Monroe PD Reports: Woman suffers seizures after allegedly taking overdose of percocet

The following are the incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department between June 30 – July 6, 2017. Due to the length, this report has been split into four parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  1. Prowler at Plaza Drive – Monroe Police Department. Complainant advised she heard something hit her bedroom window.  All appeared to be ok.
  2. Road Hazard at Ammons Bridge Road / Masters Drive in reference to a tree in the roadway.  Officer removed the tree from the roadway.
  3. Warrant Served at South Hammond Drive. Anquan Davis was pulled over for no insurance.  Mr. Davis had an active warrant out of Clarke County for probation violation.  Mr. Davis was arrested on that charge and issued a citation for no insurance.
  4. Dispute at Pine Park Street.  Roommates disputing over wanting another roommate out of the residence.  One roommate claims the other roommate hit her in the head. There is no evidence to support this claim.  All parties advised of eviction process and the situation was mediated and parties separated.
  5. Burglary at East Church Street.  Complainant advised his storage unit was broken into and personal property was taken.  Report taken.
  6. Theft at East Fambrough Street. Complainant calling for friend who just wanted to advised the police where her current address is. Friend reported a theft prior to this date to the police.
  7. Dispute at Gatewood Way.  Subjects disputing over a PlayStation 3 remote.  Situation mediated and one subject left the residence voluntarily.  All ok.
  8. Welfare Check at East Tall Oaks Drive.  Sister stated she hasn’t heard from her brother in a couple weeks. Made contact with brother who stated he was fine and wished not to speak to his sister.
  9. Suspicious Vehicle at Bold Springs Avenue in reference to two vehicles on property.  Homeowner stated two vehicles on property and unoccupied. Two subjects walked out of the old gym while he was notifying police and drove away.  Subject just wanted to advise police of the activity.
  10. Suspicious Person at North Broad Street in reference to subjects running southbound on Broad Street with duffle bags.  Subjects were GOA.
  11. Harassment at West Highland Drive. Complainant reporting an offensive post on Facebook.  Complainant didn’t know the person who posted it or the person they were referring to.
  12. Threat at South Broad Street. Employee harassing other employees after being terminated. Report taken.
  13. Juvenile Complaint at James Monroe East Washington Street. Complainant found two small children walking on East Washington Street unsupervised. Contact was made with Mother who came out looking for them. Mother stated she was on the phone and didn’t know they had snuck out the front door. All was ok.
  14. Dispute at South Lumpkin Street. Subjects disputing over property.  One of the subject’s was GOA. All ok.
  15. Suspicious Person at West Spring Street. Male on location laying on the ground.  Male was told to leave the property.
  16. Theft report taken on South Broad Street. Complainant advised her phone was taken from her during a fist fight that occurred on 6-1-17 while at Reed Way.  Report taken.
  17. Area Check at South Broad Street and East Vine Street in reference to a stop sign lying on the ground. Officer placed the stop sign back upright and Monroe Public Utilities was notified to complete permanent repairs.
  18. Civil Matter report taken on South Broad Street in reference to complainant disputing about a vehicle she is selling. The other party is not paying the agreed amount. Advised on civil process.
  19. Suspicious Vehicle at Cherokee Avenue. Vehicle left on location from an earlier traffic stop. All ok.
  20. Burglary at East Spring St., in reference to storage unit being broke into and personal items being taken out it.
  21. Suspicious Person at MLK JR Blvd in reference to a white Ford F-150 with two white males drinking alcohol.  An area check was conducted with negative contact.
  22. Intoxicated Person at West Spring Street in reference to a white male that seemed to be intoxicated. Contact was made with male subject who was heavily impaired on prescribed pain medication. Subject as given a ride to his residence.
  23. Theft at West Spring Street. Complainant set his check book down on the counter at Big Lots and after driving home realized he didn’t have it. Complainant stated he notified his bank and they told him to file a police report in case any future charges arise.
  24. Damage to Property at Magnolia Terrace. Complainant advised someone threw a rock and busted his vehicle window.
  25. Assist Citizen at Hardees. In reference to complainant who was not happy staying at South Broad Street a personal care home. His case worker from advantage stated she was going to call Augusta and try to get him moved. He was taken back to South Broad Street for the night.
  26. Wanted Person at Green Street. In reference to Anthony Baker with warrants for Probation Violation. Arrested Baker and transported to Walton County Jail.
  27. Suspicious Vehicle at East Marable Street / Walton Road. Anonymous complainant stated a black male wearing tan shorts was standing in the roadway yelling at the sky. Negative contact.
  28. Suspicious Vehicle on North Broad Street. White Chevy driving recklessly on North Broad. Followed the vehicle and did not observe any violations.
  29. Suspicious Vehicle at Old Mill Run. Anonymous complainant stated a blue Honda was speeding and reckless in the area. While en-route complainant stated the vehicle was disabled at South Broad and Victory Drive. Contact made with three male subjects. They denied being in Walton Mills.  They were advised to not drive recklessly.
  30. Assist Citizen, East Spring Street – Valero. Complainant stated male was at the Monroe Motor Inn bothering people, made contact with male and told him to go in for the night.
  31. Welfare Check at Bolton Street. Complainant requested welfare check for her neighbor located at Bolton Street due to her being elderly and power being out.  Contact made with neighbor and all was good on location. Assisted her with lighting an oil lamp.
  32. Illegal Parking on Maple Lane. Checked the area and no cars illegal parked or impeding the flow of traffic
  33. Noise Complaint on Marable Street in reference to people shooting off fireworks.  Negative contact.
  34. Suspicious Person, West Spring Street – WalMart in reference to subject selling rabbits at WalMart.  Was told to ask WalMart for permission to sell on their property.
  35. EMS Assist at New Lacy Street. Female on location suffering seizures, mother stated she possibly took an excessive amount of Percocet. Turned over to EMS and transported to Clearview. Female’s sister took custody of children on location.
  36. Fireworks on Walton Street. Caller stated someone shooting fireworks on West Marable.  Checked Walton, Marable and Nowell with negative contact.
  37. Domestic at Baron Drive. Complainant advised his cousin took $2100 Dollars of his.  Contact made with complainant on Baron Drive. Complainant was highly intoxicated. Cousin barred from Baron Dr.
  38. Theft Attempt, West Spring Street – WalMart.  Complainant stated a lady in a grey minivan tried to take his dogs that were in the back of his pickup truck.
  39. Suspicious Activity at Mountain View Drive. Met with complainant who stated she could hear a noise outside.  The noise sounded like a radio.  Checked the area and could not find the noise.
  40. Racing on Hwy 138.  Caller called in stating two vehicles speeding and appeared to be racing.  Located the vehicle getting onto Hwy 78 from Hwy 138.  Clocked the vehicles at Unisia Drive doing 88 mph in a 55 mph zone.  Both subjects cited.


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