Monroe PD Reports: Neighbors call on fighting couple, juvenile misbehavior and domestic disputes

The Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Nov. 9 – 16, 2017. Due to the length of this report, it has been split into five parts. This is the final part. Please note and arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Juvenile Complaint, Hwy 78 WB near Marable St. Bridge in reference to a 12-13-year-old black male wearing jeans and a gray sweater with red stripes that ran across the highway. Negative contact.
  • Sexual Assault, Clearview. Juvenile victim claimed they were raped two months prior on S. Hubbard St. by name given.  CID was notified, and report taken.
  • Suspicious persons, Maple St. in regard to multiple black males near residence possibly selling drugs. Area checked with negative contact.
  • Burglary, Jessica Way. Actual call is juvenile complaint. Complainant stopped three juveniles who he thought broke into his home. No signs on entry or missing items. Juveniles released to parents, all ok.
  • Welfare check, Felker St. in regard to child services worried about named juvenile. Contact made, and all was ok.
  • Suspicious vehicle, Alcovy St. in regard to suspicious small sedan in area. Area checked with negative contact.
  • Threats report taken at MPD. Complainant stated named female subject threatened to shoot him over a female. No witnesses to pursue investigation, report taken.
  • Suspicious vehicle, Hwy 78 EB headed towards city. Off-duty Atlanta officer advised blue Ford Expedition with ladder on roof unable to maintain lane and reckless. Vehicle out of city limits before contact made and Walton County Sheriff’s Office was notified with negative contact.
  • Dispute on New Lacy St. at Wall St. in regard to complainant advising his boyfriend trying to talk to him. Complainant stated he did not want to talk to boyfriend and noticed boyfriend had a knife in his waistband. Complainant then stated boyfriend took off running in an unknown direction. Complainant was given escort to Popeyes, all ok.
  • EMS assist, Walker Dr. in regard to female subject unconscious but breathing. Scene turned over to EMS who transported victim to Clearview.
  • Entering Auto, Atha St., in reference to complainant’s Blue Ford Explorer was entered and her wallet was stolen. nothing else reported missing at this time.
  • Second Entering Auto, Atha St., in reference to two subjects Green Acura and Maroon Pontiac being entered and one subject wallet being stolen. Nothing else reported missing at this time.
  • Weapon, McDaniel St., Saint Ives Walk in reference to a juvenile on the bus with an unknown weapon. Officers made contact with the juvenile whom supposedly had a gun. The young juvenile’s book bag and jacket were searched with negative contact. The juvenile advised he was joking. He was advised that having a weapon is not a joke.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Walton Road. Made contact with complainant who advised the vehicle was a construction crew that had been doing work next door to sell a house. All was ok.
  • Welfare Check in Area of Charlotte Rowell Blvd and Monroe Area High School in reference to a person slumped over the wheel in an SUV. Made contact with the driver in an SUV. She advised she ran out of gas and had family on the way. All was ok.
  • Suspicious Persons, West Spring St., Advanced Auto Parts. Made contact with male subject who had been sleeping in his vehicle due to being homeless. Subject sent on his way and advised of different remedies for living arrangements.
  • Traffic Stop/Arrest, Officer ran tag through GCIC/NCIC and it returned with no valid insurance. Jonathon Reid was found to be driving on suspended license. Vehicle impounded. Reid cited for No Insurance and DWSL.
  • Mental Subject, Breedlove Dr./Ridgeview in reference to a female being combative towards staff.  A patient at Ridgeview walked away from the facility, patient located and escorted back to Ridgeview citation mediated.
  • Harassment, West Spring St./Walmart. Met with complainant whom advised his friend’s mother has been stalking and harassing him. Name given of his friend. He stated the mother has been driving by his residence repeatedly taking pictures, and came to Walmart on Oct. 30th and caused a disturbance. Complainant wanted documentation. He lives out in the county on Cumberland Trail. Since majority of the incidents occurred in the county, scene was turned over to WCSO. Deputy agreed to enter the Walmart incident in his report, so no additional report was needed.
  • Theft Report, East Spring St (Short Stop) subject in a gold in color car bearing tag # given drove off without paying for gas. Officer checked the area with no contact
  • Office to Meet With complainant on Sorrells St., Made contact with complainant whom went and got a TPO on her sister. Sister on location, WCSO arrived and served civil paper work.
  • Dispute, North Broad St., Al’s Discount Tire in reference to someone needing to be removed from location. Manager advised he was in a dispute with his employee about employee not doing what he asked. He stated he wanted employee off the property. Employee stated they argued about a valve stem and manager wanted him gone and pushed him. Employee stated if manager paid him for the work owed he would leave the property and not come back. Manager paid employee $100 for work owed and employee left the property. All okay.
  • Shoplifting, Dollar General, E Spring St., reference to two subjects trying to walk out of the business without paying for items they placed in their pockets. The store decided not to prosecute they were both criminal trespassed from the property.
  • Welfare Check, Wilkins Dr., reference to male subject not showing up for appointment at Ridgeview. There was negative contact with subject at his residence. Officer spoke to subject via phone whom advised all was okay.
  • Burglary Report, Wheel House Lane, reference to complainant having her purse and a pack of cigarettes stolen from inside her home while she was asleep this morning. Report Taken
  • Counterfeit, West Spring Street at Walmart. Made contact with and employee. Employee stated she tried using a $20 bill at the self-checkout and the machine wouldn’t take the bill. Employee advised the bill was taken by another employee whom handed it over to her. The employee stated she was unaware the bill was counterfeit, and advised she received the bill earlier today as change at Big Lots. The counterfeit bill was placed into evidence.
  • Damage to Property Report, Belle Meade, reference to complainant wanting extra patrol for her rental property located on 3rd St.  due to the fact someone has been staying in the vacant residence and had a fire burning at some point that damaged the flooring. report taken.
  • Person Shot, West Spring St., McDonalds. Male subject shot with a BB in the right wrist it broke the skin. Subject could only give a description of a silver truck with a pink sticker in the window.  A white male was the shooter.  Report taken.
  • Dispute, West Spring St., patient was told by Doctor that she needed a surgery or would die.  She did not want to listen to the doctor telling her this and wanted the police to explain to the staff to stop telling her she will die.  Situation mediated.
  • Agency Assist, Walton Road meet with DFACS in reference to a physical abuse. DFACS worker spoke with 5-year-old whom showed up at her school this morning with a visible red mark on her arm. The juvenile told DFACS worker that her father popped her on her right forearm because she was being very bad and not doing what she was told. Father stated the same thing and advised he felt bad when he saw a mark was left on her arm. DFACS placed a safety plan for no physical discipline. No other actions were taken.
  • Juvenile complaint, Oakland Ridge, father requesting report regarding his juvenile daughter receiving text asking for explicit photos. Report taken.
  • Suspicious vehicle, Hwy 138/Michael Etchison Rd. in regard to black passenger car turning onto Michael Etchison and the driver fell asleep at the red-light. Area was checked with negative contact
  • Illegal parking, Mobley Circle. Complainant advised large U-Haul in roadway blocking traffic. U-Haul was properly parked and police vehicles passed without issue.
  • Suspicious person, Taylor’s Towing. White female was wanting officer to make Taylor’s release her vehicle. She to come back during normal business hours to which she became irate and yelled at officer. She was sent on her way and advised of complaint process.
  • Assault, E. Marable St. (Hot Spot). Complainant advised named male subject threatened her but then subject fought another male in yard and then left. Report taken, complainant was intoxicated.
  • Domestic dispute, N. Midland Ave. (Sycamore Square) in regard to couple fighting and neighbors called. Arrived on scene and door was open and loud verbal argument heard, officer saw couple being physical and entry made. Contact made with two subjects. After investigation and collaborated stories, no signs of domestic violence and parties separated. Report taken.


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