Monroe PD Reports: Several rounds of gunshots reported, one man hit with BB gunshots

The following are the incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department between April 1 – 6, 2017. Due to the length, this report has been split into four parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Dispute, E. Fambrough St., complainant stated female has been following her. Advised she did not need us due to female leaving. Both females dating same male, advised of TPO process.
  • Officer’s called to Green St. in regards to complainant wanting ex-boyfriend who has warrants to leave her alone. Complainant advised of TPO process again.
  • Lost items, W. Spring St. (Dollar Tree) complainant advised she either dropped $100.00 on the floor or someone stole it out of her pants while she was in store. No store video available, report taken
  • Social Circle PD arrested Rodney Griffieth who has warrants through MPD, warrant taken to jail
  • Property retrieval, W. Vine St., in regards to male subject had necklace belonging to ex-girlfriend. Negative contact w/ male subject.
  • Warrant arrest, Christopher Broughton for active warrants.
  • Hit and run out in county in regards to white tractor trailer w/ orange trailer struck vehicle near Windstream building and headed towards the city. Negative contact.
  • Juvenile complaint, Douglas St. in regards to 15 YOA male being unruly and damaging mother’s property. Spoke w/ mother and mediated situation. Ok at this time.
  • Officer’s called to WCSO in regards to Social Circle PD dropping charges on Rodney Griffieth and MPD taking him into custody. Griffieth taken to MPD for fingerprinting and then back to Walton County Jail for Failure to Appear warrant.
  • Speeding auto on Hwy 138 towards Hwy 78E, white Honda Accord reckless. Area checked w/ negative contact.
  • Burglary, Felker St., complainant stated husband who abused her in Oglethorpe County has possibly found her in Monroe and entered her new residence to scare her. No signs of forced entry or any items taken. Report taken
  • Damage to Property on Martin Luther King Jr Blvd (Zaxby’s) struck in the drive through.  Other party left the scene.
  • Traffic Stop at Sorrells Street / Rose Ison Terranec stopped driver cited for suspended license and no seat belt driver was finger printed and released on a copy of citation.
  • Disturbing the peace at Towler street (Camptown Garden Apartments) Group of people hanging out in the breeze way being loud.  Made contact with group advised to maybe hang out in a different spot.
  • Noise Complainant at East Church Street.  Caller advised music was too loud.  I put music at acceptable level.  Not heard from the street.
  • Domestic at Gatewood way reference to male and female subjects arguing over male subject saying F you to an unknown male earlier today.  After the argument male subject punched a hole in a wall.  Female subject was not in the immediate area.
  • Burglary in progress on Perry Street.  Caller was on the phone to dispatch stating that someone broke into her residence.  Then she said they left prior to police arrival and hung up the phone.  Attempted to make re-contact the caller and it was an opened line and could not get verbal contact.  Dispatched advised the phone history went too unit C.  Made contact with the resident and they stated that everything was ok and no one broke in.  Checked A and D and they did not need police assistance.  B was an empty apartment.  Negative contact with any burglary in progress.
  • Suspicious Person at 2050 West Spring Street (Wal-Mart).  Female subject waiting on a ride.
  • Suspicious Person on West Spring Street (Taco Bell) Michael Jackson ran out in front of Officer who was running code with lights and siren on.  Officer stopped to speak with Jackson and discovered he was intoxicated.  Jackson refused to give his name and when Officer placed him under arrest he started to resist.  Jackson was tased.  Jackson taken to Clearview to have a probe removed.  Jackson will have warrants taken out for his arrest in addition to the warrants he already had.
  • Fire Assist on Bryant Road.  Pile of clothing lit on fire.  No victim or suspects at this time.  Possibly a female and two males.
  • Person Shot on Davis Street, male subject was shot twice with a BB gun while on Perry Street near Launius Ave.  He was hit in the elbow and the back breaking the skin.  Unknown who shot him at this time.
  • Property Damage on Glen Iris Dr., complainant said a Gray Impala with two black males shot at her house.  Appeared to have been a BB gun since there was no damage and was very quiet.
  • Damage to Property on Stokes St., complainant car was damaged by a BB gun while driving down Glen Iris Drive.  Advised the driver of the vehicle name.
  • Noise Complaint at Radford Street.  No noise heard anywhere near Radford Street.
  • Wanted Person on  Walton Road in reference to female who had a warrant for her arrest for Probation violation out of Walton County
  • Suspicious Vehicle on Hwy 78 on to West Spring street. Caller advised a green Camaro driving reckless.  Contact made with vehicle at Clearview Regional Medical Center.  James Massey arrested and charged with DUI less safe (.235) and suspended license.
  • Suspicious Person at West Spring Street (Haven Inn) in reference to male subject being rude to the staff and staff wanting him removed.  Male subject gathered his belongs and left the residence.
  • Domestic on Vine St. (Conestoga MHP) Donterrance Tillman came over to speak with female subject.  Tillman took a gun out and fired two rounds into the area.  At first the family thought female subject was taken by Tillman.  CID contacted to assist in case and turned over to Detective.  WCSO assisted in locating Tillman who was out in the county.  Tillman charged with Reckless Conduct.
  • Theft on Walton Road.  Caller advised a she left her wallet in a friend’s vehicle.  She obtained the wallet back without Police assistance and cancelled police.
  • Firearms Discharged in the area of Magnolia Terrace.  Officer’s heard about 20 gun shots from that area.  Negative contact with anything.
  • Firearms Discharged in the area of Oak Ridge.  Caller heard about 10 gunshots from the area.  Negative contact.
  • Firearms Discharged originally thought to be in the area of Tanglewood then found to be on Virginia Court.  Assisted WCSO due to their jurisdiction.
  • Damage to property on Pine Park St., complainant advised glass door shattered by possible BB gun last night, report taken. Incident possibly gang related due to named male subject being involved and he is associated w/ Crips. Victim’s boyfriend was making fun of the gang earlier in the day yesterday.
  • Dispute on S. Broad St., contact made w/ female caller and all was ok. Caller claimed to hear strange noises coming from next door. Contact made w/ next door tenants and all was ok.
  • Dispute, E. Fambrough St. Apt., in regards to two subjects disputing over one’s money that other subject is in charge of. One subject spent majority of her monthly social security deposit and other subject wanted receipts for money spent. Subject that spent money became upset and was GOA upon arrival. That subject’s family arrived on scene to gather property and debit card. Situation mediated and report taken.
  • Overdue motorist, Douglas St., complainant stated they allowed named male subject to borrow their 2002 Chevy Suburban @ 0400 this date and he has not returned the vehicle. Contact was made on Facebook and he is bringing vehicle back. All ok. *1022 hrs, vehicle was returned*

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