Monroe PD Reports: Phone scams, fraud and domestic disputes dominate

Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for March 2 – 8, 2018. Due to the length of the report, it has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • While transporting an arrestee from a previous call, officer observed a physical altercation take place in the front yard. Patricia Long arrested for battery family violence.
  • Dispute at Tanglewood Drive in reference to a 3rd party caller stating his neighbors were arguing. Made contact with the residence of Tanglewood Drive. Subject’s they advised they were in a verbal argument over living arrangements and personal stuff. No crime was committed incident documented.
  • Juvenile Problem at East Marable Street in reference to a parent unable to get their 15-year-old daughter up for school. Mother stated her daughter would not get ready for school.  When Officer arrived, daughter was washing her face and getting ready for school by a flashlight due to the complainant turning the power to the house off.  Daughter was cooperative, and got ready for school.  Report taken.
  • Dispute E Spring St (Valero) Caller advised a white couple in a small black car were disputing in the parking lot and that a white female went and hid behind a dumpster. The female then got back in the car and the parties were gone when officers arrived. Officers checked the area with no contact.
  • Meet with officer S Madison Ave. FD requested officer at listed location. They believed that they had an arson and requested a report.
  • Welfare Check at 150 MLK Jr. Blvd in reference to unable to contact the pharmacy by phone.  Employee advised the phones were down, and everything was alright. 
  • Warrant/Chase Davis Street/Wall Street: Male subject fled on foot.  Warrant to be taken for giving false name and obstruction. Possibly went into Magnolia Terrace due to observing fresh mud on the back patio.
  • Theft at Walker Dr. Made contact with complainant, who stated that he left his bike on the front porch and when he came outside to day it was missing. Report taken.
  • Warrant Served Henry Co Jail. Shannon Atkinson was arrested by Henry County Sheriff’s Office and held on MPD probation warrant. Atkinson was transported to Monroe PD for finger prints and released to Walton County Sheriff’s Office Jail.
  • Hit and Run report at 116 South Broad Street: Complainant’s vehicle struck in Walmart parking lot earlier this date report taken.
  • Credit Card Fraud N Lumpkin St. Contact was made with complainant who advised he received a lawsuit for approximately $107,000 from a company named Purinova LLC in Illinois. Complainant advised he has never done business with the company. Inside the lawsuit another individual is listed as another name, which complainant has done work with before. Report Taken.
  • Missing Juvenile Wheelhouse Lane: A child’s uncle, was watching a juvenile when he went upstairs to use the restroom.  Uncle said when he returned downstairs the juvenile was missing.  A neighbor said she saw juvenile outside and attempted to locate child’s family and he pointed back in the direction of his apartment.  Neighbor said she had contact with Uncle and advised she had a little boy the same age and if it was okay he was welcome to stay at her apt and play.  Uncle said he got apt D confused with B so when dad and mom arrived home he told them the wrong apartment. Observed juvenile and he appeared okay and very happy. 
  • Scam Report at West Spring Street: Complainant stated she has been harassed by numerous phone scams lately, she recently paid approximately $300.00 dollars to a subject in Africa. The phone number was traced to a number assigned to Oklahoma, USA. Report taken
  • Meet Officer West Highland Avenue in reference to a trailer on the property that appears to have a disabled tire.  Advised them that due to being on private property they would have to request a tow truck.
  • Suspicious Person Carwood Drive in reference to a male riding his dirt bike down the street. Male was advised to keep the dirt bike off the roadway or it would be impounded.
  • Suspicious Vehicle Ashton Point Apt Subjects on location smoking a marijuana blunt while waiting for a friend. Conducted probable cause search with negative findings for any further marijuana or other narcotics. Both subjects were advised to walk to their friend’s apartment.
  • Assault West Spring Street – Complainant was punched in the back of the head by a friend.  She declined to provide any more information nor did she want a report.
  • Suspicious Person at East Fambrough street and South Madison Ave. Couple were using the store’s power to charge their phone. They were sent on their way.
  • Narcotics Woodland Road Anonymous female caller stated subjects on location had narcotics, firearms, and were wanted. Subjects were identified. No subjects on location were wanted, no signs of narcotics inside the residence. This is the 6th call this year of similar nature.
  • Prowler West Spring Street (Two Peas and a Paw)-Extra patrol due to someone pounding on the windows after hours.
  • Damage to Property Hwy 78 at Edmondson Road in reference to a damaged vehicle. The damage occurred in the county. Turned over to WCSO.
  • Suspicious Vehicle at Heritage Trace in reference to a white Oldsmobile Cutlass with no tag. Officer had negative contact.
  • 911 Hang-Up at North Broad Street – Monroe Food Mart. Employee stated he called due to customer arguing with staff. The customer was gone on arrival. All was okay.
  • Threats 116 South Broad Street in reference to complainant wanting her family members to be criminally trespassed from her residence. Complainant was advised of remedies.
  • 911 Hang-Up, Spring Street – Walmart in reference to a MED call. Subject fainted due to low blood pressure and struck his buggy causing bruising and bleeding to his face. While on scene waiting for a MED unit, subject lost consciousness again. He was transported to the hospital by MED 5.
  • Dispute Southview Drive in reference to a missing canine. All ok at this time, Officer will follow-up next date.
  • Shoplifting, West Spring Street at Walmart. Lori Franco was arrested for shoplifting $99.20 worth of merchandise. Her friend was served with notice of suspension and her license was taken. Lori was transported to the Monroe Police Department where she was fingerprinted and released on copy.
  • Shoplifting Hibbett Sports in reference to a white taking items and fleeing on foot toward the back of the store. Report taken.
  • Shoplifting, South Broad Street – CVS. Contact made with employee who caught female rushing out the store with a CVS Basket full of items she did not properly pay for. Employee declined pressing charges after female paid for the items. The female was given a Criminal Trespass warning and was banned from the property.
  • Suspicious Subjects Pine Park Street at Mears Street. Complainant advising one subject riding down the road on a dirt bike wearing a black helmet. Contact was made with subjects riding dirt bikes on private property off the roadway. Subjects denied being on the road but were informed to stay off the roadway. All was okay, complainant declined to meet.
  • Missing Person at Wheel House Lane in reference to 19 year of age, male missing from his residence since 2000 hours last date after a verbal argument with his guardian. Male was later located at Ridgeview and guardian was informed he was okay.
  • Domestic Cook Street Apt A – Complainant said a male punched him in the forehead.  Warrants to be taken for Battery.

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