Monroe PD Reports: Fraud, physical disputes and family welfare checks dominate

The Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Feb. 2 – 8, 2018. Due to the length of this report, it has been split into four sections. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Found Property, Alcovy Street at Walker Drive – Walton County Community service workers located the wallet of female subject while picking up trash along the shoulder of the roadway.  Female subject’s wallet was taken during an entering auto on 06-19-17. The wallet and its contents were returned to owner who resides on Oak Ridge Drive.
  • Damage to property, Reed Way, reference to the back window of the complainant’s vehicle being shot with a BB gun.  Complainant denied report at the time of the call.
  • Welfare Check, West Spring Street Walmart in reference to female on location looking for her son. Advised pin mapped location of son behind Tractor Supply. Spoke to mother whom stated her 21-year-old sent pictures with cuts on his arm and hand. Mother was worried about her son’s wellbeing and could not find him. Attempts were made to identify son’s location. Mother was advised to file a missing person’s report at her residence in Gwinnett County.
  • Fraud, West Spring Street – Walmart. Customer was advised by Walmart employees the twenty dollars he produced was fraudulent. Bill turned over to MPD.
  • Scam, Glenwood Dr., complainant stated she received a phone call from a person posing as her grandson. She was advised her grandson was in jail in the Dominican Republic, reference to reckless driving and drug charges. She was instructed to wire money through Western Union to a Matisha Martinez Josin for his bail and to not tell anyone. Complainant advised she called her grandson’s wife and verified that he was at home and not in another country. She wanted the police to be aware.
  • Shoplifting, West Spring Street – Walmart. Kayla Barnes arrested and charged with Shoplifting, after stealing $139.88 in groceries. Subject fingerprinted and released on copy of citation
  • Dispute, Breedlove Drive Ridgeview Institute – Patient threw a chair at orderly causing injuries.  Report taken
  • EMS Assist, Hubbard St., reference to female subject returning home after a week of using Meth. female said she took Meth and unknown pills and was having an episode due to the mixture. Was transported by EMS to Clearview.
  • Dispute, Hubbard St., roommate called police saying female subject returned home after refusing treatment and was still having issues. While speaking with roommate it was found female subject had a one-year old child she has been leaving with roommate while she disappears and does drugs. Female subject again refused treatment at Clearview. Report made to document concerns with child. DFCS contacted and advised of situation and will be responding for an investigation.
  • Harassing Calls, South Hammond Dr. complainant had questions in regards of obtaining a restraint order on a female subject who has been calling and texting her nonstop. Complainant was advised of the Good Behavior Notice and she advised that she was going to get it now. No Report was requested.
  • Damage to Property, Carver Pl Apt., During a dispute earlier this date male subject shattered the screen to complainant’s HP laptop. Warrants to be taken for Criminal damage to property
  • Male subject, S Madison Ave Santrelle Sorrells on location after being barred. Contact was made with Santrelle at his residence and he advised he was up there. Sorrells was arrested and taken to MPD for fingerprints and released on copy of citation.
  • Welfare Check, West Spring St. ref to female subject acting suspicious after going into Metro PCS asking for a free oil change.  Made contact with female subject who was looking for 1st Franklin to make a payment.  Female subjects friend arrived and gave her ride home.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, HWY 11/Charlotte Rowell Blvd, Anonymous complainant stated a white Oldsmobile was failing to maintain lane, Walton County Sheriff’s Office unit conducted traffic stop prior to Officer arrival.
  • Area Check, South Madison Ave, Felker Park. Anonymous caller stated that she smelled marijuana in the area and requested officer to conduct an area check. conducted an area check and was unable to locate any odor of marijuana.
  • Assault, Sorrell St., complainant reported being assaulted by named male subject on Armistead Cir. Spoke with both parties and did not discover any evidence of an assault. Not a family violence incident. Report taken for documentation purposes only.
  • Welfare Check, Maple St., complainant stated he has not heard from his elderly mother in three hours. complainant is admitted into a mental health facility and his mother is purposefully not taking his calls. Mother is okay.
  • Suspicious Person, West Spring St., Hospital Staff stated male subject on location causing a disturbance and refusing to leave. Subject was warned about loitering and he left the premises without incident.
  • Violent Dispute, Tanglewood Dr., Anonymous complainant stated her husband was attacking her with a knife. Contact made with residents, they were asleep and advised no dispute took place. Dispatch advised the caller was not in distress and would not provide any additional information. Conducted area check with negative contact with any disputes.
  • Follow Up, Armistead Circle, complainant requesting an area check in reference to an earlier dispute. Area was checked with negative findings. All okay.
  • Wanted Person, Pine Park St., Officers attempted to serve a warrant on female subject. Negative contact and residents advised they did not know who she was.
  • Animal Complaint, Amber Trail, reference to a large brown dog in the area scaring children at the bus stop.  Negative contact with the K9.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Oak Ridge, reference to a blue truck sitting at the end of the road.  Officer made contact with vehicle and driver on Oak Ridge.  Driver was an off-duty firefighter waiting on the resident to arrive reference to doing work on the house.  Ok.
  • Theft Report, Cherry Hill Rd., complainant advised that a $300 concrete mixer had been taken some time over the last week.
  • Dispute, W Creek Cir., complainant disputing with an unknown employee of Refund Republic tax services. Complainant advised that she contacted the IRS and they told her the information that had been entered was incorrect. She was advised to speak to the employee’s civilly and if she had any further issues with the tax services to contact the IRS.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, West Spring St., reference to a black GMC Yukon seen possibly taking a picture of the business on 02/02/2018, also seen in the adjacent parking lock this date.  Complainant requested a report in case of burglary.  Report taken

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