Monroe PD Reports: Wrong way tractor trailer driver, suspicious raccoon, dead rat

The Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period April 20 – 26, 2018. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Meet with officer’s East Marable, caller wanted to talk about alleged people going in her house. All ok.
  • Animal complaint, Poplar Court, complainant was complaining about a strange acting raccoon. Per officer raccoon was put down.
  • Dispute/Fight, West Tall Oaks Dr., checked the area asked people in the area if they saw anything and they said no.
  • Shoplifting, West Spring St., Tanesha Taylor arrested for shoplifting ($108.27) and disorderly conduct for providing false name and birthdate. Taylor was ban from Walmart.
  • Fight, Sporty Lane, once on scene saw a large group of juveniles run towards Custom Way. Made contact with adults at both houses and advised all kids were home and did not see anything.
  • Juvenile Complaint, East Church St. 7-year-old boy throwing rocks at cars. Spoke with him and mother.
  • Dispute, Atha St., complainant stated that Zedrick Falkner had a phone that belonged to her and she wanted it back. While trying to get it back he punched her and choked her. Complainant’s daughter stated that she did observe Mr. Falkner hitting her mother. Complainant did not have any markings on her. Mr. Falkner was taken into custody for simple battery, fingerprinted and transported to Walton County Jail.
  • Dispute, Cook Pl., caller advised of a dispute at this location. Caller was gone when officers arrived and advised police were not needed.
  • Dispute, West Marable St., complainant called in reference to a male subject having the keys to her car and not giving them back. She was gone when officers arrived.
  • Suspicious Person, Marable Court, reference to subject on the car port of complainant’s house. He was highly intoxicated and arrested for public drunkenness.
  • Wrong Way Driver, West Spring Street/Hwy 78. Officer observed tractor trailer enter the West Spring Street exit ramp the wrong way. Stopped traffic to get the vehicle going the correct direction.
  • Dispute, West 5th St., reference to complainant being assaulted by a named subject. Complainant advised last residence on left on 5th Street. Officer attempted each location West 5th Street, East 5th Street, with negative contact.
  • Traffic Stop, Breedlove Dr. near West Spring St., reference to speeding (51/35) on Breedlove Drive. Subject had a suspended licensed, arrested, and transported to MPD where she was fingerprinted and released on copies of citations.
  • Meet in Person, Lakeview Dr., reference to complainant wanting her items from her ex-boyfriend’s residence. Contact made with ex-boyfriend who was at work and agreed to meet with officers and Bennett at 18:30 hours when he gets off work.
  • Domestic, Maple St., complainant advised she had gotten into a verbal dispute with named subject over infidelity. Named subject punched a hole in the wall in their bedroom while she was at the store. Parties separated.
  • Juvenile Complaint, Double Springs Church Rd., Monroe Area High School. Juvenile complaint reported by Officer.
  • Animal Complaint, Retreat at Mill Creek, reference to a loose Shepard in the area. Located K-9 loose on Breedlove Court. K-9 was detained and turned over to Walton County Animal Control. The owner of the K9 was later located and the animal was released by animal control.
  • Runaway Juvenile, Pierce St., reference to 16-year-old running away from her mother’s residence after an argument. Juvenile returned home after Officer arrival stating she just wanted to clear her head. Juvenile known to have behavioral mental problems. Supplemental added to original report.
  • Dispute, East Spring St., Taylor’s Wrecker Service, reference to male subject on location attempting to get property out of a wrecked vehicle. Options were given to the subject and he left the scene advising he would return with proper documentation.
  • Harassment, Sporty Lane, reference to complainant finding a dead rat in front of her residence. Rat properly disposed of, report taken.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Hammond Park. Male subject on location. He advised he was winding down after work. All appeared to be ok.
  • Civil Issue, Lake View Dr., complainant attempted to retrieve items from this location.  Due to a dispute with the mother of subject, she was advised to get a court order to retrieve the items due to the temporary protection order in place.
  • Agency Assist, West Spring St., Haven Inn, reference to DFCS doing a child removal. DFCS took custody of child without incident. 
  • Wanted Person, Hammond Park, reference to Amanda Smith being on location with a warrant out of Walton County, she was placed under arrest and transported to the Walton County Jail without incident. Report taken
  • Juvenile Complaint, East Marable St., complainant stated named subject had some boys over that took a TV. 
  • Vehicle Accident, West Spring St., Walmart, contact was made with complainant, he advised sometime in the last two days someone or something struck his vehicle in the Walmart Parking lot. He advised he wanted to file a report but did not have any of his car information with him. He will be calling back at a later time for a damage to property report.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Store House Court, reference to an older white male in his 60’s attempting to get complainant into his vehicle. Area was searched with negative contact. Complainant advised to contact police if the male returned to the area and to avoid contact.
  • Traffic Stop, Highway 138/Highway 78 Eastbound. Andrea Greer stopped for failure to obey traffic control and driving on a suspended license. Greer had active warrants out of Social Circle and Monroe PD and was arrested, fingerprinted, and released to the Walton County Jail without issue.
  • Threat complaint taken at South Broad St., Monroe Police Dept., complainant advised he had received a friend request on Facebook. Shortly after accepting the request he received illicit photographs and videos from the unknown subject. After a short conversation the unknown subject asked for illicit photographs of him. He advised he did send pictures. After the subject received the images she began to ask him for money. He knew it was a scam but was worried his images would end up on the internet. He was advised to block any unknown people and to not share illicit materials with anyone he did not know.
  • Traffic Stop, West Spring St., George Walton Academy, reference to male driver not wearing his seat safety belt. Subject vehicle towed by towing company for lack of valid insurance coverage and suspended registration.
  • Suspicious Activity, West Vine St., Universal Rundle. Bay door was found open with tires stacked as a ladder. Building was cleared with negative contact.

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