Monroe PD Reports: Motel residents attempt to flush drugs when police arrive, 5 arrested

The Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Feb. 9 – 15, 2018. Due to the length, this was split into five sections. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Agency Assist, North Broad St., reference to subject lying in the roadway.  WCSO took him to Waffle House to wait on his ride.
  • Agency Assist, West Spring St., reference to staff requesting a welfare check on female subject.  They were concerned she was homeless.  All ok.
  • Welfare Check, N. Broad St., complainant asking for us to check on female subject.  Negative contact with the subject.
  • Entering Auto, Lacy St., from the hours of 1900 and 0730 an unknown suspect broke the passenger side window of complainant’s Impala. The only property that was stole was a Taurus 9mm pistol. Early advised he did not have the serial number but would get it for the report. A citizen found a CD case and cell phone belonging to the victim down the street. After examination the cell phone and a cologne bottle that was taken into evidence for fingerprint testing. Report Taken
  • Welfare Check, Baron Dr., reference the father of child not hearing from her. Contact was made she advised all was ok.
  • Welfare Check, West Spring St., reference to a white Chevrolet Trailblazer with a driver sleeping.  Made contact with male subject.  Stated he was evicted and now living out of his vehicle.  Advised to move along to a different location.  All Ok.
  • Warrant Served, Wheelhouse Ln., Charlie Bridges on location with active warrant from Newton County. Charlie was arrested and released to WCSO for Newton pickup.
  • Dispute, Davis St., male subject was intoxicated and causing a disturbance with his roommates.  He advised he would go somewhere else till he sobered up.  All ok.
  • Dispute possible Fight, E. Marable St. and Maple Ln., two subjects disputing over marital issues. Male subject got angry and busted female’s driver side window on her vehicle. Male subject was gone when police arrived. WTBT Criminal Trespass (FV)
  • Juvenile Problem, Hannah Lane, reference to speaking to father and his 16 year-old daughter about her behavior at home.  Situation was mediated.  Report taken.
  • Civil Issue, Wheelhouse Ln.  Subject had a court order to come get items from the residence but was not provided an escort from the county.  She was advised that we do not standby for civil matter like this.  Landlord advised they would allow her in to gather items on the court order.  Landlord later advised they did not feel comfortable letting them.  They were advised to come back with a deputy to gather items.
  • Identity Fraud, S Broad St. Contact made with complainant who advised that someone had hacked her bank information and got $200.00 out before they were cancelled. She advised that since then someone has been attempting to gain access to her Facebook and google accounts. She further advised that an unknown suspect opened up an account with and she traced the IP address and it returned to an area near Gene Bell Rd. Report Taken
  • Dispute, N Broad St., two subject’s both advised that they had words with each other over one subject continually asking what time it was. Parties were separated, and everything was ok
  • Welfare Check, Alcovy St., Contact was made with Brenda Sawyer who resides at this address and she advised that a Sarah Moore does not live here.
  • Theft, South Madison Ave., complainant stated that he ex-boyfriend stole her letterman’s jacket and has refused to give it back. report taken
  • Suspicious Person at Walmart, called in by an anonymous caller. Stated the female was walking in the rain. Made contact with female who advised she was ok.
  • Dispute, East Washington St., complainant stated he purchased an IPhone from named subject. When complainant attempted to have the phone activated he was informed it was stolen. The phone is not listed on GCIC at this time. Report taken
  • Welfare Check, Tall Oaks Ln., caller advised that a female named was at this location doing drugs and had children inside the home. Made contact with residents who and was advised no one by that names lives there.
  • Drug Transaction, East Spring St., Anonymous complainant stated they witnessed a drug transaction but did not wish to speak to officers. The caller advised it was a white mustang that was gone.
  • Police Escort, Highland Terrace, complainant requested Police assistance for her neighbor who was trying to back in a trailer onto their property. Situation handled prior to Officer arrival.
  • Suspicious Person, Marable Ln., Resident stated they saw a black male jump over the fence and walk across HWY 78 the caller was not able to provide a description of the subject. The Subject was gone when officer arrived.
  • Juvenile Complaint, Harris St., spoke with 17-year-old who did not want to get in the car to go home. After talking with him he agreed to get in the car and leave.
  • 911 Hang Up, Hill St., complainant disputing with his brother who was intoxicated and causing a disturbance. Upon officer’s arrival brother was gone.
  • Suspicious Person, East Spring St., Anonymous caller stated an unknown male subject was knocking on her door. Negative contact with anyone in the area.
  • Traffic Stop, Mayfield Drive at Plaza Dr., Mr. Charles Criswell was stopped for display of license plate. Mr. Charles was charged with DUI as well.
  • Dispute, Gatewood Way, multiple anonymous callers stated their neighbor located on Gatewood Way had a large fight in their front yard with shots fired. Male subject on location attempting to strike another party. Male subject cited for Disorderly Conduct. Negative contact with any evidence of firearms being discharged.
  • Suspicious Person, East Spring St. and Hubbard St., complainant stated that a vehicle was following her and that she did not know who it was. Located said vehicle and it was a friend that was trying to give the caller a ride.
  • Suspicious Person, Monroe Motor Inn, Following the previous listed call units conducted an area check for any suspicious activity. Upon officer’s arrival multiple subjects fled to room # given and began flushing suspected narcotics.  Thomas Martin, Taylor Laymen, Yancy Estep, Danielle Edwards, and Tess Middlebrooks were detained and arrested for Possession of meth w/ intent, Possession of drug related objects, and tampering with evidence after completion of a search warrant.
  • EMS ASSIST, Harris St., male subject on location extremely intoxicated. Turned over to EMS.
  • Suspicious Person, reference to a B/M wearing a blue shirt walking down Nowell Street taking items out of a bag he was carrying and throwing them on the ground.  Negative contact with subject. 
  • Burglary, West Marable St., complainant stated someone entered his residence between the hours of 1045 and 1345.  Taken was a 32 revolver, unknown make or serial number, and $300.00 cash.  Report taken.
  • Check Area, E 5th St reference down power lines. It appeared to be a cable wire. Contact made with Monroe Utilities
  • Dispute, Tanglewood Ln. Reference to four-wheeler riding through the yard.  Four-wheeler was put up upon arrival.  All ok.
  • Fight, Bold Springs Ave., complainant disputing with former friends. Verbal argument that did not turn physical. All parties were advised to remain separated. All was ok.

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