Monroe PD Reports: Items stolen from fire damaged house and unknown dog left on property

The following are the incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department between April 1 – 6, 2017. Due to the length, this report has been split into four parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  1. Theft on Kendall Court, complainant stated cord missing from TV box, no evidence of theft, advised to return TV and get new cord. All ok.
  2. Domestic problem on Cook St. between male and female subjects. Female was GOA last night but left cell phone on location and cell phone message this morning that was read by male that showed where female’s family asked if they needed to come over to residence w/ their guns and AR rifles. Male stated it was verbal only but wanted the incident documented. Report taken
  3. Domestic problem on Nowell St., between Derrick Jackson and wife (husband and wife) Jackson arrested for FV-Battery.
  4. Suspicious person on E. Church St. in regards to elder couple going through trash. Subjects rented community center and possibly threw key away w/ trash. They were checking dumpster for key, all ok.
  5. Domestic problem on Cook Pl. Apts. between (siblings) over their dogs growling at each other. One sibling was GOA, all ok, verbal only.
  6. Suspicious person on Etten Dr., Ace Meeks laying on the side of the road. Meeks had active warrant for Violation of Probation and was arrested.
  7. Domestic problem on Meadow Crt. In regards to ex-son in law on location to visit children and was nitpicking and controlling through intimidation his 85 YOA mother-in-law. Ex-son in law agreed to leave, all ok.
  8. Juvenile complaint, Victory Dr. in regards to mother’s 13 YOS son being unruly. Her son has been diagnosed with autism and aspergers syndrome but not on medications. Situation mediated and advised to let son see doctor to help w/ outbursts of anger. All ok.
  9. Juvenile complaint, Michael Circle in regards to 15 YOA male being unruly towards mother. Situation mediated and mother advised of future remedies.
  10. Follow up on Glen Iris Dr. in regards to B/M that shot at residence from previous evening. B/M was identified through family that knows victim and bragged to family about what he did. Officer on night shift will be given additional information.
  11. Suspicious Vehicle, Green St. in regards to complainant stating vehicles were driving reckless and speeding. Area checked with negative contact.
  12. Stopping suspicious vehicle, no insurance, vehicle towed by towing company. Driver cited and escorted to Applebee’s on Hwy 138.
  13. Suspicious Vehicle, West Spring Street (Wal-Mart) reported a gray passenger car with tag number given driving erratically.  Made contact with driver who stated he was tired and pulled into Wal-Mart to grab a nap before driving the rest of the way home.  Drive was not intoxicated and will nap for a few before driving again..
  14. Suspicious Person, West Spring Street (Roses).  Caller advised a white female wearing a green shirt appeared to be on drugs.  Area checked with negative contact.
  15. Animal Complaint, West Spring Street (Wal-Mart) made contact with a red passenger car driver. Driver’s dog did not appear to be in distress.  Advised her better options than leaving the dog in the vehicle.
  16. Unknown Medical on Unisia Drive (Hitachi) male subject found passed out on mouth wash in parked vehicle.  Transported to Clearview by EMS.
  17. Suspicious Person, South Hammond Drive.  In reference to a group of males walking down the street.  Caller stated that one of them had a gun.  Males all checked out and nothing found.  Males stated unknown female was following them and was upset they were blocking the road.  Advised the males not to block the road.
  18. Fight on Lacy Street.  Upon arrival large group gathered in the middle of the road.   Did not observe anyone fighting and group was sent on their way.
  19. Suspicious Person, Lacey Street.  Caller said there were people standing in her yard.  No one there when police arrived.
  20. Damage to property on Armstead Circle.  Complainant was driving down HWY 78 when a Tractor Trailer kicked up a rock striking his windshield causing damage to the windshield.
  21. Suspicious Person, Towler Street in reference to an unknown black male standing around the caller’s vehicle.  The male thought the vehicle belonged to his wife and that she was over at the residence.  Unknown male left prior to police arrival.
  22. Suspicious Person at Felker Park.  Male subject walking home from party.  Given a ride back to Davis Street Apartments.
  23. Loud Noise coming from Pine Park Apartments.  Group of family just got home talking loudly in the parking lot area.  Told them to keep it down.
  24. Dispute on West Spring Street (Haven Inn) In reference to male and female subject gambling and wanting their money back from several Hispanic male subjects.   Both sides of the stories were conflicting
  25. Wanted Person on West Spring Street (Clearview Hospital) Hospital wanted to advise they had a Carla Pritchard was wanted out of Dekalb County.
  26. Animal call on Norris Street – During an area check, observed a dog tied up to a post with no room to move or shelter. Negative contact with resident.  Animal Control took custody of dog.
  27. Civil, Harris Street – complainant wanting to retrieve property without any disputes. All ok.
  28. Civil, Walton Road – complainant filed bankruptcy and the lien holder won’t pick up his vehicle. Advised of remedies.
  29. Suspicious Vehicle South Madison Avenue (Alfa Insurance) – Dispute moved to the Post Office. Complainant advised male subject was cursing and carrying on in the parking lot.  Complainant wanted officer to speak with subject about his behavior. Situation mediated.
  30. Theft, East Fambrough Street – complainant reporting his medication from his heart stent was missing from the mailbox on Atha Street.  His ex-girlfriend took it to his current address.  No one at this residence has the medication.  Attempted to contact ex-girlfriend at East Washington Street, negative contact.
  31. Burglary, Bridgeport Place – complainant house recently had fire damage.  They are in the process of moving.  Wife said they discovered over the weekend that someone had broken into the home and removed 2 hard drives and a camera.  However, male subject returned those items to them on Saturday and he said he bought the items from a named male subject.  Today, they came with intent to remove more items and noticed their sons black Nintendo was missing.  They also said it appeared that someone had been staying inside the residence. Nintendo placed on GCIC.  Wife also said they had a dog out back that was not their dog and that they have contacted Animal Control before to come pick up the dog since they had no way to transport it to the shelter. Wife said AC refused.  Officer requested AC to the residence and refused to take the dog. Report taken.
  32. Follow Up, East Washington Street – Made contact with ex-girlfriend from earlier theft who advised she did not have the medication.  Ex-girlfriend made contact with female subject who advised she had the medication at West 5th Street waiting for complainant to pick up. No crime committed.
  33. Juvenile Complaint, Victory Drive – mother advised her son who has Asperger’s, has been bullied at school but is taking his frustration out on her.  Mother advised of remedies. Report taken.
  34. Welfare Check, Walker Drive – Checking on male subject. Subject advised all was okay.
  35. Domestic problem, E. Fambrough Street Hillcrest Apt; complainant was in a verbal argument with female subject. Comp was GOA.
  36. Animal call, Carwood Drive; Comp advised that he captured a stray dog, advised to contact Animal control in the morning.
  37. Suspicious Vehicle King Street; Gray truck in area, possibly bought 38-D, stopped on Plaza Drive, driver would not consent to search, driver cited.
  38. Civil Issue, E. Fambrough Street; Comp had questions about what to do with ex roommates personal property.
  39. Unknown, Plaza Dr., Comp advised hearing neighbors screaming, neighbors were checked, cheering over a ball game, all ok.
  40. Dispute, Carwood Drive; complainant advised that a named male subject got in his face to pick a fight, male subject dropped a gun, another subject said it was a lighter, report taken.
  41. Missing Person, North Broad Street (Deer Acres Inn) – Daughter said her father was missing cause she has been unable to reach him.  Father was located in Room.
  42. Domestic problem on Davis Street – complainant advised she and her sister, Erica Brooks, were in a verbal dispute that turned physical. Both females were mutually fighting. Erica admitted to damaging the television in complainant’s room after the fight complainant’s boyfriend, wanted to press charges for the damaged TV. Both complainant and boyfriend advised he purchased to TV. Erica arrested for criminal trespass. Fingerprinted and released on copy.
  43. Dispute, Turner Street – complainant said last date she asked male subject if she could borrow his truck to pick up her scooter.  Complainant went to his address in Tanglewood to get the truck. Complainant said she was met by a blonde female and named male subject who picked up a red/blk stick of some kind when he walked towards her in an aggressive manner.  Named male subject last known address was Tanglewood Drive. Went to that address and no one knew of him.  Complainant said named male subject drives a maroon truck with chrome wheels. Male subject has a warrant for Agg Assault out of WCSO (confirmed).
  44. Fraud, West Marable Street – complainant said Credit One Bank is suing her for a balance on a card in her name for $587.61.  Complainant said the only person that has seen or had access to her information is a named female subject. Report Taken.
  45. Burglary, GW Carver Dr. – Reference black male trying to get into the apartment. All doors and windows secured.
  46. Shoplifting, South Broad Street (CVS) – manager, said for the past week the same subject has been in the store stealing.  Today they caught him with three body of essence sprays ($15).  Manager said he was able to get the items back as the subject fled the scene.  Officer made contact with subject South Broad Street at Davis Street and identified as Terry Pope.  Pope arrested Shoplifting, Public Drunk, and Parole Violation.
  47. Juvenile Complaint, Irving Street – Juvenile not listening to her mother. Situation mediated.
  48. Hit and run, West Spring Street (Wal-Mart) – complainant said she was in her truck when another vehicle struck hers and left the scene. Report Taken.
  49. Emergency Message, 6th Street – Reference to female subject contacting DeKalb County ME.  Message delivered.
  50. Warrant/arrest, Towler Street – Rhonda McKenzie arrested DWLS and no seatbelt.

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