Monroe PD Reports: Welfare checks and domestic disputes

The City of Monroe reported the following Crime Awareness Community Alerts for the period May 18 – 24, 2018. Due to the length, this was split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Dispute, Bridgeport Place, reference to subject’s disputing over items inside the residence. Male advised he was taking all of his belongings and leaving, he stated he wanted officers to stand by while he did so. Both parties were advised of the civil and eviction process, report taken.
  • Welfare Check, Indian Creek Dr., reference to checking on 74-year-old male. Caller advised a black female left his residence on a bicycle and wanted to check on him. Male advised he’s fine, just gave a female $7, but he’s tired of her coming over asking for money. I located female and advised her not to return to address or she would be arrested.
  • Dispute, North Broad, reference to Subject’s disputing over a Facebook post, . Female stated she had been struck in the face but had no physical marks, male advised he did push female and stated it was due to her running at him and getting in his face, parties were separated, and the situation was mediated, no arrest were made due to insufficient probable cause, report taken to document the incident.
  • Noise Complaint, Magnolia Terrace, reference to the tenant on location playing loud music. Contact made at residence, did not hear any noise. Advised tenant of situation
  • Suspicious Activity, Overlook Crest, reference to complainant noticing the back door to her mother in-law house opened. No signs of forced entry. Nothing inside the residence had been disturbed and valuables were still at the house. Advised her to call back if they find something missing.
  • Dispute, Tanglewood Lane, complainant wanted officers to stand by as he retrieved clothing from his residence following a dispute with his girlfriend.
  • Dispute, Landers St., reference to subject’s having a verbal argument, parties separated, situation mediated
  • Assault, West Spring St., Piedmont Walton, reference to a female being assaulted at a residence on Harry Arnold Road. Female turned over to Walton County Sheriff Department.
  • 911 Hang-Up, Eagles Trail, Walton County Communications made contact with female subject who advised she was being threatened. Female advised she was at Hitachi and requested an Officer make contact with her via telephone. Officer attempted to make contact with female via telephone, but she would not answer. Officers also checked Eagles Trail and was advised by female’s father that she was at work.
  • Lost Item report taken at MPD, complainant advised she lost her wallet between 05-19-18 and 05-20-18. She thinks someone may have taken it from her Jeep Wrangler, while she was at Walmart this past Saturday.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Highway 138, Great Oaks Dr., reference to a GA Sand and Stone truck failing to maintain lane. Officer had negative contact.
  • Criminal Trespass, Meadow Walk Dr., reference to male subject returning to the property in spite of bond conditions. Report Taken
  • Damage to Property, Tanglewood Dr., complainant noticed damage to the left rear passenger door of his vehicle.  He does not know when or how it happened. Report Taken.
  • Unknown, Maple St., officer made contact with complainant who advised he got worried when his sister left and did not return. He advised she returned prior to Officer arrival.
  • Suspicious Subject, Fairway Dr., reference to an unknown white male in the Woodline at the end of the neighborhood. Officers had negative contact.
  • Civil Issue complaint taken at MPD, complainant had questions in reference to his former employer not paying him what he was owed. Complainant was advised of remedies.
  • Dispute, Georgia Ave., Officer made contact with an DFCS employee who advised an employee who was terminated was refusing to leave. The situation was mediated prior to Officer arrival and the subject was GOA.
  • Temporary Protection Order Violation complaint taken at MPD, complainant advised she had a Family Violence Protective Order against her child’s father. She stated he tagged her in a Facebook post about their daughter and it appeared on her Facebook page. The order states that the child’s father cannot make any contact with complainant. The situation was discussed with CID and the DAs office. Situation documented with no charges filed at this time.
  • Trespassing, Davis St., reference to unknown subjects passing through complainant’s property. Report taken.
  • Entering Auto complaint taken at MPD, complainant advised someone entered her vehicle between 05-20-18 and 05-21-18, while parked on Michael Circle and took $7 to $8 dollars in change.
  • Unconscious Person, West Spring St., reference to an unconscious female in a tan in color Nissan. Female was turned over to EMS.
  • Theft, Meadow Court, reference to female with medical issues informing Officers that she stole a notebook and pen from a medical office.
  • Follow-Up, Edwards St., reference to meeting female subject. She asked if I would drop Battery (FV) warrant against named male subject, which I declined. She was advised to speak to the District Attorney’s Office.
  • Suicide Threat, Harris St., reference to male subject cutting his arm with a razor. He was transported to Piedmont Walton by EMS for a mental evaluation.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Rosewood Lane, reference to a White Tahoe speeding in the neighborhood and selling narcotics out of address on Meadow Walk Dr. Officers made contact with male subject on Meadow Walk Dr. and detected marijuana coming from his vehicle. The marijuana was collected and placed into evidence.
  • Follow Up, H&H Body Shop, complainant advised she located the vehicle that struck her vehicle during a hit and run from the beginning of April. The owner of the body shop stated the vehicle has been disabled since 2013. The damage did not match and there was no evidence supporting that this was the vehicle.
  • Dispute, Davis St., reference to complainant wanting to retrieve her phone from named male subject, complainant has conditions of bond to stay away from named male subject and wanted an officer to help her retrieve her phone. Named male subject knows the conditions of bond complainant has to stay away from him, named male subject is sending messages to complainant through another female’s cell phone. Named male subject is trying to get complainant to meet him at his residence which will violate her conditions of bond, he was advised to no longer contact complainant. Complainant was advised to contact the police if named male subject attempts to make any further contact. Report taken.
  • Theft, West Spring St., Quality Foods, reference to a iPhone 6 being taken during an transaction set up online.  Serial Number added to GCIC by Walton County Dispatch.
  • Juvenile Complaint, Garden Court, reference to juvenile running through complainant’s yard and breaking her bird bath. Contact was made with juvenile’s mother, she was advised to keep her son out of complainant’s yard. Report declined.  
  • Dispute, Irving St., reference to caller wanting to pick up property at the location.  She did not have a key to the location and no one was at the residence at this time.  Advised to come back when someone was home.
  • Welfare Check, Creek View Dr., reference to daughter wanting to check on her mother. Contact was made with mother and husband, everything on location was ok.


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