Monroe PD Reports: Multiple entering autos reported in and around Baron Drive

The following are the incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department between Oct. 27 and Nov. 2, 2017. Due to the length, this report has been split into four parts. This is the final part. Please note and arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Burglary, New Lacy St., Contact made with resident who stated her residence had been broken into by who she believes to be a black male who goes by nickname given. Officers attempted to lift fingerprints but with negative results. Photos taken of damages to window and door screens. No items believed to be stolen. Report Taken.
  • Civil dispute, White Oak, met with complainant who stated her brother locked her out of the house. The brother was not on scene but was advised that he would have to have her evicted and that he could not keep her off the property until he did so.
  • Agency Assist, Tanglewood Dr., Walton County DFACS worker taken two deprived juvenile children from the residence and took them into foster care, awaiting approval from a judge to release them into their father’s care.
  • Pullover / Arrest, McDaniel St & Woodland Rd. Lakendra Sorrels was arrested for a warrant out of Loganville and transported to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office jail.
  • EMS Assist, Birch St., male subject got his leg stuck inside a truck door. Officers were able to free his foot all ok.
  • Burglary Report, Plaza Dr., complainant reported his apartment was burglarized through an unlocked side door while he was at work. A silver Smith and Wesson .38 with a 7″ barrel and brown grip was taken, along with $4.00 in loose change. Report taken.
  • Dispute, Glenwood Dr., complainant stated he was involved in a dispute over money when named male subject punched his television damaging it.  He did not want to prosecute male subject.  Report taken. 
  • Dispute, Haven Inn, Sara Wallace stated her boyfriend Michael Gibbons was irate and beating on the door while screaming at her. Situation mediated, prior to Officers leaving the scene Wallace approached officers again and stated Gibbons was yelling and threatening to destroy her property. Both Wallace and Gibbons were arrested for disorderly conduct.
  • Missing Child, Walton Rd., met with mother who stated her 14-year-old son went trick or treating and has not returned home yet. While on scene he returned home. Mother denied a report.
  • Assault, Carver Place, victim stated he was assaulted around 2130 hrs. by an unknown male.  Victim was transported to Athens for treatment for difficulty breathing.  Report taken.
  • Suspicious Activity, Blaine St., In reference to candles burning in the parking lot.  Several candles were observed burning in the parking lot. No fire hazard observed.
  • Suspicious Person, East spring street in reference to Bendrick Kelly being on scene and not leaving when asked by owner, Kelly had a warrant out of Athens Clarke County and was placed into custody and transported to the Walton County Jail
  • Welfare Check, Michael Circle in reference to female subject on the phone with the Crisis center and they lost contact.  Everyone on location is ok and female subject is at work.
  • Threats, Blaine St., The Bridge of Georgia. Made contact with administrator whom stated one of their students became upset and threatened multiple times to punch one of the teachers. Mom of student responded to the scene. A juvenile complaint is to be filed in attempt to help student get further assistance.
  • Missing person, Eagles Trail in reference to mother reporting her 17-year-old daughter missing. Mother talks to daughter via Facebook and knows she works at McDonald’s, she wants a report to document the situation, and so her daughter will know she moving to Henry County this week. Report Taken
  • Fraud, West Spring St., in reference to complainant receiving a fraudulent check from an unknown female via Fex Ex for a dress she sold on the “Offer Up” app.
  • Dispute, Baron Dr.,  in reference to two subjects having a disagreement, parties separated everything ok on location.
  • Welfare Check, Hwy 138 – Chick-Fil-A in reference to a two K9 left in a vehicle.  Animal Control responded and gave the owner a warning about leaving the dogs in the vehicle.
  • Civil Issue, South Madison Ave., in reference to complainant wanting to get his items from South Madison Ave. he has a no contact order with female subject who lives there. Complainant retrieved his items everything ok on location
  • Civil Issue, East Church St., reference to complainant wanting a police escort to return his mother’s items without incident. Items were returned to mother. Everything ok on location
  • Suspicious person, West Spring St., Walmart in reference to a lady on the pharmacy side near the buggies wearing a pink sweater and a hospital bracelet, Negative contact
  • Suspicious Person, West Spring St., Walmart in reference to female on pharmacy side wearing pink sweater whom appeared confused. Made contact with female. She advised she was dropped off by a named male subject to meet a friend to go to Rockdale. Female advised she just got out of Athens Regional yesterday. Female was unstable and given an escort to Clearview for a medical evaluation.
  • Civil Issue, Walker Dr., complainant wanted law enforcement to stand by while male subject gathers the last of his property.  Male subject was issued a criminal trespass warning for the property
  • Theft, Jersey Mike’s in regard to complainant on location stating named male subject took her belongings earlier and left her at Walmart. Theft report taken, and complainant taken to Ridgeview for mental evaluation due to making threats.
  • Intoxicated driver, Baron Dr., complainant stated her husband was intoxicated and took their vehicle. Area was checked with negative contact.
  • Domestic Dispute, Claywill Circle, mother stated her son smoked marijuana in her house and refused to leave. Contact made with the son and he advised he slipped up and smoked in his mom’s house. The son advised to not return.
  • Shoplifting, Walmart, two juveniles arrested for shoplifting and turned over to guardian. Report taken
  • Medical call, Perry St., subject having medical seizure. Subject escorted to Clearview for further medical treatment.
  • Burglary attempt, Walker Dr., complainant advised she was sleeping and heard a loud noise at front door. Door was checked and appears wood was rotted and snapped. No signs of forced entry or marks on door. Report taken
  • Missing Person, West Spring St., Huddle House. Met with complainant whom advised her friend was released from Clearview around 0330 hours this morning for chest pains and has not been seen or heard from since her release. Checked Waffle House on West Spring and Clearview with negative contact. Spoke to nursing staff at Clearview whom stated female called multiple people while on location looking for a ride. Complainant was advised.
  • Narcotic activity, 6th St., reference to a white Ford pickup truck in the area bearing Georgia plates. Units patrolled the area and had no contact with the vehicle.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Hwy 138 toward Monroe. Reference to a Silver Nissan Altima failing to maintain lane. Located vehicle on Hwy 138 at Michael Etchison. Officer got out with vehicle at Faith Baptist Church for failing to maintain lane. Checked both driver and passenger whom were ok. Both were tired from a long shift at work. Verbal warning given.
  • Traffic Stop, John Cross stopped for window tint.  Mr. Cross was arrested, fingerprinted and released on copy of citation for driving on a suspended license.
  • (Damage to Property, Plaza Dr., Ashton Point Apts., complainant advised that three tires on her white Hyundai Accent were damaged sometime between 1130 hours and 1140 hours this date. Victim advised her boyfriend’s wife, was on location around the same time as the incident, and believes she did it. Made contact with boyfriend’s wife on Reed Way. Boyfriend’s wife advised she was on location to give her husband his cousin’s license. She advised she did not damage complainant’s tires and there was an independent witness on location at the time. The witness could not be located. Boyfriend’s wife advised complainant threatened to damage her tires and gas tank on her vehicle.
  • 911 Hang Up, West Spring St., Wal-Mart in reference to a white male screaming in the store.  Customer was upset about not getting a refund the manager on duty handled it prior to our arrival.
  • 911 Hang Up, South Hammond St., subject just had surgery and was feeling light headed dialed the wrong number.  Homeowner on location is ok did not need further assistance.
  • Drugs, West Fambrough St., Central MHP at the old Playground.  Three males in the old playground area smoking weed.  Gone prior to my arrival.  Tenants in the area stated they smoke at night between 10-Midnight on Friday and Saturdays.  Requested COAP.
  • Warrant Served at Ashe Lane and Kendall Court.  Detrevor Parks was observed ridding a dirt bike in the roadway.  It was discovered Mr. Parks had a valid warrant for his arrest out of WCSO for probation violation (Original charge: failure to register as a sex offender).
  • Agency Assist, East Spring St., Taylors in reference to meeting with GSP advised a found stolen gun was turned over to employee at Taylors by one of their employees. Subject was located off of John Deere Road in the county. Checked/stolen/negative on a 9mm Sportsman. Turned over to WCSO.
  • Juvenile problem, Blaine St., reference to 14-year-old being combative with school staff.  Juvenile ran off of school property and into the roadway attempting to get ran over by-passing vehicle. 
  • Juvenile was transported to Ridge View per mother’s request.
  • Wanted Person, Alcovy St., reference to Georgia Probation Management having Paul Hood on location with a warrant Hood was placed into custody and transported to the Walton County Jail without incident
  • Agency Assist, East Church St., /Harris Street. WCSO in a chase on foot with a black male wearing faded blue jean shorts, a white Hawaiian shirt and a wife beater tank top. Units set up perimeter while WCSO k-9 was deployed. WCSO went and arrested subject later at 1531 hours.
  • Harassment, East Spring St., complainant advised of harassment via text from an unknown male from California. She was advised to take screen shots and black the caller.
  • Dispute, Eagle Court. Reference to complainant stating her child’s father did not give her $200 as stated in their divorce paperwork. Advised on civil remedies.
  • Stopping suspicious vehicle, East Spring St / Dollar General, Vehicle stopped for no insurance the driver was arrested and vehicle impounded by towing company.
  • Warrant attempt, Harris St. Reference complainant having an active warrant for a Terry Almond (Failure to Appear). Almond was arrested without incident
  • Theft, Lacy St., complainant advised she was getting her hair done by a lady named. After leaving the room momentarily the subjects that were on location fled the residence stealing an Iphone 7, two packs of cigarettes and $140.00 USD. After fleeing the house, the mother left behind her 4-year-old juvenile. After further investigation the mother was identified. DFACS responded and took the child into custody after multiple attempts at reaching a family member.
  • Suspicious vehicle on N. Broad St. Near Charlotte Rowell Blvd. Anonymous caller advised red Mustang making U-turns and unable to maintain lane and then headed towards Conyers on Hwy 138. Area checked w/ negative contact
  • Welfare check, Ridgeview Hospital, in regard to female subject parents worried about her. Staff declined permission to check on subject due to being an adult.
  • Wanted person, Nathaniel Fisher picked up by Athens/Clarke Co. for DOC warrant from Monroe PD. Picked up from Striplings. Arrested and taken to Walton County Jail.
  • Possible burglary at AAA Walton Storage, E. Spring St., regards to unit 55 having open door and property thrown out. No owner information could be located but report done.
  • Suicide threats, Meadow Walk Dr., female subject was making suicidal threats, transported by EMS voluntarily to Clearview
  • Threats, Clearview, patient threatening staff due to not getting pain meds after stabbing himself. Patient advised to stay calm and he advised he would.
  • Entering auto (multiple), Officer was checking area in Tall Oaks and 2 black males wearing dark clothing fled on foot. All units checking area on foot w/negative contact.
  • Baron properties checked on foot and following addresses had vehicles entered but no reports were requested.

1Gliding Ln.-(x1)

2Gliding Ln.-(x1)

3Gliding Ln.-(x3)

4Springer Ln.-(x2)

5Classic Trail-(x2)

6Classic Trail-(x1) Reports Requested

1Custom Way x2

2Custom Way x2

  • Monroe PD Return  to address per complainant who said her boyfriend and her got in argument about another girl and he hit her. She did not want to meet with police at this time and said she would contact when she returned home from work.

Entering Autos found multiple vehicles entered on Baron Dr.

1. Baron Dr.-vehicle entered. Unable to get anyone to door

2. Baron Dr.-vehicle entered. Met with owner who said nothing taken. Did not want anything further.

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