Monroe PD Reports: Parachute didn’t open for skydiver; suicide threats and stolen golf cart

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period July 22 – 28, 2018. Due to the length of this report, it has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Skydive Malfunction, Mears St., reference to a parachute not opening for a skydiver. Was advised by dispatch that the skydiver did have a malfunction, but everything was ok. I made contact with the complainant and informed her that the skydiver is ok. Nothing further.
  • EMS Assist, Church St., reference to a male subject having general weakness. Made contact with male subject who advised me that he wanted to go to the hospital because he’s suffering from a broken hip. EMS handled, nothing further.
  • Welfare Check, East Spring St., Taylor’s Wrecker Service, reference to a White male that had been on location that appeared disoriented. Officer made contact with the male on East Spring St. The male was intoxicated and matched the description of the missing person from Ridgeview. The male gave the name of missing person. Officer arrived on scene and confirmed the male was the missing person. Male subject did not want to go back to Ridgeview and there was no valid order in place. He was taken to the Monroe Police Department to wait for a ride.
  • Suicide Threats, Country Club Dr., reference to complainant worried for his roommate due to her cutting herself and running away from him towards the Monroe Golf Country Club. Officer searched the area with negative contact.
  • Follow-Up, Monroe Golf and Country Club, reference to female from above call at Country Club Drive being seen in the area on foot. Officers had negative contact in the area but were informed of a stolen golf cart that was possibly stolen by the same female.
  • Theft, Monroe Golf and Country Club, reference to a stolen golf cart. Golf cart was located at the Chevron on South Broad Street by officer. Female was detained and found in possession of the golf cart and a can of Smirnoff stuffed in her pants. Neither the country club nor the Chevron wanted to press charges due to the female mental condition. Female then began convulsion on scene. MED 1 responded and transported female to the hospital.
  • Shoplifting, West Spring St., Family Dollar, reference to a black male stealing two Cartons of cigarettes. Report taken
  • Suspicious Person, West Spring St., male subject was located sitting by a vehicle drinking a beer. Family member picked up male subject and removed him from the area.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, West Spring St., Shane’s Rib Shack, reference to a black Dodge Charger that was parked in handicap parking.  It left the area prior to officer’s arrival.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Hwy 78 East Bound/New Hope Church Rd., reference to an older grey Chevy Caprice driving reckless and speeding. Area checked conducted with negative contact.
  • Missing Person, Wheelhouse Lane Apt., reference to female subject missing.  CID was notified and responded.  She was located at a family members house in Barrow County.  Barrow County checked her, and she was ok. 
  • Runaway Juvenile, Wheelhouse Lane Apt., juvenile left his residence, attempted to break out the front door to Golden Pawn, entered two vehicles and damaged to the printer wires of a patrol car he was being detained in.  He was released back to his mother per Juvenile Court.
  • Juvenile Complaint, Pierce St., reference to two subjects disputing. Officers were on location last date and filed a juvenile complaint. One subject stated she wanted to speak to someone about getting some help, she was transported to Piedmont Walton to speak with a doctor. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, MLK, male and female were in the back seat of a vehicle “Talking”.  They were advised they were “Loitering” and were told to leave the area.
  • Runaway, Wheel House Lane Apt., reference juvenile ran away from his residence again.  Officers located him on South Madison and after a brief chase took him to Piedmont Walton for a mental evaluation.
  • Welfare Check, Alcovy St., father advised his cell phone does not always work from inside, so he made contact with his son, who lives in Alaska.  The father also advised of an incident from the other day where a named male subject came to see his ex-girlfriend. The father said named male subject damaged his car as well as took the fuse from the AC unit.  The father said named male subject threatened to kill everyone in the house and female subject heard same threat. Warrants to be taken for Terroristic Threat(X4).  Named male subject has also lived at this same residence off and on.
  • Threats, South Broad St., complainant posted a Facebook live video while making derogatory comments about named female. Complainant then became upset when named female made threatening comments on the video. Complainant was advised of the warrant process. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Green St., /Perry St. White pickup with possible suspended driver’s license. Searched the area with negative contact.
  • Shoplifting, Walmart. Bradley Pettit arrested and sent to Walton County Detention Center for shoplifting $493.18
  • Wanted Person, PD Lobby, Mikeshia Mobley on location with probation violation warrant. Arrested and taken to county jail.
  • Burglary, Kelton Rd., complainant reported that while he was gone to the doctor someone entered his back-laundry room window and took his Larcin 9mm and a Verizon tablet.
  • Armed robbery, Highway 138, Negative on Armed Robbery.  Black male subject scammed cashier out of $100. Subject was gone when officers arrived.
  • Dispute, East Church St., complainant wanted her husband out of the house because he was too intoxicated. He was transported to Walton Piedmont and turned over to EMS.
  • Juvenile Complaint, Carver Place, Juveniles knocking on complainant’s door and running away.  Complainant has requested extra patrol.
  • Damage to property, Knight St., complainant claims neighbor’s child cut her clothes line. Report taken.
  • Damage to Property, Hampton Dr., complainant’s back door was damaged when he struck It with his lawnmower. Complainant’s requested a report.
  • Dispute, Sorrells St., complainant advised a dispute did not occur.  Her husband wanted to leave so she told him not to play games or she would call the police.  She called just to show she wasn’t scared. 
  • Custody Dispute, Davis St., met with complainant who stated juvenile left the home to go to stay with his sisters. Arrangements were made to return the juvenile home.

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