on Towler St. Ref to missing cell phone.
  • Dispute North Broad St., Al’s Discount Tire. Female disputing with employees over a tow and repair from Winder, advised of the civic process.
  • Damage to property/juvenile complaint South Madison Ave., Felker Park. Juveniles riding a bike in the area got off a bike an let it roll alone and it hit a parked vehicle. Grandfather of possible suspect, advised he would pay for damages to keep it a civil matter. Documented.
  • West Spring St., Base Manufacturing. Employee with Elite Storage reported a theft of a box trailer last Friday. The trailer contained approximately $20,000.00 in tools.
  • Suspicious vehicle in the area of Lander St. Ref to a b/m on a red dirt bike driving reckless. Checked area, vehicle was in a yard and parked, all ok.
  • Dispute, S. Hammond Dr. (Tim Stewart Funeral Home). Complainant stated she was at funeral for father when a female attacked her and pushed her son then another female hit her in the back with a cane. Female was told not to attend funeral if she was going to cause a scene. Female was asked to leave and then slapped and pushed female. Conflicting stories and funeral home director refused to allow police to speak with anyone on site. Report taken
  • Juvenile complaint @ GW Carver Dr. in regards to juveniles filling water balloons out of their exterior water nozzle. Contact made and advised to stop using neighbor’s water until Housing Authority can resolve who the water nozzle belongs to. All ok.
  • Shoplifting, W. Spring St. (Quality Foods) in regards to B/M juveniles stealing ice cream. Contact made with 13 YOA and he confessed he was trying to steal ice cream. Manager allowed juvenile to pay for ice cream. All ok.
  • Theft, N. Broad St. (Algin Realty) Employee left business and came back and noticed furniture on front porch was missing. Employee advised she would provide security pictures, report taken
  • Suspicious person in regards to 2 B/M walking from Popeye’s chicken to Monroe Motor Inn and walked in front of cars traveling on E. Spring St. Ares checked with negative contact.

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