Monroe Police officers rescue puppies trapped under a house

For Monroe Police Department, to “Serve and Protect” includes all residents – even those of the K9 kind. When the call went out Friday that a police officer was needed to help in the rescue of puppies left under a house, officers with MPD turned out in force to make sure the rescue went smoothly.

The mother had been taken in by Walton County Animal Control on Thursday but for some reason, the puppies were left behind. They were under the house in a very difficult to reach crawl space and on Friday, animal advocates from End the Cycle solicited Darrell Everidge with Darrell Productions to see if he could help them video a rescue attempt. Everidge was hesitant to go onto somebody’s property without law enforcement on hand so a call was made to Monroe Police Department to request an officer be in attendance when they went on to the property.

“Instead of just one officer, several showed up,” Everidge said.

At the end of the rescue, a total of eight officers had shown up to join in the rescue, more than one for each of the six puppies eventually pulled from under the house. In fact, it was a slightly-built female officer who was able to enter the tiny crawl space, camera in hand, to bring out the puppies one-by-one. Everidge filmed the rescue and put it on his Facebook and Youtube channells. You can view it at this link on Facebook or on the Youtube Link below.

Mona Stephens with ETC said she was amazed by the whole situation and the caring and compassion shown by the officers as the puppies were retrieved.

City of Monroe Police officers rescued eight puppies from under a house on June 19, 2020. Contributed photos

“It gives me chills,” Stephens said. “It was super amazing to see the officers crawling on the ground. They were determined to get to the puppies and bring them out of there,” she said. “They were the heroes. They were the rescuers – they were both.”

The mother, Maggie May, was put out for possible rescue, foster or forever home. Stephens said Pup and Cat Co are pulling her Monday and she will be reunited with her puppies.

Mother of puppies rescued from under a house in Monroe, Ga. Photo credit: Walton County Animal Control

Contributed photos from ETC.



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