Monroe PD Reports: Kids in the flowerbeds, sugar in the gas tank and poles struck by cars…

The Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for April 6 – 12, 2018. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Warrant, Fourth St., Amanda Herrick was arrested on warrants out of Newton County.
  • Found Property, MLK Jr Blvd at the Valero in reference to complainant locating a handicap parking permit in Evergreen Estates in the roadway with female’s name on it. Made contact with female who could not provide proof of ownership. She advised she would obtain information from the tag office. Item secured into evidence.
  • Follow Up, East Church St., complainant advised her stolen I-Phone was tracked to Custom Way. Officer located the I-Phone on Custom Way. The I-Phone was returned to complainant and she declined to press charges.
  • Hit and Run, East Church St./South Broad St., reference to a red tractor trailer striking the light pole at the intersection and damaging the crosswalk button, while turning onto East Church St. Vehicle was located at Walmart DC. the driver advised he was not aware that he had struck the pole. Multiple citations issued. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Vehicle) on North Broad Street. A semi was traveling southbound on Broad Street with a flat tire. Officer stopped the semi and made the driver aware. 
  • Welfare Check, Charlotte Rowell/Highway 138, reference to a wife female in a white Acura trying to flag people down. Officer made contact with the vehicle, but the female was gone when officers arrived.
  • Traffic Stop, Pine Park St., Vehicle stopped for failing to stop at stop sign. Contact was made with the driver and passenger, Anthony Lee and Beverly Lee. After checking their information through GCIC, both returned with active warrants. Both subjects were taken into custody and turned over to the Walton County Jail.
  • Damage to Property, West Spring St., Advanced Auto Parts, reference to a utility pole knocked over. Contact made with manager who advised it occurred sometime during the night hours last date.
  • Dispute, South Broad St., complainant in dispute with neighbor. Situation mediated
  • Traffic Stop, South Madison Ave. near Coker Field. 2000 Toyota Camry (GA tag #) stopped for no valid insurance. Driver cited for no insurance and vehicle impounded by towing company.
  • Shoplifting, West Spring St., Walmart. Le Nguyen attempted to leave store without paying for $84.35 worth of items. Subject arrested and taken to MPD for fingerprinting and released on copy of citation.
  • Mental Subject, Chestnut Lane, reference to a 16-year-old who locked herself in the bathroom and was refusing to take her medication. Met with mother who advised her daughter jumped out of the bathroom window on Chestnut Lane and ran down the street. Area check conducted with negative contact. Mother did not want to file a juvenile complaint.
  • Suspicious Vehicle on Alcovy St., reference to a black Suzuki failing to maintain lane. Officer conducted a traffic stop and the driver checked ok.
  • Juvenile Complaint, Nowell St., complainant advised that neighbor’s children were playing in the flower bed beside her door. Officer spoke to the neighbor and her children and advised them to stay away from the flowers.
  • Meet with Officer, Hubbard St., complainant wanted to verify that there was insurance on his vehicle.
  • Harassment, Landers St., complainant advised the mother of his child will not leave him alone. He needed reassurance on the TPO process. All ok.
  • Flag Down, Hubbard St., Resident advised a homeless male has been sleeping in a white Bronco on the neighbor’s property. She only knew the male as name given and advised he often times comes onto her property and approaches her children when they are outside alone. She was advised of remedies.
  • Dispute, Windsor Dr., Siblings disputing over cleaning out the garage for their mother. One was gone and the other advised her brother slapped her face. There were no signs to support the allegation. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Gatewood Way, driver parked his car with the lights on and the keys in it in the cul-de-sac.  He came back and removed his car.
  • Threats, East Marable St., complainant wanted to advise she was so worried about her boyfriend’s family, she is having tarry style stool.  She was advised she may want to see a doctor.
  • Person Armed, Harris St. Legion, reference to group of kids hanging out at Legion and possibly armed. Made contact with group of juveniles. All ok.
  • Theft Report, East Spring St., Dollar General, reference to an unknown white male subject stealing a handheld scanner from the store, made contact with the complainant who advised she had video of the theft. Report taken
  • Suspicious Person, South Broad St./Chevron, reference to older back male on a bike drunk and being aggressive with people at store. Gone on arrival.
  • Dispute, Nowell St., mother reported her sons were disputing over personal property and privacy.  The dispute was mediated.
  • Dispute, South Broad St./Monroe Police Dept., complainant reported a named subject took off with her Nissan Sentra (tag # given).  He is unlicensed.  negative contact with the vehicle.
  • Disturbing the Peace in the area of Green St., reference to vehicle playing loud music while driving passed the residence.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Hwy 78/Hwy 11 Bridge, reference to a white in color vehicle traveling west bound in the east bound lane, area check conducted with negative contact.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Breedlove Dr., reference to a blue in color Dodge Charger parked in the parking lot, made contact with the driver, everything on location ok. 
  • Criminal Trespass, Meadowbrook Dr., complainant reported seeing a black male inside her residence.  The individual fled the residence towards Walton Road.  The individual appeared to have been barefoot and entered through an unlocked rear door.
  • Agency Assist, East Washington/Wheeler St., Walton County School bus wanted an officer to stand by at the bus stop in reference to a possible upset parent waiting.  All ok.
  • Threats, South Broad St., complainant had a client in office sorting out payment history. The client became irate throwing items all over the office and threatened the complainant. WTBT on client for Simple Assault and Disorderly Conduct.
  • Suspicious vehicle, 6th Street/ Barrett St., reference to black Nissan with Robert Mayweather. Negative on warrants does have suspended license. Checked the area with negative contact with vehicle.
  • Damage to property, Vines St., complainant stated that he dropped his vehicle off due to possible sugar in gas tank. Report taken.
  • Check area, S. Broad St., reference to drug activity. Made contact with residence. No signs of drug activity. Resident explained there is an ongoing issue with neighbor.

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