Monroe PD Reports: Traffic stops net drug arrests

The Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Feb. 9 – 15, 2018. Due to the length of this report, it has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest and charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Juvenile Complaint, E. Marable St.  Juvenile gathered her things and got in the car with mother to go to school.  All ok.
  • Stolen Car, West Creek Cir. At some point from 2200 hours last date and 0600 hours someone took possession of complainant 2007 Honda Civic. Vehicle was added onto GCIC and complainant advised that she would find out if the vehicle was repossessed.  After following up with the leasing company it was determined that they vehicle was repossessed. Contact was made with complainant and she was advised. Report was declined.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Felker Park. While checking the area and Officer saw a dark passenger vehicle sitting in the very back of the parking lot. Made contact with two juveniles who were talking before school. They were sent on their way all was ok.
  • Dispute, Walker Dr., reference to complainant and ex-boyfriend, John Cross, arguing about his infidelity.  Mr. Cross had a valid failure to appear warrant out of Walton County Sheriff’s Office.  John Cross arrested and transported to the Walton County Jail. 
  • Dispute, Davis St., two subjects began arguing over unknown reasons. One subject was highly intoxicated, and the other subject left the scene upon Officers arrival.  The incident was never physical and could not gather enough information from intoxicated subject. Parties were separated, all was ok.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Highway 11 southbound toward city limits. Made contact with the vehicle at Wells Fargo, after observing the vehicle strike the tube dispenser and drive up on the curb and strike a pole she was stopped. Lynette Coleman arrested for expired tag and DUI-drugs. Vehicle towed to towing company. 
  • Dispute, Perry St., mother and her son disputing over living arrangements. Mother advised that her son became physical with her. Due to witness testimony no arrest was made. Son gathered the rest of his belongings and left the house. Mother was advised of the Temporary Protection Order process.
  • Suspicious Vehicle at Taylor’s Wrecker in reference to a red Dodge Journey on location with a small child not properly secured.  Vehicle was gone when police arrived.  Negative contact.
  • Meet with Officers, S Broad St., caller wanted to speak to an Officer in reference to having some personal and spiritual issues. After speaking to caller, he advised that he was ok and did not wish to go speak to a counselor.
  • Custody Dispute, Etten Dr., complainant had questions on custody because her kid’s father said he was going to take them and go to North Carolina.  Complainant has three kids with the father, but they are not married, and he has not had them legitimized.  Advised of remedies.
  • Harassing Communications, Douglas St., reference to complainant stating her ex-husband will not stop texting and calling.  Advised of available remedies.  Report taken. 
  • Dispute, West Spring St., mother and her son verbally arguing.  Both are homeless, and son requested a ride to Dollar General on Highway 11.
  • Meet with Officer, Creek View Court, reference to homeowner having questions about removing a vehicle left at her residence one month ago.  Ok.
  • Damage To Property  report taken at South Broad St., complainant wanted to report damage to her vehicle that may have occurred while at Home Depot on 02/06/2018.
  • Traffic Stop, Officer initiated a stop for a brake light being out on a red Pontiac. Made contact with the driver Christopher Pittman. Pittman’s information was ran through GCIC and it showed his license were suspended. Officer advised that he was going to impound the vehicle and asked the subject if there were any type of illegal items in the vehicle and he told the Officer there was Meth under the seat. After conducting an inventory search of the vehicle, multiple bags of methamphetamine were found along with a scale and baggies.
  • Agency Assist, Nowell St., reference to Walton County DFCS removing a child from the residence.  All was ok. 
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Alcovy St., male subject FML, wrong side of the road, stopped in the center of Broad and Alcovy. Was able to get male subject stopped and good Samaritan pulled vehicle into Hardees parking lot.  GSP said male subject’s wife flagged him down when male subject left the residence and stated he has dementia.  GSP transported his wife on location and she was given keys to the vehicle. Male subject’s license will be turned over to DDS.
  • Child Custody, Etten Dr.,complainant separating from his girlfriend and wanted to take their three boys. Complainant is not legitimized and was going to take kids anyway.  After much discussion, complainant said he wanted to kill himself Transported complainant to Clearview.
  • Traffic Stop, Jonathon Kirk ran the red light at Church St. and S. Broad St. Mr. Kirk provided the name of Brandon Wilkerson and a date of birth of 1/25/1988.  After running his information through GCIC and the picture not matching he was asked to step out of vehicle at which time he took off in the vehicle.  Mr. Kirk was stopped behind Walgreens and placed under arrest.  Warrant to be taken for Failure to obey traffic control device, Fleeing and attempting to elude and giving false information.
  • Suspicious Person, Alcovy St., male subject walking along the side of the road. Subject was highly intoxicated, he was given a courtesy ride to Old Monroe Madison Hwy
  • Meet with Officer, East Marable St., Reference to mother requesting officers to make her daughter (15-year-old) go to her room. Mother advised that daughter has been sitting outside and it was time for her to come in for the night, but she would not listen to her mother. Officers asked daughter to go to her room and she did without incident
  • Dispute, Alcovy St., spoke with complainant who stated that his girlfriend hit him in the head with a cell phone. Complainant wanted her removed from the home, but she was gone upon arrival. Complainant was intoxicated at the time of the incident.
  • Domestic Dispute, North Midland, complainant called to report a verbal argument between himself and female subject. Upon arrival parties were advised of remedies and separated for the night. Report completed. 
  • Meet with Officer, New Lacy St., Reference to meeting with complainant who stated people were out walking around and coming out of the woods. conducted an area check and did not see anyone.
  • Damage to Property, GW Carver Dr., reference to complainant getting into her vehicle and the back-glass shattering. Complainant did not know how it happened. Report taken.
  • Fraud, McDonald’s, complainant stated cashier put his debit card into his pocket before giving it back. Complainant was concerned about possible card skimming. Report taken.
  • Missing Person, Ridgeview, complainant stated her mother in-law was released from Ridgeview on 2/8/18 at 1800 hours and has not been seen or heard from since. Both live in Augusta, GA with no ties to Walton County. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Baron Properties, Anonymous caller stated that a blue passenger car was driving slow around the subdivision. conducted an area check but was unable to locate.
  • Follow Up, Baron Properties, Anonymous male stated the same vehicle dropped off two armed male subjects who ran behind a residence. Conducted extensive area check with negative contact. Caller did not provide details.
  • Follow Up, Ridgeview, Officer conducted a follow up at Ridgeview in reference to earlier missing person report. Contact made with missing person from above report at Ridgeview, her discharge status was changed, and the family was not notified. Officer contacted complainant from above and relayed the information. No report requested.
  • Domestic Dispute, North Midland, complainant called to report a verbal argument between himself and female subject. Upon arrival parties were readvised of remedies and separated again for the night.
  • Suspicious Person x2 Felker Park, Two juveniles on location skate boarding. They were warned about curfew violations and taken to their residence located on West Creek Circle.
  • Entering Auto, Davis St. From the hours of 2200 – 0615 an unknown subject broke the passenger side window of complainant’s Cadillac. The only property that was stole was paperwork from the glove box.

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