Monroe PD Reports: Juvenile taken to Rockdale YDC after physical confrontation with police

The Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Jan. 26 – Feb. 1, 2018. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note and arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Fraud at 116 South Broad Street – Monroe Police Department. Contact made with complainant stating an unknown subject opened a business using his name and a nearby address to his residence and forged his signature electronically. Report taken, and the case was transferred over to CID.
  • Civil Issue, South Broad Street – Monroe Police Department. Complainant advised she allowed a female to stay with her a few days and the female was rude and disrespectful towards her. No crime committed but requested an incident report for documentation.
  • Suspicious Vehicle on Alcovy Street in the area of Country Club Drive. Complainant advising suspicious vehicle failing to maintain lane, possibly intoxicated, traveling towards Jersey. Area checked with negative contact. WCSO advised of BOLO
  • Mental Person at Perry Street in reference to a son acting violent towards his mother. Son was calm upon officer’s arrival. He was transported to Clearview Regional Medical Center by MED 1.
  • Welfare Check Booth Drive in reference to checking the welfare of juveniles on location. DFCS advised they were trying to make contact with a mother and her 14-year-old daughter. DFCS advised they have an open case with the subjects and have not been able to contact with them. Negative contact with anyone on location.
  • Mental Subject, South Broad Street – Southside Mobile Home Park. Son displayed signs of violence towards his mother and Benchmark notified MPD. Son was evaluated on location and taken to Clearview Regional Medical Center for a 1013 order.
  • EMS Assist Landers Street in reference to a 50-year-old male unconscious in a wheel chair. Made contact with male whom was intoxicated. He stated he was okay and did not know who called. Made contact with the complainant. She advised she went to the address to check on male and found him passed out in his wheel chair. She was advised male was okay, and he was only intoxicated.
  • Domestic Dispute Tanglewood Drive in reference to a dispute called in by a third-party caller, area check conducted officers were unable to locate an apartment with the numeric. Negative contact with anyone in the area in need of help.
  • Theft Report Applewood Drive. Subject met a few people at the Hot Spot while he was buying cigarettes and invited them over to hang out and watch Basketball. He advised that they were all drinking and he fell asleep around midnight. When he woke up around 0800 hours he noticed he was missing a prescription of XANAX and Motrin, a Seiko watch and a carton of cigarettes. He advised he did not know any information on the subjects. Report Taken
  • Assist Motorist Felker Street at East Spring Street. While en route to above call, officer came across a vehicle stopped in the roadway. A good Samaritan stopped and assisted with fixing the vehicle, so it could be removed from the roadway. All okay
  • Welfare Check at 150 GW Carver Dr., Ridgeview requesting officers to make contact with female. Contact was made, Female advised all was okay.
  • EMS Assist East 5th Street. Upon arrival Coroner Joe Page advised we were not needed. Subject was a hospice patient and had already been declared deceased.
  • Drug Complaint Sorrell Street in reference to the apartment on the end in the sharp curve smoking weed.  Checked both ends of the apartments and did not find anyone smoking weed.  Checked the outside area could tell someone was smoking weed outside but could not locate the source.
  • Juvenile Complaint Wellington Drive.  Male juvenile was taken to Rockdale RYDC following a physical altercation with officers on scene.
  • East Fifth Street. (Emergency Contact) Advised care home workers patient needed to be picked up from Clearview. They refused and said they do not want her at house anymore. Was advised by myself and Clearview they did not have a choice. They agreed and said they would just send her to Clearview again tomorrow. Clearview said they would contact DFCS if they try and abandon her again.
  • Shoplifting at Walmart subject caught concealing items. Issued criminal trespass warning for Walmart and released due to no video footage and never passed point of sale.
  • Juvenile Complaint Hannah Lane in reference to parents reporting their daughter taking their vehicle last date and driving around town with a friend looking for marijuana, daughter is 16-year-old but does not have a driver’s license, juvenile complaint field and report taken.
  • Welfare check Tanglwood Drive. Complainant called for units to check property and make sure her belongings were still there. Everything still on location. Number provided by complainant not working.
  • Transport Wanted Person in reference to Ashley Lee being in custody at Clayton County Jail located at 9157 Tara Blvd Jonesboro GA, Ashley Lee was in custody with a warrant out of the City of Monroe, she was transported to the Walton County Jail and turned over to the jail staff without incident. Report taken
  • Dispute, West Spring Street at Walmart. Complainant stated that a “Jay Jay” subject from Wisconsin showed up in the parking lot wanting rent money. The male subject stated he would throw her property out of the residence. No threats of violence were made. The residence is located at Roscoe Davis Road. Complainant was advised that this was a civil issue and to contact WCSO if she needed assistance with getting her property.
  • Dispute, Custom Way. Contact made with complainant stating his brother-in-law had come over to his residence and threatened him due to thinking complainant cussed out his mother. Brother-in-law gone when officers arrived, report taken.
  • 9-1-1 Hang Up at Michael Circle. Contact made with complainant stating he wanted officer presence due to him getting home to find his clothes thrown outside. His clothes were thrown out by his ex-girlfriend during after a verbal argument they had. Parties were separated.
  • Harassment, Tanglewood Drive. Complainant and her roommate that she does not know any info on are arguing over living arrangements. I advised that this was all a civil issue and that no criminal acts have taken place. She said that they have argued over the phone and in person and she did not want him at the house. I advised her of the civil processes that lead to eviction.
  • Theft at Tanglewood Drive in reference to someone stealing complainant’s medication from her apartment. Stated it was her roommate, but she doesn’t know his name.
  • Lost Item MPD Lobby. Complainant stated that she lost her wallet at the FISH Thrift store on East Spring Street. Her wallet is a black plastic bi-fold.
  • Agency Assist Highway 78 EB at West Spring St in reference to a drug search. WCSO responded with K9 no findings of drugs.
  • Agency Assist at South Wayne Street. Benchmark representative requesting officers to transport 92-year-old female to Clearview for mental evaluation. Patient was transported to Clearview by EMS without issue.
  • Found Property, West Spring Street – Clearview Regional Medical Center in reference to security officer locating drugs. WCSO took over the recovered property due to it being a pending case they are working. All was ok.

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