Monroe PD: Woman claims she was held hostage for week and beaten

The following are the incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department between July 20 – 21, 2017. Due to the length, this report has been split into four parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Civil issue discussed in MPD parking lot. Complainant wanting escort to Alcovy St. in regards to getting his vehicle from evicted family. Vehicle recovered, all ok.
  • Shots fired on Nowell St., large party. Officers were already on scene trying to disperse a large party and 2 shots were heard in the area of apartments on Nowell St. Officers made contact w/ Lorenzo Miller and female subject who advised they were arguing about incident that happened at the party and Miller became upset and fired 2 rounds into the air. Miller charged w with wreckless conduct, possession of weapon by convicted felon, discharging firearm on public highway/street, and discharging firearm while under influence of alcohol. Warrant to be taken, Miller arrested.
  • Suspicious vehicle on S. Hammond Drive and E. Church Street in regards to white Honda and B/M and B/F arguing. Area was checked with negative contact
  • Meet w with officer, Wheelhouse Lane., mother wanted information on getting her 18-year-old son some help with mental issues and behavior. Mother advised of remedies.
  • Suspicious vehicle, Gatewood Way in regards to red Oldsmobile Cutlass speeding in neighborhood, hit something and then pulled into a garage. Area was checked and no damage found, nobody outside heard anything.
  • Domestic dispute, (violent domestic dispute), Pine Park Street in regards to female and Jeffrey Johnson arguing and Johnson striking female. No signs of injury or being struck on female. Johnson was arrested for Violation of Probation through Monroe. Johnson fingerprinted and transported to WCSO.
  • Hit and Run, private property accident, Nowell Street in regards to complainant’s vehicle being hit and then vehicle 1 leaving scene. Report taken, no injuries
  • Loud music, Cloverdale Dr. Large party was taking place, party was shut down and guests sent on their way.
  • Extra patrol requested, Southside Mobile Home Park, due to complainant stating he received threats but did not want report.
  • Suspicious person, S. Madison Ave. (Monroe Fire) in regards to B/M who showed up on location ringing door bell. Subject was identified and who mother kicked out earlier. Subject taken home to Wheelhouse Lane. All ok.
  • Domestic dispute, violent domestic dispute, Gatewood Way. B/M was seen hitting B/F. Both parties left in black Chevy Camaro. Negative contact.
  • Traffic stop with arrest on W. Spring St., Carwood Drive. Tiarra Webb arrested for Probation Warrant out of Covington.
  • Suspicious person, in regards to anonymous caller stating male was walking around with flashlight looking in cars. Area checked with negative contact.
  • Single vehicle accident on Perry St. & Launius Ave. in regards to blue Ford Ranger struck mailbox and broke driver side front wheel and components off truck and then slid to stop on Launius Ave. and driver fled from scene.  Contact made with owner who advised husband was driving truck earlier but not sure who was driving when accident happened. Airbags were deployed and husband’s cell phone found inside. Report taken, owner very uncooperative. Vehicle removed and towed from scene by towing company.
  • Citizen flag down, Carver Place. Complainant who resided there had questions about 911 call laws and advised he was mistreated by Walton County Sheriff’s Ofiice last night when he called for help regarding named male subject. Complainant advised named subject is a known 38D (drug) dealer and had warrants and that he would call if subject arrived.
  • EMS assist, Lacy Street female subject on location with abdominal pain advised she was held hostage, had not eaten, and was beaten for a week on Laboon Road. Initial done by request of WCSO due to nature of allegations. WCSO took over investigation at Clearview Medical.
  • Threats, Carver Place, complainant advised shortly after officer left male subject from earlier call called the house and advised he would send his boys after him. Complainant was advised that was not enough evidence for charges at this time, report done by request.
  • Warrant, Magnolia Terrace – Juan Lee was arrested for multiple warrants from different agencies.
  • Dispute, Breedlove Dr., Ridgeview, husband on location to see his wife who is in on a medical evaluation refusing to leave. Given trespass warning and sent on his way.
  • Fight, Green Street. Comp advised male subject was jumped by two subjects who left in a red vehicle. Male subject uncooperative, report filed in case of retaliation.
  • Suspicious person, West Spring St., WalMart. Carla Barns reports w/m with black shirt and hat disciplining a child with a belt. Barns provided a tag number that lead to Barrow County SO going to a welfare check for signs of abuse, video of WalMart appeared to be in the realm of corporal punishment unless BCSO advises otherwise after contact.
  • Harassment, Green St., complainant advised two females didn’t like she called the police for the fight, all ok.
  • Fight in the area of Green St. Crowed disbursed on arrival, two officers left on Green Street for remainder of shift.
  • Domestic dispute, Victory Dr., complainant advised a new phone broken during the course of a fight between two male subjects. Advised of warrant process.
  • Request for area check on Felker St. in reference to vehicle that pulled into driveway and took flag from vacant house on corner of Church and Felker. Vehicle GOA and was a rental vehicle.
  • Large Crowd at Ash Lane near West Creek Circle.  Large crowd having a gathering.  Explained about parking and noise issues.  All is ok at this time.
  • Civil Dispute, Custom Way, complainant said TV in house belongs to her.  Female subject and everyone at the house said TV was being held by owner who bought TV from complainant for drugs.  Civil Issue.
  • Traffic Stop at North Broad Street / Nowell St.  Quinton Smith driving while license suspended finger printed at Monroe PD.  Released on Copy.
  • Dispute, Green St., complainant stating unknown black male came to jump him. Female subject disputing with women across street about incident.  All parties advised of remedies and to send crowds on their way.
  • Follow up at South Broad St., MPD, complainant stated a named subject stole money from him.  Incident occurred outside of the city limits.  Complainant advised he would speak to the county.
  • Dispute, Green Street.  Same parties disputing again and complainant stated a named friend witnessed a white male pointed black handgun towards residence and when police turned onto Green Street male put gun in the trunk of red Chevy Impala on scene.  Consent to search was denied and witness backed out of statements due to not wanting to be involved.
  • Dispute, West Spring Street – Oriental Garden, customer is 8 months pregnant and ordered the wrong food.  She advised that she would not pay for the food due to her not eating.  She ate soup and drank water.  Employee at the restaurant compromised and charged for the soup.
  • Drugs, South Broad St., Southside Mobile Home Park.  In reference to weed smell coming from that lot.  Attempted to walk around the trailer and did not smell any weed and could not get anyone to come to the door.
  • Suspicious Person, Turner St., male subject sleeping in his girlfriend’s car.  Girlfriend advised she did not know it was male subject, they are neighbors.  Sent male subject home.
  • Noise Complaint, Knight St.,   In reference to engine revving at a mechanic shop nearby.  Heard the noise and spoke to mechanic and advised him to keep it down.
  • Emergency at Golden Pantry in regards to black female possible having seizures in a black Nissan in the parking lot.  Female gone prior to arrival.  Contact made at Tanglewood drive and female was identified.  She advised she was ok.

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