Monroe PD Reports: Walton Road rampage ends with prowler tased and taken to the hospital

The following are the incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department between Feb.3 – 9, 2017. Due to the length, this report has been split into four parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Suspicious vehicle, E. Spring St – Employee advised that there was a vehicle parked next to their vehicle and the employee was trying to leave. Subject in vehicle was a friend of a customer.
  • Dispute, Landers St – complainant advised that named male subject came to the residence, stabbed resident’s bed and stole her cable splitter. No one was home when this incident occurred. Attempted to locate named male subject but was un-successful.
  • EMS Assist at Fuzions – Ref to an unconscious female on the floor in the bathroom. Female was not unconscious, just passed out due to being heavily intoxicated. Family members drove the female home after refusing medical transport.
  • Suspicious vehicle at Hwy 78W/Snip Dillard Rd – Ref to a white truck driving reckless and failing to maintain lane. Truck turned off in the county. No contact.
  • Domestic, Pine Park St – male and female subjects arguing over male staying at the residence. Advised both parties of the eviction process and they both agreed to stay separate for the rest of the morning.
  • Warrant Service at the Clarke County Detention Center. Jonathan Blackwell arrested for MPD probation violation and failure to appear warrant. Released to the Walton County Jail.
  • Animal Complaint at Monroe Church of God in reference to Pitbull’s running loose in the area. The dogs were captured and taken to Animal Control.
  • Traffic Stop on Highway 78. Marcus McBryde pulled over for speeding and arrested for suspended license.
  • Theft, Plaza Drive in reference to someone stealing $140 out of her purse. The caller called back to cancel police response due to finding her money.
  • Juvenile Complaint, Towler Street Apt. female subject requested advice on dealing with demons.
  • Meet with Subject, North Madison Avenue, complainant advised her husband accidentally broke her phone, not relating to a domestic. She just wanted her phone replaced and advised of the available remedies.
  • Dispute, Turner Street in regards to complainant on location accusing named subject of stealing money out of his wallet. The incident took place at the “Hot Spot.” Complainant refused a report and parties were separated.
  • Animal Complaint at Lakeview Drive. Caller advised neighbors on Lakeview Drive can’t control her five dogs and they get loose. Animal Control advised of situation.
  • Dispute at Walmart in reference to damage to vehicle. Civil issue regarding work performed on vehicle.
  • Suspicious Vehicle on Highway 11. Caller was concerned about a driver in a red truck, which backed into the roadway. Area checked with negative contact.
  • Foot Chase on Lacy Street. Group of 15-20 subjects in rear of residence shooting dice and two of the subjects – male subejct and Brandon Thomas was also on location with active robbery and family violence warrants. All subject fled on foot and officer tased Thomas behind Rivers of Mercy Church and received a nasal fraction and a rib contusion. Charged with Obstruction of law enforcement
  • Dispute in the downtown area in reference to a woman and her estrange husband that turned which ended up at Walmart. Caller advised she was being followed by ex and advised of TPO process.
  • Suspicious Subject at Home Depot in reference to a subject urinating in the parking lot. Contact made with elderly male in his vehicle at Captain D’s who advised he has medical issues. Warning given.
  • Juvenile Complaint on Baker Street in reference to young juveniles in the roadway near Hammond Drive. Area checked with negative contact.
  • Domestic, S. Madison Ave – mother and her son were arguing over laundry. No crime was committed. Son was gone when officers arrived.
  • Suspicious vehicle @ Breedlove Dr/Alcovy St – Ref to an unknown description of a vehicle where the driver may be intoxicated headed toward Jersey. No contact.
  • Domestic, Overlook Crest – complainant stated that her friend damaged property. Old damage. Report taken.
  • Fight, Castle Ct – Family had a verbal altercation but nothing was physical. The instigating parties were gone when police arrived.
  • Trespassing @ Hubbard St – complainant advised that his neighbor keeps coming on his property. The neighbor has medical issues. Advised complainant of remedies.
  • Unknown at Ridge Rd – complainant advised that male subject hit her and broke her cell phone in front of her two children. Male subject was gone when officers arrived. Warrants taken for battery, cruelty to children (3rd) and criminal trespass.
  • Controlled substance at Glen Iris Dr – complainant advised that his tenant was in possession of narcotics. Complainant found Meth in the bathroom and stated that it was tenant. Tenant was never seen in possession of the narcotic. Meth was collected and placed into evidence to be destroyed.
  • Suspicious vehicle at Hwy 11/Mtn Creek – complainant advised that there was a white SUV headed toward Jersey driving reckless. Got behind the vehicle and didn’t observe any traffic violations.
  • Fight at Baron Dr – Anonymous caller advised there was a fight. Spoke to the parties on scene who advised that everything was fine.
  • Unknown at W. Fambrough – complainant stated that she was involved in a verbal dispute with female subject. Female subject was gone when officers arrived.
  • Domestic at Pine Park St – male and female subject in a verbal dispute over cooking bread. Neither party would cooperate. Incident documented.
  • Suspicious vehicle at N. Broad St/City Hall – Ref to a Ford Taurus unable to maintain lane. Searched the area with no contact.
  • Prowler, Walton Road – Ref to a subject banging on the door advising them that he is going to break down the door. While in route, Walton Road caller advised that someone rang the doorbell twice. While in the area we were advised that the subject was at another address on Walton Road. Then we were advised that the subject broke into another address on Walton Road and was fighting with the resident. Male subject was hit twice by the resident with a chair. When officers arrived he was tased and handcuffed. Subject hit his head on the stove causing a gash to the top of his head. Subject had to be held down by the officers until EMS could arrive and give him a shot to mellow him out and be transported to Clearview. Subject received 5 staples in his head and 3 staples to his arm. Subject was issued a citation for criminal trespass and DOC. The subject was released on copies.

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