Monroe PD Reports: Gunshots fired; hit and run; battery; more…

The Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period March 29 to April 5, 2018. Due to the length of this report, it has been split into five parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Hit and Run, West Spring St., reference to a vehicle backing into the driver 2 vehicle.  Driver 2 was transported to Piedmont Walton, reference to a complaint of back pain.
  • Discharge Firearms, Old Mill Run, Monroe Estates, Negative contact with anyone shooting in the area.
  • Animal Complaint, Walton St., reference to a pit bull running loose.  Dog belonged to Walton St. and owner already had the dog contained upon arrival.
  • 911 Hang-Up, Cook St./Cook Place, Unknown caller from a 911 only phone.  Negative contact with anyone in the area.
  • Suspicious Person, West Tall Oaks, complainant advised an unknown black male knocked on his door asking to enter because he had a deposit for him. Complainant called 911 and the subject was described wearing a blue jacket and a red ball cap. Negative contact. Report for documentation
  • Fraud, South Broad St., reference to Walmart card used in Duluth. Complainant lived in county and was turned over to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Hit and Run, Douglas St., two vehicles damaged by a tan late model Chevrolet S-10 Blazer.  Named subject is the possible driver.
  • Hit and Run, South Madison Ave./East Fambrough St., Single vehicle struck by a tan Chevrolet S-10 Blazer.  Named subject is the possible driver.
  • Fight, Claywill Circle, reference to subjects fighting and possibly had weapons. Made contact with homeowner who advised they were having a birthday party for their 14-year-old daughter. Warned to keep crowd under control or party would be shut down.
  • Discharging Firearms, in the area of Sorrells St., reference to hearing gunshots in the area.  Made contact with two individuals who stated they heard gunshot, but unknown direction. Area checked with negative contact.
  • Fight, Claywill Circle large party at the location.  It was shut down and people sent home.
  • Holdup Alarm, North Broad St., J & B Food Mart, reference to female subject getting hit by Anthony Booker. Booker arrested for battery.
  • 911 Hang up, North Broad St., Monroe Food Mart. Everything okay on location.
  • Gun Shots, Edwards St., reference to hearing gun shots in the area.  Negative contact.
  • Discharging Firearms, Sorrells St., Negative contact with anyone shooting in the area.
  • Prowler, Lopez Lane, complainant advised two teenagers was ringing her doorbell and walked off. Unknown race, but stated one was carrying a cellphone and wearing a dark blue shirt. Unknown direction of travel. Checked neighborhood with negative contact.
  • Follow Up, East Marable St., reference to a shooting that happened on Sorrells St., everything was coming from third party information about someone getting shot at.  The victim would not come back to the scene to make a report.
  • Escort, Amici, East 5th St., reference to two males wanting a ride after drinking instead of driving.
  • Domestic, North Madison Ave., reference to a subject refusing to leave location. Upon arrival it was determined Ronnie Evans Jr. struck his girlfriend who is also the mother of his two children in the face and choked her. Ronnie was arrested for Battery – Family Violence. Warrant to be taken
  • Damage to Property, Rose Ison Terrace, complainant stated she was at a party at an unknown address in the City of Monroe around 0200 hours this date. She advised she parked in the street and when she left she noticed damage to her vehicle.
  • Burglary, Bolton St., reference to complainant finding prints on his girlfriend’s front windows for the second time this week. Complainant requested extra patrol during the night hours.
  • Suspicious Vehicle/Traffic Stop, MPD to Wells Fargo. Officer was exiting MPD when a van (Ga tag) was observed parked behind the construction area. A white male and and female were seen getting into the van when officer came outside and there were metal pipes on top of the vehicle. An investigative stop was conducted. Officer made contact with male and female subjects. They advised they were given permission to take items out of the dumpsters on location. They stated majority of the items in the vehicle were acquired from the dumpsters at the diesel place on Mayfield Drive.
  • Dispute, Windsor Dr., reference to complainant on location wanting to speak with female subject about an SSI check. Officers had negative contact with female subject.
  • Traffic Stop, Joshua Miller was stopped for multiple traffic violations. Mr. Miller was found to be in possession of 13 Schedule II Adderall pills that were not in their original container. Mr. Miller advised he did not have a prescription for the pills. He was arrested and charged with possession of a schedule II narcotic and drugs to be kept in original container.
  • Animal Complaint, West Spring St., reference to a canine left in a vehicle. All was ok.
  • Suspicious Person, South Broad St./Atha St. near the Chevron. Complainant on Atha St. stated there have been issues with subjects hanging around the Chevron between her residence and the store drinking and being intoxicated. Officers made contact with male subject and sent him on his way. Request for extra patrol.
  • Suspicious Person, Walton Rd., reference to named male subject on location. Officer spoke with subject who advised name given was driving the vehicle that wrecked last date on Lakeview Drive. The information was relayed to another officer.
  • Escort, South Madison Ave., complainant requested an Officer escort to Meadowbrook Dr. to pick up his two children from his ex-wife’s residence for Spring Break. Children were picked up without issue, all was okay.
  • Fraud, Felker St., complainant advised named male subject used her debit card on three different occasions without her consent. Officer later made contact with male subject who advised complainant made the said transactions. Report taken.
  • Animal Complaint, South Madison Ave., reference to 8-year-old being bitten twice by owner’s Pitbull while he was playing in his yard with his kids. Canine was transferred over to Animal Control.
  • Dispute, Magnolia Terrace, no dispute occurred this date. Call was reference to a Killie Black-Scott subject on location with an active warrant through WCSO. Killie Black-Scott was located and arrested without incident or injury.
  • Domestic, Reed Place, reference to a dispute between male and female subjects. Warrant to be taken on male subject for criminal trespass.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Hwy 11/North Broad St., reference to a Gold four door passenger vehicle driving the wrong way on the Hwy 78 ramp. Negative contact upon officer’s arrival.
  • Damage to Property, MLK Jr Blvd at Four Seasons Car Wash. Complainant stated she drove through the car wash and it damaged the rear passenger side of her vehicle. Report taken.
  • Damage to Property, West Spring St., Quality Foods, complainant stated her vehicle was struck by named subject’s vehicle when the occupants of his vehicle exited, and the doors struck her vehicle.  Report taken.
  • Dispute, East Fambrough St., reference to complainant disputing with named subject over money. Situation mediated.

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