Monroe PD to enforce shelter in place order/emergency declaration

Goal is not to arrest but to educate

MONROE, GA: The Monroe Police Department will be distributing flyers to local residents who may be out and about reminding them of the city’s Emergency Declaration as well as the Georgia Governor’s Shelter in Place Order for the state of Georgia. They also will be giving verbal warnings to anybody who is out and about in violation. Continued willful violation will result in citations of Disorderly Conduct for being in violation of the mayor’s emergency declaration.

“The aim of the Police Department is to limit the spread of the virus for the SAFETY and HEALTH of our community,” is noted in the flyer.

“Our goal is not to arrest individuals or issue citations to those that want to violate the shelter-in-place order, but rather to educate our citizens on the severity of this pandemic,” Monroe Police Chief  RV Watts said.

Mayor John Howard’s Emergency Declaration, renewed every 72 hours, comes on the heels of ongoing block parties and large melees in the streets that have continued since the city has been locked down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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